Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chapter 47: J-E-L-L-O

Sorry this is short... I don't really have a lot of time! Finals, exams, papers... etc... hopefully you still like it =)

''We'd ask you if had a good morning but we won't because we heard you two pretty clearly this morning,'' I groaned inwardly, feeling my face heat up as Jordan’s family exploded into laughter.
So much for a good first impression… I thought unhappily as I tried to hide behind Jordan on the couch. Now his parents probably think I’m a total slut…

Jordan - who was laughing louder than anyone - wasn’t going to allow me to hide. He wrapped his arm around me and dragged me upwards until I was sitting up straight beside him. I bit my lip and glanced around the room, the only other person who wasn’t laughing was Marc; he looked bitter.

I tried to ignore him as the gifts were unwrapped and the men of the family reverted back to their childhoods, but it was hard to overlook the daggers being aimed at my head.
I knew Marc didn’t actually have feelings for me, or anything like that; but he apparently viewed my relationship with Jordan as the ultimate brotherly betrayal. I hated coming in between family, but there was no way Marc was going to scare me off.

Once the Christmas dinner had been consumed, the Staal boys and I flopped down in front of the TV; watching old hockey games.
They fought with each other about everything. Good calls, bad calls, good hits, bad fights, nice saves, poor shots. Everyone had a problem with something, and it got to the point where I was sure a fight was going to ensue. I tried not to get involved as I picked away at the Jell-O in my lap.
It wasn’t that I didn’t like apple pie, which was evidently a huge hit; judging by the pile of empty dishes on the coffee table. I had been craving Jell-O all day. Sweet, delicious strawberry Jell-O.
Luckily enough Jarred had a sweet tooth for lunchbox snacks, so I was positive we wouldn’t run out anytime soon.

I nestled in against Jordan, taking another bite of Jell-O. “Do you realize you’ve eaten like four boxes of this stuff?” Jordan asked, pointing down at my snack.

“Are you calling me fat?” I quipped, finishing off the container. I looked up at Jordan as he rolled his eyes, turning his attention back to the TV.

“Blimp.” Jared, remarked from the other side of the couch. I started to giggle as Jordan sighed leaning away from me to whack Jared on the back of the head. This time it was my turn to roll my eyes as I silently prayed; if I ever have kids… please, please don’t let them be boys…

“Sad to be leaving?” Jordan asked as I gazed out the window of the air plane. In truth, as glad as I was to get out from under the watchful eyes of Marc, and away from the embarrassment of his entire family hearing us have sex; I was actually sad to be going.
It was nice, being part of a family like that. Even though I loved my dad and brothers dearly, we weren’t that close. We had all gone our separate ways and we didn’t talk as much as I like; Jordan’s family made me rethink that.

His brothers and him were literally spread out around the country; and they still maintained contact - even if it was a little strained.
There was no reason for me, not to be able to do the same. I was going to do that when I got home; I was going to reach out and break the ice. Begin to pull my family back together.

That was just another thing I had Jordan to thank for. Not only had he changed my views on love, but he was making me a better person; you couldn’t really ask for more than that.
It also doesn’t hurt that he’s deliciously handsome with a body to die for… I thought, a smile spreading across my face. “What are you grinnin’ about?” He asked cheekily, leaning over to kiss my neck.

“Hmm… just about how fantastic my boyfriend is.” I laughed, as he nodded.

“He is pretty great… but you know, a man is only as good as the woman behind him.” I choked. For no reason, tears began to pool in my eyes, cascading down my cheeks without abandon. “Meg… Megan… baby why are you crying?” Jordan asked, concern filling his voice as cupped my face in his hands.

“I don’t know…” I sobbed honestly, shrugging my shoulders. “I’m just… happy.”

“Happy?” He asked incredulity. “Let me get this right… you’re crying, because you’re happy?”

I nodded, leaning over so that I could rest my head on his shoulder. He sighed, kissing the top of my head as we got comfortable for the rest of the flight. “Megan…” Jordan said absently as I began to pull myself together.


“You’re not gonna cry during sex are you?” I turned my face, giggling into his shirt as his chuckles shook his body.

“Of course… sex’d be the first thing you think of.”


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  2. Okay.... Jordan needs slapped upside the head. "A man is only as good as the woman behind him."

    What? How about, as good as the woman BESIDE him? I was waiting for Megan to hit him for that, lol.

    This chapter was so much fun to read, just nice and simple, and a lot of speculation. :) Good job, Zigh!

  3. Hahaha!! Oh Jordan! So cute!

    I loved seeing the family one last time. And I love how Megan fits right in.

    Awesome Zigh as usual!