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Chapter 37: Home Sweet Home

I watched Harley occasionally as I pulled down the street, waiting for a reaction. I really hoped she liked the house I picked out. I wanted her to be as comfortable as I was here. And honestly when I saw the place originally, I couldn't help but seeing her in the kitchen, her belly swollen with my baby, waiting for me to come home from a road trip; with two more beautiful brunet girls, who look exactly like their mother, playing at her feet. I chuckled softly to myself as I pushed the thought to the back of my head, we'd have plenty of time for that.

I watched her face cloud in confusion as we pulled into the driveway of the now familiar house, at least for me. The engine died as I turned the key to turn off my Jag before turning to Harley slowly; taking her small hands in mine.

"I can't promise that I'll be easy to live with... And that my schedule won't be annoying..." I took a deep breath, praying I already knew her answer to my next question. "But I was wondering if you'd like to move in with me?" I studied her as several different emotions crossed her face, each one, more confusing then the last. Finally she stopped; my breath stopped halfway in my throat before she spoke.

"You want me to move in?" She whispered so softly, if I was breathing, I probably wouldn't have heard it.

"Of course I do!" I exclaimed jumping out of the car and running around to pull her door open. "I want nothing more then for you to move in." I grinned as she took my offered hand and allowed me to walk her up to the house. Turning the key in the door and pushing it open, I paused briefly to swing her into my arms and carried her over the threshold into the vast foyer. Gently setting her down, I followed her a few steps behind letting her soak in the house, and it's emptiness. "I didn't really do anything to the house yet... but I figured... Maybe you could decorate?" She turned back towards me so quickly I thought she'd get whiplash.

"This is mine? I mean... I get to... You... This is ours?" She finally got a full sentence out, staring at me in utter disbelief.

"Of course..." I smiled as she wrapped her arms around my waist, her face buried in my chest. "Look, Harley...." I sighed pulling her away from me gently. "I know this is all really fast. But, Harley, I want you here, with me. I want you to be the one that I get to come home to at the end of a road trip. I want you to be the one I wake up to in the morning, and the one who's here to deal with hard losses with. And celebrate hard wins. Har... I want you."

"Oh Sid..." She whispered as my lips crashed against hers in a desperate need to be closer to her. To have her... to hold her.

I grunted softly, wrapping my arm around her waist and pulling her up to my height causing her to wrap her legs around me. I'm sure the room temperature increased by ten degrees as I pressed her gently against the wall giving me the freedom to push her t-shirt up her sides; my lips leaving hers to trail down her neck.

"Sid..." She whispered into my hair, egging me on as I continued down to her collarbone, my hands playing with the base of her lacy bra. Heh... she wore lace for me... "Sidney." Her voice was a little stronger this time causing me to stop what I was doing and look up at her. "I need to tell you something. I swallowed the lump in my throat, tensing slightly before nodding. Whatever it was, I could take it. "Can you put me down please?" She whispered avoiding my eyes as I gently placed her on the ground. I took a step back from her, allowing her some space as she collected her thoughts for whatever she needed to say. "Sid... I... Well..." I sighed softly, great this was bad news too. "I've never done.... this before." She sighed gesturing between us.

"Harley what are you talking about? You've never done this before?" I was deeply confused. My confusion lingered as a blush crept onto her face. What was she talking about? She hadn't moved in with anyone before? Good. She hadn't made out with anyone before? Well that's a lie...
I started to laugh softly as it dawned on me. "Har..." I soothed, pulling her into a tight hug. "Are you saying you've never had sex before?"

"Maybe..." She whispered softly against me. I felt her trembling as I smoothed her hair against her head.

"Harley, I'm never going to make you do something you don't want to do, ok?" My smile grew as I felt her nod. I took a half step away from her and tilted her head up gently. "I love you, no matter what." I finally said it, after weeks of knowing it was true I finally had the balls to say it. Okay, a lot of the courage was knowing how much hell I'd go through with the guys if I didn't say it... Her eyes widened as she stared up at me.

"You love me?" Her voice shook slightly, making me chuckle before softly kissing her again.

"Of course I do. More than anything." I brushed a piece of hair from her eyes, twisting it around my finger as I studied her face. She was so beautiful. Her smooth skin, her beautiful brown eyes, her cute little nose, and her mouth, her gorgeous plush lips just begging me to kiss again.

"Sid.. Promise me you're be gentle?" She sighed, looking down at our feet. I reached out and tipped her face so we were looking into each other's eyes.

"Kittens will look harsh compared to this." I grinned swinging her into my arms and heading up the stairs, not stopping to show her around. There was always tomorrow. I gently set her down on the soft, California king size bed situated in the middle of the room. I slowly climbed on top of her, running my arms down her sides before bringing her shirt up and pulling it over her head. I pushed myself up onto my elbows to glance down at her. She looked gorgeous. Her dark hair fanned around her head as she bit her plush lip gently. My finger started to follow my eyes as they trailed down her body, pausing at the swell of her breasts as my fingers danced across the top of her black lace bra. She arched her back, pushing her breast against my hand, and moaned gently. I grinned to myself as I snaked my hand around her back to release her breasts from their captor. My mouth attached itself to one of them almost as soon as they were free. Taking her pert nipple into my mouth and sucking gently, my free hand finding the other, rolling it's own nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

"Sidney..." she groaned as my lips finally left her nipple moving further south onto her tight stomach.

"God you're so beautiful," I whispered tracing each one of her ab muscles with my tongue as my hands moved to the fly of her jeans. I lifted myself off of her to pull off her pants, taking off my shirt and pants in the same process, leaving both of us in just our underwear. "Har... Are you sure about this?" I asked, my voice thick with desire as my hand trailed down her inner thigh. She nodded as my fingers found their way into her panties without much direction from my brain. I heard her breathing accelerate as I drew figure eights around her clit with my thumb. "Tell me if you want to stop, or if it hurts ok?" I whispered before taking her earlobe into my mouth and pushing my index finger into her folds. She squeaked softly as I felt her hyman break as a slight pool of blood formed around my hand. "Are you okay, baby?" She nodded, as I pulled my finger out, pulling her panties off at the same time. I pushed my boxers off before reaching into the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a condom. Seeing this she pushed herself up onto her elbows.

"Were you expecting this to happen, Sid?" She asked, she sounded hurt.

"Well, yah..." I shrugged. Was this a problem? "Eventually... I knew if you said yes to moving in. This would eventually happen. I just wanted to be ready, Harley. I honestly didn't-" I couldn't even finish my sentence as she pushed her self up and kissed me with intensity I'd never felt from her before. She finally lowered herself back to the bed, letting me tear open the package and slide the condom over my now almost painful erection. I needed her now. "Okay... So this is probably going to hurt a little. And if it gets to be too much, we'll stop okay?" I asked concerned as I spread her legs so I could fit between them, the head of my penis right at her opening. She nodded, moving to bite her lip. I stopped her by pulling her into a searing kiss as I pushed myself into her as gently as I could. Holy shit she was tight. I moaned into the kiss as I marvelled at the feeling of her surrounding me. She sighed gently as I felt something wet hit my hand that was stroking her cheek. I pulled back slightly from the kiss to look at her and found her crying softly. "Har... Maybe we should stop..." I sighed, moving to pull out of her again. She grabbed onto my arm that was holding me up and off of her.

"No... it's just... I..." She sighed, shakily wiping her tears with her free hand, I pushed her hand away and did it for her. "I want you to keep going." I nodded slowly, leaning back down and taking her lips with mine once more, burying myself deeper into her until I was in her completely. I paused like this for a second, relishing the feeling of being one being with the woman I loved. This was the best feeling in the world.

I sighed as I pulled almost completely out of her, catching a concerned look on her face. I grinned before slamming back into her with a grunt. I pulled her leg up and over my waist as we found a comfortable pace together.

My pace quickened as I felt her nails sink into my shoulders, before she clenched all her muscles around me, earning her name to escape my lips in a soft moan.

"Har..." I grunted, slowing down so she could get her barrings back. "I'm not gonna last much longer here..." I admitted, pushing her now damp hair from her face. She nodded gently, her eyes now almost black with desire for me. I pushed back into her harshly, grinning as she sighed my name, her eyes closing gently. "Say it again, baby." I demanded pulling all the way out, before slamming back in, and speeding up my pace, again. At this rate, and with her saying my name like that... I was done.

"God... Sidney..." She sighed, her nails raking their way down my back, leaving marks I'm sure would be there for days to come. "Siiiidnneeyyy!!" She half shouted, half moaned as her back arched towards me and her tight walls tightened even more, sending me over the cliff as I emptied myself into the condom. "Is it always like that?" She whispered as I fell against her, my cheek falling just above her left heart. I shook my head against her as I listened to her heartbeat finally returning to normal.

"They say it gets better every time.." I grinned as I barely heard her audible 'oh' before pushing my self off and out of her. "I'll be right back baby.." I soothed, pulling off the condom and heading into the bathroom.

With the evidence destroyed, and my hands washed. I slowly wandered back into our bedroom to find Harley curled up on the right side of the bed, under the covers, sleeping softly. I was one hella lucky guy....

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There will be no Jordan or Megan's post this week. Zigh & I are sooo sorry but this week we have loads of schoolwork and exams to prepare for. I also have the flu so my heads really not in the right place. I'm having P Kane fantasies haha. I blame Zigh and her attempts to convert me lol.

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new STORY!- Mariabprice

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i started posting another story from my summer notebooks! you all have been so supportive and i would love for you to also support this story of mine!


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Chapter 36: Sunset Drive.

A sat in silence, indulging in one of the warmest family atmospheres I had ever experienced in my life. They were perfect... Well to me they were perfect. We laughed and talked together on our way home like we had all known each other since birth.

As we rounded a a curve in the road an approached what I assumed to be their street I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of me and Sidney having a house to our own. I shook my head free of those thoughts, only because I honestly didn’t want to get my hopes up.

“So here’s Sid’s house... What time are you guys going to head over for dinner?” Troy asked brightly helping us get out luggage out of the trunk.
“Well, I was going to just going to drop our stuff off and then drive over?” Sidney said rubbing my back as we waited outside on the front porch.

“Sounds good sweetheart, we’ll see you soon” Trina said ask Sidney kissed her cheek with a hug. We waved goodbye as they drove away and we turned into his house. I smiled as he toured me around the his ‘escape’ as he had called it.

It was the end of October and starting to get cold again so we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the offerings of the lake that was behind the house, but just the sight of the calm water was enough.

“Ready to go?” he asked poking his head into the bathroom where I was washing my face. I dried quickly face and found my place in his arms as we walked out to the car.

“So is this dinner serving as a sort of late thanksgiving?” I asked curious at the decorations around the house as we parked outside.
“Yah... Thanksgiving has always been really important to us, my family and I have a lot to be thankful for.” he smiled kissing my head lightly.

We walked in and immediately our noses were filled with the most amazing smells I had ever inhaled in my life. I was used to cooking a lot for rat pack back home, but I had never put this much heart into it.

“Hey guys!” Sidney yelled slightly as we took off our boots and jackets. They all came rushing from their spots in the house towards us wishing happy holidays and giving hugs. After everyone dispersed slightly, Sid took my hand and led me up a flight of stairs.

“Don’t laugh” he said meekly “I kinda had a purple coloured room” we laughed as he swung open his old room. Each wall was covered in ribbons and trophies and jerseys. I gawked at everything in fascination... I had never won anything.

“This is all yours?” I questions walking slowly around the room, reading the awards. Sidney’s arms snaked around my waist from behind and he placed his chin on my shoulder, kissing it lightly. “Some of it... My mom insisted on making the basement a crosby hall of fame with me and Tay’s stuff... So the important stuff is al there” he mumbled into my shoulder.
“Everything you win’s important...” I whispered touching things lightly as I looked.

I turned in his arms and found my way to his lips. He depended it and I thought I was about ready to explode. If this wasn’t his parents home, right now would be the time I would finally give in to the temptations I have been so scared of... Sex.

“Sidney! Harley!.... Potatoes are Cooking!” Trina called from the kitchen. I tore away from his lips and gave him a questioning look.
“Potatoes are Cooking?” he laughed and pecked me gently. “Family football time, let’s go!” he said pulling down the stairs.

“So everyone knows the rules? Harley don’t worry if you want to sit it out after a while... They can be competitive” Trina laughed from her foldy chairs on the cold grass field down the street.

I nodded lightly, as the game began. I was with Troy... We had decided it would be fair that way.

Troy and I exchanged high fives more often than any of the crosby’s would have guessed. After intercepting a great pass from sidney to taylor I ran the length of the field for another touchdown.

“Where did you learn to play like that?” Sidney asked huffing as I ran back to where everyone was standing by Trina. I shrugged and smiled as we all walked back to the house to eat the food.

We sat around the table getting ready and serving plates.
“Now Harley, what we usually do is that we go around the table and everyone says what their thankful for” Trina said gently sitting down. Troy starting, then Taylor then Sidney.

“I’m thankful that through all the hectic times there are during the year, I still have my family that loves me, and an amazing girlfriend there when I need her. He said kissing my cheek lightly. I blushed at his words and whispered a light thank you.

“Harley... How about you sweetheart” Trina smiled towards me. I looked around the table and my eyes fell on Sidney. “I’m thankful for Sidney, someone I know when I need to will be there. And for you guys. Because this is the first time in my whole life that I’ve felt apart of something..” I said as a small tear fell down my cheek. Sidney leaned over and kissed it away and squeezed my knee.

“we wouldn’t have it any other way” Trina said, letting her own few tears fall lightly down her face. “Let’s dig in everyone” Troy said lightly rubbing his wife’s back. As we all fell into comfortable conversation.

A four day break from our crazy lives passed faster than I had anticipated. We found ourselves back at the luggage claim in Pittsburgh, fitting perfectly into each others body’s as we moved from the airport out to the car in the lot.

We had been driving for a while listening to the light sounds of the radio. As I thumbed through the pictures on Sidney’s digital camera I came across one of us that Trina must have taken. We were on the end of a dock in town and the sun was setting behind our interlocked lips.

“I like that one” Sid said looking over at it as he pulled down a street.
“So are you excited to go home?” he asked turning again down another street...sunset drive. I nodded numbly... What home did I have.

The car stopped in an unknown driveway that looked a little familiar. Sidney turned his body and took my hands.

“I can’t promise that I’m going to be easy to live with... And that y schedule wont be annoying... But I was wondering if you would like to move in with me?”

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chapter 35: Right Timing

I woke instantly, stretching out my back and feeling the woman shaped body lying next to me. I glanced down to find Harley cuddled into my side, sighing softly. A smile formed on my lips as I ran my fingers through her soft hair. How did I get so lucky? How did I get her? I leaned down and gently kissed the top of her head before slipping out of bed and taking the stairs down towards the kitchen two at a time. Mario caught me as I slid into the kitchen.

"Sidney... Where are you heading so quickly this morning?" He chuckled as I glanced back at the door, and the stairs behind it.

"Uhhh... Just excited to go home, I guess." I grinned widely at my makeshift father as he let go of my shoulders allowing me to sit at the breakfast bar as Nathalie turned from the stove to face me.

"What's her name, Sidney?" She crossed her arms across her chest as I shrugged nonchalantly.

"I don't know who you're talking about..." I fibbed, trying disparately and, obviously, poorly to hide the lie from her. But Nat always seemed to know.

"The girl upstairs right now... What's her name?" Mario took a step towards me as Nathalie tried to coax Harley out of me.

"You brought a girl into my house?" Mario demanded. "Sid, you know the rules! My kids are here!"

"Yah, I know..." I sighed, how could I explain this to them. "Look, Nat, her name's Harley, and I bet you'll really like her... She funny, and sweet. And beautiful... But she kinda needs a place to crash. Mario, listen, her family's awful. They treat her like garbage! And nothing happened..." Even if I had wanted it to... "She's staying her until we can figure something out, maybe I'll finally find a place... Please, Mario? I really like this girl..." I stared down at my hands, not wanting to see or hear their reactions.

I lifted my eyes, ready to face my fate, and came face to face with Harley coming into the kitchen. My smile widened as I jumped off the chair and took two steps to her; hugging her quickly before placing my hand on her lower back and gently pushing her towards my boss and his wife.

"Nathalie... Mario... This is my girlfriend, Harley Scott." I grinned, pushing her a little bit deeper into the kitchen, allowing Nathalie to envelop her into a hug.

"It's truly a pleasure, Harley. Anyone who makes Sidney as happy as you have is good in my book." I chuckled, embarrassed, as I could hear Mario chuckle beside me.

"It's a pleasure meeting you, Harley." Mario atoned, holding his hand out for her to shake.

"You too, Mr. and Mrs. Lemieux." She smiled brightly, shaking Mario's hand as I pulled her back against my chest; both of the older people in the room protesting at the use of their formal titles. "I should really get going..." She laughed as I tightened my grip on her shoulders. "Or at least get a bag of clothes. Sid I can't stay in your sweats, and I don't think my dress from Marc-Andre's wedding is appropriate."

"Fine..." I muttered against the top of her head. "But I'm going with you."

"Do I have a choice?" She giggled, escaping my arms and taking off up the stairs.

"Hey! Har! Come on!" I whined about to follow after her as Mario laid a firm hand on my shoulder.

"Be careful, son. Don't buy a house because of a woman." I nodded smiling up at him.

"I know... but I've been here for four years now. I should be seriously looking for something new anyways." The grip on my shoulder loosened, becoming a clap on the back of it as I slowly left the room, meeting Harley as she trotted down the stairs. "Ready to go?" I grinned wrapping my arm around her shoulders, she nodded as I lead her towards the door.

We pulled up to the bubble gum pink house she called home; I cut the engine and climbed out, running around the car to open her door and together we walked up the front steps. The house was silent as we went straight up the stairs to her tiny room in the attic.

"Huh... It's nice when no one's here..." I mused, trapping her in my arms before falling, pulling her with me, onto her tiny single bed.

"Sid.. Come on, I'll just pack a bag and we can go..." She groaned as I gently kissed her directly under her jaw, I mumbled under my breath as I flipped us over so I was lying on top of her, moving my mouth onto her neck. "Sid..." She breathed into my ear, her fingers twirling around the hairs at the back of my neck.

"Yah?" I whispered, running my hand lightly across the taught skin of her stomach, underneath my t-shirt she was wearing. Damn did she look hot in my clothes. Grinning as she sighed softly, I trailed my hand up her side, to just under where her bra normally would be. I pulled away from her to catch her eyes. "Har... Are you... Is this..." I sighed, pulling my hand away from her side and pulling myself into a sitting position. "I don't want to pressure you or anything..." I could feel her smile against my shoulder as she placed a soft kiss into it.

"Thanks..." She whispered as she climbed off the bed and opened her closet. "Oh my god!" She exclaimed, turning back to me. "They... They..."

"What, Harley.. What did they do?!" I demanded holding the tops of her arms.

"They took all my stuff..." She whispered, collapsing into my chest sobbing.

"So, we'll go look for it." I sighed, kissing her hair gently.

"Sid... it was garbage day... it's all gone." I nodded in understanding as she pushed me away from her.

"So... this gives me an excuse to buy something for you." I grinned lightly, taking hold of her hand as she tried to escape. "C'mon, Harley... Let me do this... Please?" I bent my knees slightly to look into her eyes as I tried to give her the best puppy dog eyes I could muster.

"Fine..." She conceded as I whooped for joy and kissed her deeply. "One outfit, Sidney." I grinned kissing her nose before pulling her out of the room and down the hallway.

Three hours later and my entire trunk filled with shopping bags and I was dropping Harley off at Fiona Motors, apparently she needed to catch up on some paperwork or something... I smiled softly as she kissed my lips gently before scrambling out of the car and towards the shop. I grinned to myself as I pulled away, after she disappeared from sight, I was one lucky bastard.

I drove down the street, turning off into East Allegheny and into the driveway of the first house of the day.

Six hours and ten houses later I finally pulled into another house in East Allegheny. This was it. I grinned turning off my Jag and heading in the front door.

I walked out twenty minutes later with a flier in my hand and a smile on my face. I couldn't wait to show this to Harley! She'd love it! WHAT? Woah... Slow down buddy... We just started dating and I was moving her in. Of course I wanted her to move in... But were we ready? I sighed pulling up to Fiona Motors just as she was running towards the car.

"Hey!" She grinning, kissing me quickly before sitting back and putting on her seat belt. "What'd you do all day?"

"Ummm... Actually, I looked at houses all day." I glanced over at her briefly, before handing her my two favourite fliers. "Which one's your favourite?" I glanced over her again, seeing her jaw drop into her lap. "What?" I chuckled. "Don't worry about it now... We'll talk when we get home from Coal Harbour."

Three days and a five and a half hour flight later and Harley and I were standing at the baggage claim waiting for our bags. I slung my arm over her shoulders as she leaned over to grab her bag. I leaned over her and pulled the bag easily off the turn belt, and placing it on the cart before wrapping my arm around her again and heading towards the doors and my awaiting family.

Sorry cop out ending... so tired... brain mush...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chapter 34: The Perfect Morning

- Just a little bit of fluff :-)

Whats love got to do with it? Everything.

I lay awake holding her in my arms, her head on my chest and my arms wrapped securely around her body. She can't be mine can she? I cast my mind back to earlier, we were actually giving this a chance. I knew I couldn't fuck this up, not this time. My eyes ran over her creamy white skin, stopping at all best places momentarily. Her black hair splayed out on the bed like the cloak of darkness you get on those clear nights. Surely this can't get any better? She was beautiful - the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Eventually I let my eyes close and sleep can over me like a relaxing ocean wave.

I awoke to the feeling of fingers dancing across my abs, tracing the lines of each muscle and down on over the v shape of my pelvis. I wonder if she knows what she's doing to me? My eyes snapped open and looked carefully down at her, she must of felt my gaze because she looked up and smiled. A genuine smile, one that told me she was happy being with me - and only me.

''I meant every word I said last night,'' The words came out of my mouth faster than my brain could register them. All I knew was that I wanted her to know that I wasn't just saying it to get her to stay with me after sex. I hoped what she said meant something too because if it didn't I was almost sure my heart would break.

I know, I could tell. I'm good at reading people. If it goes for anything, I meant it too.'' Her smile broadened as she spoke.

''Yeah, it does. I means a lot actually.'' I returned her bright smile. Brushing a strand of hair away from her eyes I moved my head down and kissed her softly, hoping that some of the words that I wasn't quite ready to say would pass through our lips. Eventually, I thought, eventually I want to be able to say those three words but not just yet.

''Lets order room service,'' I glanced at her and winked seductively as I reached for the phone and hit the right button for reception. I ordered half the breakfast menu and decided I wanted to have a little fun just for me. I climbed on top of her grinning like a Cheshire cat and began my assault.

''Mmm, that was sooo good,'' She locked eyes with me as she licked her fingers clean of the strawberries and cream we had just devoured. I knew she was doing it deliberately to get me going and it was working.

''Damn right it was good,'' I moved to where she was sitting on her knees and grabbed her hand finishing off sucking the remains of 'breakfast' from her small fragile fingers. I hadn't checked the time in a while but I figured it must be after twelve and the guys must be wondering where I am - in fact I highly doubt that, I can picture them high fiving each other as they see my absence and realize where I must be. I'm only to happy to let them think whatever they want, I'm pretty sure quite a few people saw Megan & I leave together last night and I don't care.

''I should go get my clothes and everything from my room, I'll be in 20 minutes or something like that,'' She chattered quickly as she dressed herself in last nights discarded clothing. I moved over to her not wearing a single scrap of clothing and slammed her up against the door smashing my lips to hers and pushing myself into her making sure she could feel how much I still wanted her. Without another word she moved out from underneath me and slipped out the door while I carefully watched her. That dress made her curves looks even more amazing.

I sat down and watched some daytime television thinking about different things. Taylor came to mind, I had heard a rumor that she was seeing one of the Blackhawk's and usually this would have annoyed me but somehow I was strangely happy for her and at least I wouldn't have to explain why I couldn't see her again. I was officially going to be a one woman man.

The water ran quickly over me as I basked in the hot steam that was quickly filling the shower room. I was still thinking about everything that had gone on the night before but as I relaxed my mind became an empty space. I rubbed the shampoo into my hair - making sure nothing got into my eyes, I hated that. As I rinsed the soap from my hair I felt a pair of hand come around my body and head extremely south. ''Miss me already?'' She whispered hotly into my ear. I was wrong this just keeps getting better.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Chapter: 33 Finally On The Same Page

Megan's POV

''You’re so beautiful,'' He whispered softly into my ear; his hot breath caressing it’s way along my neck, leaving goosebumps in it’s wake. He knelt down in front of me, gently sliding his fingers under the lace of my panties, pulling them down. I stepped out of them and he tossed them aside; running his fingers along my curves as he stood up slowly - his eyes roaming every inch of my flesh before stopping on my eyes.
He grinned at me slyly as he moved around to stand behind me; his hand running down my back and up into the wetness between my thighs. I let out a moan as his fingers started circling my clit.
It was with the thud-thud of my fast-beating heart pounding loudly in my ears and throat, that I felt Jordan’s teeth graze my neck. I cried out as his canines broke through my tender skin, causing a burning pain of pleasure I had never experienced before. I grabbed onto his thighs, pressing my back into his chest with force as I began to dig my nails into him.

He grunted, swatting at my hands before he reached up to grab onto my shoulders, roughly spinning me around. He grasped onto my arms with his calloused fingers; licking his lips as he stared down at me.
I reached out for his tie, tugging it towards me; taking the rest of him with it. His lips crushed down on mine and I grinned into the kiss; my entire body electric with need for him.
I pulled at the royal-blue, silk fabric in my hand; loosening it enough that I was able to pull it over his head. My hands began searching for his buttons next. Finding them I fumbled with the top one, giving up completely and grasping the white cotton shirt in both hands - tearing it in two different directions, until it hung open limply. “Impatient?” He asked with a hoarse voice, his fingers digging into my flesh as he pulled me back against him.

I grinned in agreement as I grabbed at his belt, tugging at it roughly until it came undone. I flung it aside and undid his dress pants; causing him to chuckle at my exuberance as he stepped out of his remaining clothes.
He brought his hands down, gripping onto my hips and lifting me off the ground. I wrapped my legs around his waist, moaning softly as I felt his erection rub again me. He laid me down on the bed, allowing himself to fall down on top of me; holding himself up on his elbows.
He smiled at me, not just a smirk; but a smile that showed off his perfectly white teeth, travelling all the way up to his sparkling blue eyes. I sighed up at him, tracing the muscles of his biceps with the tips of my fingers. I exhaled slowly, indulging in the feel of his perfect, beautiful, hard body on top of mine.
He began to sway his body slightly, rubbing the head of his hard-on against my clit. “Who’s impatient now?” I purred, arching my back against his firm chest.

He sighed, leaning down to kiss me gently on forehead. “It’s weird isn’t it? I’ve been wanting this for so long… it almost hurts to be this close to you now…”

I nodded in agreement, wrapping my hand around the back of his neck and pulling him down towards me. “What are we waiting for then?” I grazed his bottom lip with my teeth.

Jordan let out a grunt; grabbing on to my thigh with a hand and wrenching it open. He sat up in between my lips, smirking to himself as I whined his name. “What do you want Megan?” He asked smugly, jabbing into my folds with his fingers. Quickly pulling them back and forth inside of me. I let out a gasp, reaching out for him, longing to run my hands over every part of his body. “Tell me what you want babe…”

“I want you…” I moaned softly… biting onto my own lip.

He smiled sheepishly, forcing his fingers into me deeper. “Sorry… I didn’t quite catch that… who do you want?”

I blushed a deep scarlet as I finally realized what he was looking for. Propping myself up on my elbows I wrapped my legs around his waist, pushing him towards me. “I want you, Jordan… only you, Jordan… please…”

Groaning he pushed me back down on the bed, falling down on top of me to bite at my nipples. He pulled my hands over my head, allowing his tongue to roam all over my chest - sending electric shivers through my body - until he had me begging for more.

Without warning he took my thighs in his hands again, this time slamming me onto his erection. He started to thrust himself in to me quickly; the sound of his grunting sending tingles of pleasure across every part of my body. I arched my back with raw emotion, pleasure and pain becoming one as his pounded himself deeper into me than anyone had ever gone. I clawed at his bare back as he brought me over the edge for the first time; his body shaking with lust as he pumped in and out of me - so hard I could feel the beginning of bruises on my inner thigh, where his hips slammed against my soft skin. “Jordan…” I mumbled, almost incoherently as he brought me up against him roughly; moving us off the bed.

I felt my back forced up against the cool wall of the hotel room. He began to thrust faster, earning a cry of approval from me as he held me up roughly. My legs began to tremble as his teeth sunk into the other side of my neck, until I couldn’t form rational thoughts past the feel of him against me.

I felt my nails break the skin as I dug into his back; while screaming out in orgasmic pleasure. Erratic breathing and wild emotion filling every part of my body as I hugged Jordan against me.
The intensity of his orgasm caused me to close my eyes and hold onto him tighter. He came inside of me, an act that pushed me to climax again.

Jordan moved backwards, flopping down on the bed, still clutching me onto his lap. He exhaled loudly as we hung on to each other; our breathing finally beginning to return to normal.

“So… you’re ok with that…?” He trailed off, causing me to giggle lightly as I listened intently to the beating of his heart. My head rested, comfortably, on his chest as I traced his chiselled abdomen with my fingers. His hands dragged through my hair, gently tugging at the roots as he massaged my scale; causing me to close my eyes and sigh - complete contentment.

“Of course I am…” I whispered softly, tilting my face up so that I could see him. “Coming from a girl who’s been around the block a few times… let me be the first to say; Jordan Staal has no equal.”

He laughed loudly at that; squishing me against his side with a muscular arm, as he bent forward to kiss the top of my head. We laid in complete silence for a few more comfortable minutes, before I felt him shift uneasily. “Megan… about Marc…” He said quietly, causing me to close my eyes. I rolled over, starting to protest when he brought a finger up to my lips. “No… just listen. I…” He sighed, pulling me back down against him. “I don’t want to ever have to think about anyone else being with you. Ever. I might not be the greatest catch in the world, and this whole ’relationship’ thing never made a lot of sense to me before but - I want it now. I want to know that when I come back to Pittsburgh, you’ll be waiting for me. I want someone to miss me when I’m gone, someone that cares about me more than money or status… I want a girlfriend” He sat up, rolling me onto my back as he cupped my face in one of his hands. “I want a reason to come home Megan, and I want you to be that reason.”

I bit my lip as my vision blurred slightly; hot tears streaking down the side of my face as I nodded up at him. “I want that too…” I managed to whisper before I pulled his face down to mine.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chapter 32: You Can't Always Go Home Again.

Love. That was a concept I hadn’t grown to know in my life. The only love I had every had, had been from my father. But that was long gone now. As I sat in my spot in the gold encrusted room and listened to the accented words of a wise-man speaking of love, and it’s hardships, it dawned on me that someone was trying to make me feel love again.

I looked up and saw him walking towards me. His attention focussed completely on me, and soon enough matching my smile with his own. He found his way in front of me, and pulled out him hand, waiting for me to take it. I looked around taking in our surroundings , not quite believing I was here, and slipped my hand in his as he moved me to the dance floor.

“You look amazing...” he said huskily pulling me in closer to him, fitting perfectly. I felt my face heat up, and heard my mind asking itself again if I was really here, the answer leaving me baffled every time.

His strong hands found my face and guided it to his as we shared a kiss. As he depend the kiss and I felt how safe it was to be in his arms, I couldn’t take it anymore. If this was love, then I had been missing out.
“Sid...” I began, almost pleading him before we were interrupted by matt cooke and his very own beautiful wife. They passed, smiling at each other, naturally flowing through the room.

“Wanna get out of here” Sid asked me. I nodded immediately and he led me out to the shinny silver car. “Your place or mine?” he asked sitting his seatbelt around his body.

I picked at my nails nervously, not really wanting to answer that. Had he not even seen what kind of jail hell I had been living in. I was shocked, but more confused. Why would he want to be there.
“You really want to go back to that?”

His eyes flicked over to my face quickly then he went back to focussing on the road. He said ‘sure’ shrugging cooly, and looking back at my face again, but this time full of a different emotion. Love?

“Why not? I haven’t met your family yet. And I want to take you home this summer to meet mine” he said like it was perfectly obvious that I would be inaugurated into the family this summer.
“What?” he laughed quickly looking back at my face which was now distracted my happy thoughts of meeting a real family.

“You...” I began, I could barely formulate this sentence in my head. Even Megan was petrified of my family. “Want to meet my family?”

He shrugged easily with an “Of course” and soon enough we were climbing the front steps on the house, his hand holding onto mine protectively.
I just wanted to get this all over with, and the without me being able to prepare sidney for what to come, the door swung open wide to reveal my every worst fear.

“Harley, You’re Late! The laundry’s not done and farrah and Sofia need their chemistry homework. It’s due tomorrow!” I felt Sidney slightly tense and step forward at her commands. Fiona relaxed immediately, “Why Mr.Crosby, what are you doing here? It’s such a pleasure to see you again”

I pulled a little on Sidney to get him to walk away, but my week attempts were nothing compared to his natural strength. “Well... Mrs. Scott, you’re beautiful daughter did me the pleasure of accompanying me to a friend’s wedding this evening. I asked to meet her family”

“She is not my daughter” fiona seethed from her clenched jaw. Her words would have hurt... Only if she didn’t already tell me that every day. However, this was just embarrassing. Here he was, Sidney Crosby with the whole world loving on him... And me. Harley Marie Scott, and no one to claim her.

Sid said something briefly that I couldn’t register and soon he was marching me down the stairs towards the car. “C’mon Har, I’ll take you home” he soothed in my ear. He was about the pull open the door when everything hit me. If I left, I couldn’t go back.
“I can’t go, Sid... I have... Well you heard what I have to do.” he didn’t say anything right away and I turned hoping he wouldn’t have the chance.

I felt a strong but soft grasp on my arm, pulling me back into his warm body. “I can’t let you go back there, Har.” he whispered. “No way.. I can’t let you stay somewhere that you’re treated like that.” I covered my need to sib with a sigh as I looked up into his compassionate eyes, that so badly wanted to save me.

“There my family, Sid... They’re the only thing I have left.” I looked back at the house trying to hide the tear that was now finding it’s way down my face. He wiped it away and looked at me with serious eyes.

“Don’t Care” he shrugged. “Family doesn’t treat you like that. C’mon... If we’re lucky the kids with all be asleep.” I laughed more out of acute desperation than genuine comfort and found myself pulling away from one horrible, abuse, pathetic life and arriving at one that was lined with what one would like to be ideal perfection.

Sid pulled me to his side as we crept our way quietly through the house. I smiled as I noticed little pictures full of smiled everywhere in the house. We came to a door and I was led inside.

“Give me a second, and I’ll grab you some clothes” he said disappearing into a huge closet. He came back holding a little, neatly folded pile and placed it in my hands with a kiss before pointing me in the direction of the bathroom.

I pulled of the long dress and placed it on the hook in the bathroom. I hadn’t been wearing a bra due to the cut of the dress and was left washing my face clean of the heavy makeup in my black lace thong. I pulled on the large white t-shirt and then slid the bobby pins from my hair and let it fall into my face.

Sid smiled at me from the dresser where he was taking his watch off, I walked over and slid my hands around his waist and he kissed my forehead. “What side do you sleep on?” I asked not wanting to be a burden. “The left” he smiled as I dragged him my the arm to the bed.

We laid together for a while, listening to each other breathing before the wear and tare of the day took over me, and caused me to melt into his soft sheets and sleep.


I woke to the sound of birds and the smell of scrambled eggs. I stretched before realizing I was in need of food, and pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt that sidney had laying around.

I walked quietly towards the hushed tone of chatting and peered around the corner to see who must have been natalie and Mario having a what looked like serious conversation with Sidney.

He caught my presence when rounded the corner to the kitchen and smiled. He rushed over to me and placed his hand on the small of my back leading my resisting body towards the two adults.

“Natalie, Mario... This is my girlfriend... Harley Scott.”

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chapter 31: How to Rescue a Princess

I sat staring out off the head table listening to Vero's father drone on about love and relationships and how you need to fight to stay happy together. I smiled as my eyes finally found Harley, sitting way at the back, half hiding Megan from the front. She looked.... I couldn't describe it. It was perfect... Magnificent...

The speeches were finally over, I escaped from the table, starting towards Harley when I caught Jordan out of the corner of my eye. He looked so lost today; the smile he was faking during the ceremony had finally been dropped and now... Now he just sat at the table with a drink in his hand. I watched as he looked up in the same direction that I knew Harley and Megan were sitting.

"I can't stand this man." I sighed at him as he radiated pain. "You need to figure it out and make a decision." I gave him a quick pat on the back before heading towards them to claim my beautiful girlfriend. I paused about four feet from Harley and extended my hand in offering. She glance around quickly. Who was she looking for? Before standing and accepting my hand smiling. I pulled her gently to the dance floor before wrapping my arms securely around her. "You look amazing..." I sighed looking down at her as she blushed softly, looking down at the ground. I gently took her chin in my hands and tilted her face back to mine. She looked at me confused as I lowered my lips to her soft pink ones. She sighed softly, relaxing into me. I ran my tongue across her bottom lip, tasting her strawberry flavoured lip gloss.

"Sid..." She whispered against me, as I pulled back slightly.

"Get a room you two!" Cookie grinned, spinning his wife past us. I chuckled softly at him before wrapping my arm around Harley's shoulders.

"Wanna get out of here?" She nodded as I led her out to my jag. "Your place or mine?" I looked over at her and she bit her thumb nail nervously.

"You really want to go back to that?" She asked shocked at me.

"Sure..." I shrugged, "why not? I haven't met your family yet. And I want take you home this summer to meet mine." I laughed as I looked at her from the corner of my eye. "What?"

"You... want to meet my family?" She whispered softly.

"Of course..." I shrugged. Her family couldn't be that bad, could they? I stopped the car in front of the bubble gum pink house and ran around to open the door for her. I took her hand and squeezed it gently as we headed up the stairs to the front door. She pulled her key out of her purse, but didn't really get a chance to use it as the door swung open and Fiona Scott appeared in the doorway.

"Harley, you're late! The laundry's not done and Farrah and Sofia need their chemistry homework. It's due tomorrow!" My eyes narrowed slightly at Fiona. Who the hell was she to tell Harley what to do? Her gaze slowly turned to mine moving from anger, to maliciousness, to shock, to fake happiness. "Why, Mr. Crosby, what are you doing here? It's such a pleasure to see you again."

"Well... Mrs. Scott, you're beautiful daughter did me the pleasure of accompanying me to a friend's wedding this evening. I asked to meet her family." I smiled sincerely, squeezing Harley's hand in my own.

"She is not my daughter." Fiona spat before catching herself and replacing her face smile.

"Oh... Forgive us then... We'll just be going." I shrugged, letting go of Harley's hand and placing my hand on the small of her back, leading her down the stairs back to my car. "C'mon, Har. I'll take you home." It wasn't until we got back to my jag that she snapped out of the funk she was in.

"I can't go, Sid... I have... well you heard what I have to do." She sighed dutifully turning back to the house. I shook my head at her and took her hand, stopping her in her tracks.

"I can't let you go back there, Har." I whispered, pulling her back to me, and wrapping my arms around her tightly. "No way... I can't let you stay somewhere that you're treated like that." She sighed deeply before looking up at me sadly.

"They're my family, Sid. They're the only thing I have left." She glanced back at the house as a tear fell down her cheek. I sighed, catching it easily with my thumb.

"Don't care. Family doesn't treat you like that. C'mon... If we're lucky the kids will all be asleep." She laughed softly, shortly, as I kissed her forehead gently; opening the car door for her, and letting her slide inside before running around to the driver's side. I looked up at the door to see Fiona flanked by her daughters, screaming at Harley to come back inside.

If I had anything to say about it... Harley would never set foot in that house again.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chapter 30: The Final Decision

Let’s be honest here, I’m not a great catch. At least half of most months of the year I’ll be in a different state. I have eyes that wonder over every ass in a club. I’m prone to puck bunnies pouring themselves all over me. I have quite a large ego. Not exactly the best recipe for a relationship.

I sat in a corner of the club when I saw them coming over. I wasn't sure whether I could take another dose of her mood swings. I was sullen and unwilling to have fun. Most of the guys were avoiding me like the plague, even the usual sluts had moved off after I blanked them for the second time.

“I’m done watching you guys hurt each other” Harley began as my attention stayed with them.

“You guys clearly have commitment issues, which I can’t control. But what I can control is the message that’s sent across right now to the both of who are too chicken shit to do it yourselves.” I just looked at her, silently taking in her words.

“Jordan..” I looked up at her. “It’s pretty damn obvious that your completely, and fully in love with Megan but are too scared. You worry about rejection, or even being the first one to admit it. But you want to know the truth? Megan loves you back, but she’s too scared and stubborn to listen to her heart.”She stopped there and turned her body towards Megan who looked as sheepish as I felt.

“And you Megan... Jordan is the only one who you have been this happy with. And your just going to let him go? If that is the case... Then... Then you’re not the girl I thought you were. And the confidence you have been able to produce in me is fake. Because I thought I was copying you. Which right now does not seem like the case.” I was shocked, does she really feel that way?

“I’m just done watching you guys pretend like there’s nothing there. Now tomorrow’s Marc’s wedding. And I’m going. Whether you guys figure this all out or not after I leave. Megan is my date, and I’m not wasting a perfectly good dress on a bunch of denial between you both.” She grabbed a hold of Megan and whispered something into her ear before turning and walking over to Sid who was staring at Megan with a strange look in his eyes.


Heart broken, upset, angry and yet still madly in love. When she said it I couldn't take it in. I couldn't believe it, my own brother. I lay in bed letting her words wash over me for what seemed like the 100th time this morning. He'd touched her before me, I should of been angry with her but I wasn't. I still felt a burning for her, I needed to see her, to touch her. The urge to claim her as her as my own was becoming over-powering.

I readied myself for seeing her, mentally planning out my questions but somehow there was only one that seemed right. I knew I wanted her in my life, I was sure I couldn't go back to sleeping with many different women, I wanted a constant. She was that constant. Still doubt filled my mind. Would she still want me though? Would I be better than my own brother?

I caught up with Sid at wedding dance after our duties as groomsmen had been well and truly fulfilled. Throughout the ceremony I had tried my best to be upbeat, putting a smile on my face and sharing jokes with the bridesmaids. Sid knew though. Sid always knew.

''I can't stand this man, you need to figure it out and make a decision,'' Sid said as we looked over to where Harley and Megan were sitting. She looked beautiful, I watched some of the guys at the ceremony looked her over and felt an over whelming urge to punch them, normal? I guess it must be.

He started over in their direction. I knew what I needed to do and I followed him. I needed to know the answer to just one single question, praying she knew the right answer.

''Wanna dance?'' I asked simply.

''Why?'' She replied. I shrugged not wanting to ask her yet as I dragged her out towards the dance floor. I pulled her close to me a little hard hoping she would see the emotion I was showing through my eyes. She looked at me and turned her face away sharply, part of me hoped she felt guilty but another part never wanted her to feel anything bad ever.

''Megan, I need you ask you one thing, about Marc,'' I spoke softly into her ear, feeling her shiver as my breath touched the side of her face. She moved to look at me and her eyes met mine for the second time and I brought us to a complete stop. ''Was he worth it?'' There I said it.

''No not even close,'' I can't begin to tell you what it felt like.

I pressed my lips to hers with such force that I was sure I would leave a bruise. She pulled away with a confused look on her face. ''You have no idea what that means,'' A grin spread across my face and moments later she returned the smile. I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her with me as I made my way out of the hall. Half way up the stairs to my room I turned to look at her, ''I can't imagine being with anyone else.''. It was the truth.

I reached the door of my hotel and room and pushed her up against it attacking her lips, feeling her mouth open slightly I slid my tongue in and took full control, surprised when she didn't fight back. I pushed the key in the door and pulled on the handle, we stumbled in and I kicked the door closed behind me. She made for my shirt but that wasn't how I wanted this. I moved her hands away from my buttons, she looked up at me with confusion in her eyes. I put a hand at either side of her face and kissed her like their was no tomorrow. I pulled away and looked at her, she stood painfully still, as I took each of the straps of her silk dress and pulled them carefully off her shoulders, watching her dress slide easily to the floor. Moving around to her back, unhooking her bra and moving it off her arms, I brought my arms around her and took a breast in each hand playing with her now erect nipples, making her moan quietly, ''Your so beautiful,'' I whispered softly into her ear. Moving back to face her I knelt down and hooked my fingers into her panties and brought them down as she stepped carefully out of them. I stood back and drank her in, just looking at her perfect body. I brought my hands down her sides, running them over her curves as I returned to my position behind her. I reached a hand around and immediately felt how wet she was, I made hard circles around her clit, making her cry out a little. My mouth went to her neck biting into her, marking her - wanting everyone to know that she was mine.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chapter 29: Worth It?

Megan's POV

“I’m just done watching you guys pretend like there’s nothing there. Now tomorrow’s Marc’s wedding. And I’m going. Whether you guys figure this all out or not after I leave. Because Megan is my date, and I’m not wasting a perfectly good dress on a bunch of denial between you both.” She nodded to herself, turning her body towards me. I felt her press her body up against mine - hugging me - but I couldn’t even move. “You’ll thank me one day. See you tomorrow” She whispered softly in my ear, before crossing the room to Sidney.

I glanced over my shoulder as tears started to fall down my face. I caught Sidney’s eyes and he glared at me, reminding me that things weren’t quiet as easy as Harley made them seem.
I sighed, hanging my head as I turned back around to face the music. I felt Jordan’s calloused hands embraced my face; his thumbs gently wiping the tears away from my eyes. “Let’s get out of here, yah?” He bent down, whispering in my ear. I nodded dumbly, allowing him to lead me out of the bar.

Once we reached the parking lot, he pulled me against his chest; his arms rubbing up and down the sleeves of my leather jacket; frantically trying to warm me. I looked up into Jordan’s beautiful blue eyes - wondering if this was the last time they’d ever look at me without hate.
I was going to have to tell him the truth at some point, and if that was the case; I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to kiss him again. I licked my lips and that was enough for him; he brought his face down towards me, kissing me gently at first.
The kiss intensified as I wrapped my arms around his neck, causing him to answer by grabbing onto my hips; pulling me against him again.

“Jordan…” I whispered into his lips, my voice hoarse from crying. “We need to talk…”

He sighed against me, smiling as he brought his face away from me, “You’re right… let’s go babe…” He turned and headed for a cab.

“No Jordan, I can’t… I can’t leave with you…”

He stopped walking, turning back around to face me. “What are you talking about Megan, I know now… you know… it’s ok.”

I shook my head, tears falling down my face again. “It’s not ok…

“Do you want to be with me?” He asked slowly, timidly.

I nodded. “Yes. More than anything.”

He shrugged, that heart-stopping grin spreading across his face. “Then what’s there to talk about? I want to be with you Megan… more than anything…”

“Jordan. I slept with Marc.”

“Who?” His face crinkled as he tried to figure out why it mattered. “Why does that matter?”

“Marc… your brother Marc…” I replied softly, too afraid to look at him as I pulled my arms around myself.

“No.” He said it so positively, for a second I almost believed him. “No… that’s not… no… why are you saying that?”

“Because it’s true…”

“No.” I finally looked up at him; he was pacing away from me, shaking his head slightly. He turned back around, walking up to me quickly. “That’s not true, you don’t even know him.”

“I do… I mean, I did.” I shook my head, trying to figure out how to explain this to him. “That weekend in New York, when I went to visit my brother… he was at the bar.” When he didn’t say anything, I continued. “I thought it was you at first… then… it just didn’t matter.”
He let out a grunt of frustration, turning around to pace again as he ran his fingers through his hair. “I didn’t think you would ever want me… I just wanted, I wanted to pretend that I knew what it was like… to have you…”

“No…” This time it was soft. He was begging for me to change the truth; his eye glistening with tears as he stared down at me. “No… you… Meagan, I love you…” He was crying now, not sobbing, not uncontrollably; but the tears were there - rolling down his pale cheeks, dropping off his perfect jaw.

“Jordan…” I moaned, taking a step towards him; wanting to end his pain, stop his hurt.

“No.” He spat, holding out a hand in front of him. “Don’t touch me… I need… I just need to go…” I nodded as my own tears began to blind me; hardly able to distinguish his shape as he moved away from me, out into the darkness.

I stood there for a long time, not sure what to do. I couldn’t go back inside; I didn’t want to see any of them, not even Harley. I couldn’t even take a taxi home - having left my wallet at home.
I finally decided to call Corey, all my other options gone.

“Jesus Megan! What the hell happened to you?” I groaned as I flopped down into the front seat of Corey’s SUV.

“Don’t - just drive… please.” I added as an after thought, trying to stop myself from crying; at least long enough to get home, and alone.

He didn’t pressure me for information on the way back to the house; but I wasn’t able to keep my emotions in check. I cried silently, my forehead pressed against the window and I stared out into the night - wondering where Jordan was now, wondering how much he hated me.
And what had I even been thinking? Not that it mattered, what was done was done, and there was no gong back now. The worse part was knowing what I would have change; everything. In my defence, I never would have slept with Marc if I knew I actually had a chance with Jordan; hell, I wouldn’t have slept with anyone if I knew I had a chance with Jordan.

I pulled the covers up over my head as the sun streamed in through the window. “Go away!” I moaned, cursing the day and everything that went with it.
I was exhausted; a clear side effect of staying up all night and cry, god I’m such a little bitch now… who cries all night over a boy?
A boy or my own stupidity; god I suck at life.

“Megan!” I heard Harley’s voice from the doorway, causing me to moan again in frustration. “I know you’re awake… come on Megan, what happened?”

“My harlot ways have finally caught up with me. I told Jordan what happened in New York and as originally assumed, he hates me.” I heard her sigh softly as she sat down beside me on the bed.

“Are you sure?”


She grabbed the covers and pulled them away from my face, “Megan, look at me….” I turned around and gazed up into her eyes, rolling mine slightly at the lecture I knew was coming. “Get dressed.”

I sat up, startled by her comment. “What? Dressed for what?”

“The wedding, Megan… You’re my date and I just happened to have been invited so… dressed. Now.” She got up, moving around my room; grabbing my dress-bag out of the closet and riffling through my dresser for some jewellery. “Megan!” She exclaimed, turning around to stare at me; her hands on her hips as she pursed her lips.

“Fine… getting up…” I pushed myself off the bed, and headed into the bathroom. I hopped underneath the burning spray of the water; hoping that Harley would give up and go home if I took too long.

“Are you drowning in there?” Harley pushed the door open, causing me to sigh in frustration.

“Just finishing…” I pushed the shower off, grabbing a towel from the top of the shower wall; wrapping it around me before I stepped out of the steam. “You know this is a bad idea, right?” I asked as I started to towel dry my hair.

“Just get dressed, we’ll deal with that when we get there.”

“I can’t believe you’re in love.” Harley grinned as she took my arm in hers, leading me to a table at the back of the wedding dance. I shook my head and turned my face to the dance floor; watching everyone laughing and having a good time.

I sighed and turned my attention back to Harley. “It doesn’t matter, it’s done with… let’s move on.” She rolled her eyes and grinned over my shoulder. I turned back around to see Sidney making his way across the mingle of tables towards us; Jordan in tow. I groaned loudly, blinking back tears. “Harley, what did you do?”

She didn’t answer, standing up to accept the hand Sidney was holding out to her. Before I could say anything else, she dashed off; grinning at me over her shoulder.
I exhaled loudly as I felt his presence lingering behind me. “You wanna dance?”

I felt my brow crinkle as I turned around slowly to face him. “Why?” He shrugged, and I timidly reached for his hand.

My knee-jerk reaction was that this was a mistake. He tugged me along behind him, not looking back or saying anything as we made our way onto the floor.
We didn’t go out by anyone else; not around the speakers or the group of friends that were dancing around the bride and groom. He lead me to the far corner; spinning around and pulling me against him with force.
I stared up into his eyes as his arms started to wrap around my waist. I put my arms around his neck and leaned into him; looking away from his face - the intensity of his glare sending shivers down my spine.
He held me close against him as our bodies swayed in time to the music; going unnoticed by anyone else, in our own little corner of the dance floor.

“Megan…” He said finally, his breath hot against the side of my face as he bent down toward me. “I need to ask you one thing… about Marc.”

I sighed, feeling my face flush with embarrassment and shame as I looked up to meet his eyes. I can only imagine what this is gonna be… He licked his lips, his eyes brimming with emotion as we came to a complete halt; standing motionless, but still embracing. “Was he worth it?”

I felt my heart jump up into my throat as my mouth fell open. It felt dumb and futile to even bother answering this question; it wasn’t going to change anything. “No… not even close.” I finally answered, truthfully; sighing softly as the power of the words echoed through me - nothing will ever be worth loosing this… I thought as I gazed up into Jordan’s perfect face.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Chapter 28: Their Little World

‘Tonight could be the night’ I thought as Sidney and I rolled the surface of my bed. Each kiss growing more hungry with passion than the next. My mind was going wild with the thought of having sex with him. How would it be? Would I be okay? Would it hurt?

My thoughts were interrupted by the loud sounds screaming from my phone. I cursed the caller in that moment. Sid moved his kisses down to my neck as he tried to keep me from moving. “Ignore it..” his raspy voice hushed as his breath pressed against my neck.

I moved to check my phone’s front screen. “It’s Megan...I have to...” he sighed as I moved to pick up the phone and I was met with loud sobs on the other end. I tried to listen carefully to everything Megan was saying.

“What happened, Harley?” Sid asked quietly form his spot on the bed. I looked over at Sidney’s worried eyes. “I don’t know...I’m trying to find out. But Jordan’s got her crying, Sid.” I turned back to the phone and soon Sid had his arm on my lower back and I brushed my hand over the receiver.

“Baby.. I’m gonna go find Jordan” he whispered placing a quick kiss on my forehead. I nodded as he found his out the window. I stayed on the phone for quite a while. We were interrupted once, but I just assumed it was one of the brother’s.

I had just hung up with Megan when I got a text from Sid saying to check on Megan. It all clicked in my mind right then, I realized that I was done being a bystander, and that this little ‘game’ Jordan and Megan were playing had to stop. Now.

I grabbed by jacket and keys and sauntered my way down the lattice of roses. I jumped into my car and dashed my way across town to Megan’s. The lights were dimmed when I walked past the pool and up to the door.

I knocked and Megan was there quickly. I moved us both back into the house and wouldn’t let her sink back into sorrow.
“Stop this right now and get changed” I ordered in a very un-harley manor. Her big eyes, full of red looked at me in shock and pain. But I stood my ground.
“I’m taking you somewhere to do something, that is long over due.” As she looked at my general body language, she caught onto the fact that I wouldn’t be leaving until she was as well.

She came back out in a leather jacket and black torn leggings. She shoved her feet into work boots that matched mine and slumped her way out of the house. We sat, staring straight out the window, not saying a word the whole way there.

She looked at me with shock.
“Why are we at diesel?” I looked at her them moved to get out of the car. I came around to her side where she was cautiously trying to figure out my next move. I was on a mission. I grabbed her hand and dragged her through the back entrance where I had come to have pull.
I spotted the group in the club like a sore thumb. I pulled in resistance as I marched up the stairs to the VIP section where I saw Max doing some crazy mentor speech with a lot of hand motions.

I coughed behind them all and they looked up in surprise. Sidney jumped up once he saw me, but I discretely put my hand up to signal him to wait. I left Megan to weasle my way through to Jordan. I grabbed his wrist and tried with all my might to pull him to his feet.

After pulling back, he gave into my adrenaline rushed face and got up. I then lashed onto Megan hand and pulled them both with me. I found a quiet corner and took in a breath for good luck. This could make or break.

“I’m done watching you guys hurt each other” I started as I watched them both avoid eye contact.
“You guys clearly have commitment issues, which I can’t control. But what I can control is the message that’s sent across right now to the both of who are too chicken shit to do it yourselves.” I took in another breath continuing through their silence.
“Jordan..” I said turning to him, as he looked up from under his lashes. “It’s pretty damn obvious that your completely, and fully in love with Megan but are too scared. You worry about rejection, or even being the first one to admit it. But you want to know the truth? Megan loves you back, but she’s too scared and stubborn to listen to her heart.” I turned to Megan who was completely lost for words.

“And you Megan... Jordan is the only one who you have been this happy with. And your just going to let him go? If that is the case... Then... Then you’re not the girl I thought you were. And the confidence you Have been able to produce in me is fake. Because I thought I was copying you. Which right no does not seem like the case.” I took a deep breath and looked towards the tables and saw everyone looking at me with equally shocked faces.

“I’m just done watching you guys pretend like there’s nothing there. Now tomorrow’s Marc’s wedding. And I’m going. Wether you guys figure this all out or not after I leave. Because Megan is my date, and I’m not wasting a perfectly good dress on a bunch of denial between you both.” I nodded in satisfaction and turned to hug Megan motionless body.

“You’ll thank me one day. See you tomorrow” I whispered.

And as I felt a tear slip from her eye onto my shoulder I release my grip and made my way back out to the rest of the world. Hoping this little piece of it would turn out the way I knew everyone wanted.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chapter 27: Playing Romeo

I watched in horror as she followed Fiona and her two daughters up the doorway. Was she really not considered part of the family? I quietly turned off my Jag and searched for a way back to her. AHA! My eyes lit up as I spotted the lattuce climbing up to a small window. That's gotta be her. I grunted as I began to climb.

"Please be open..." I breathed to the universe as I tried for the window. Success! I grinned as the window slid open letting me slide into the empty room. I sat on her bed comfortably as I listened to the sounds of the house. Doors opening and closing, voices speaking lowly to eachother. It was peaceful... And disturbing. Especially as soon as I remember what Fiona had said to Harley as we pulled up. I mean, my God! She's not a servant. If anything... She should be treated like a princess... I smiled as my mind began to wonder back to this evening, and how perfect she was. How perfect her kisses were. I sighed as the door slowly began to open. I watched her turn on the lights and finally finding my eyes, screaming softly. I held in a chuckle as I held a finger to my lips.

"Sidney!" She hissed. "What are you doing up here?" I shrugged easily. "How did you get up here?" I chuckled softly, rubbing the tops of her arms, pulling her between my legs.

"I climbed the roses..." I shrugged nonchalantly, gently taking her chin in my hand and pulling her luscious, perfect lips to mine. I grinned victoriously as she relaxed into me, bringing her soft hands to the back of my neck, and weaving into my hair. I drew my tongue against her bottom lip, looking for entrance. She smiled into the kiss, opening her mouth to me as I twisted her tongue with my own. I fell backwards onto her bed, pulling her down with me as she squealed lightly. "Shhh..." I whispered before running my hands down her sides, playing with the bottom of her shirt. She jumped and tried to pull off of me as her phone began to ring beside her. "Ignore it..." I mumbled against her neck as I played with the bare skin of the small of her back.

"It's Megan... I have too..." She sighed as she rolled off of me reluctantly. I groaned loudly as I sat up on the bed, watching her pace the length of her room. "Megan? What's up? I thought that Jordan-" Megan? Shit... what did he do now? "Megan? Oh my God, are you crying?! What happened... what did he do?" I was going to kill him.

"What happened, Harley?" I asked gently as she paused turning to look at me, covering the mouth piece on her phone.

"I don't know... I'm trying to find out. But Jordan's got her crying, Sid." She sighed turning back to her phone. That son of a bitch! I was going to kill him. I really didn't care what these guys did on their own time, but you never... never make a woman cry.

"Baby..." I whispered at her. "I'm gonna go find Jordan." She nodded talking to Megan again as I disappeared back down the lattuce. I jumped into my car and sped my way down to Megan house. I stopped as soon as I saw Jordan's truck, running up and knocking on the door as he unlocked my side. "What happened, Jordy..." I sighed as I climbed in next to him.

"I don't know, Sid... I... We... well... uh..." He stumbled over his own words as I waited, staring out the windsheild. "We were fooling around... And then, she... just fipped out. Kicked me out..." He sighed deeply, I looked at him breifly as he stared at his hands in his lap. "She said she hated me."

"Look, Jordan, let me talk to her. Figure out what happened." He glanced up at me sadly as I opened my door. "Just stay here, man." He nodded as I turned and jogged down to her door. I knocked breifly, but tried the door when she didn't respond. Sweet.. it was open.

"I'd have to tell him that I slept with his brother..." My stomach lurched. What?

"What the fuck did you just say?" I bit as she slowly turned towards me. She slept with Marc? She fucking slept with Marc?!?! "You had sex with Jordan's brother?" I spat, turning away from her as soon as she nodded. "Wow... here I thought you were different. But... you're just another puck slut..." I stared at the floor, embaressed to even look at her. "Stay away from him." She paused, lowering her phone from her ear.

"Please don't tell him..." She whispered as I slowly turned my glance to her, glaring. I turned to glance at the closed door.

"I won't tell him... as long as you stay away from him." I turned back to her as she nodded. I glared once more as I turned and stalked out the door. I opened the door to Jordan's truck as soon as I got back to it.

"C'mon Jordy. Why don't we go and meet up with Max..." The tall boy-man shook his head slowly. "Jordan... You really shouldn't be alone right now. Just come out for a bit. You know Max will cheer you up." He sighed loudly before nodding. "We'll take my car." He nodded again, sliding out of his truck and towards my car.

We pulled into Diesel a mere ten minutes later, and headed directly up to VIP. I sent Harley a quick text:

Jordan, ok. Check on Megan. Miss you.

Max met us at the top of the stairs.

"Tough night, Staalsy?" He grinned taking the tall boy under his arm. "Uncle Maxy will take good care of you, don't you worry..." I sighed deeply as I rubbed at my temples. Damned drama...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Chapter 27: Saying The Wrong Thing

-Sorry it's not up to my usual standard. My grandfather's in the hospital so my minds been elsewhere, it didn't have a lot of time between hospital visits but I tried, I hate letting people down and missing my day to post. Hope everyones well, hopefully I'll have more time to concentrate on my next post. Thanks.

Why did I call her? I was torturing myself. Ever since Marc Andre's bachelor party the guys has been teasing me about her. 'When did you start wanting to have cosy nights in with a girl?' and stuff like 'You looovvvee her . . ''. It was getting to the point where I almost believed them. Part of me wanted to but as I made my decision on which DVD we were going to watch I moved the thought of l-o-v-e to the back of my mind.

''Alright, Green Street Hooligans it is!'' She started to giggle as I got up and jumped onto the couch, crushing her. I decided I loved hearing her laugh.

''Your such a dork . . '' She managed to say between laughs as I shifted her light weight body in front of me and pulled her backsnugly against my chest.

Usually I was the one who started us off but this time it was different. She initiated the first kiss and as usual we were never going to see the end of the movie.

I picked her up and she easily settle in my arms attaching her lips once more to me.The way I was carrying her reminded me too much about marriage. Woah, slow down there man. I could hear Max saying in my ear.

I laid her down on the bed and went to get on top her but she moved and slid on top of me. Taking her shirt off as she went. I decided to join the party and took off mine as well. She pressed - no pushed her lips to mine and started on my belt, then moving on to my top button and zipper.

I took in her breath taking body running my hands down her curves, feeling her shiver under my touch. Flipping her over I heard her sigh, just hearing how contented she was made me realize I'd never tire of pleasing during sex and in life as well, a feeling that was strange yet cause me to smile and embrace it.

As I began working my way down to her top button, I felt her body stiffen and moved my head back up into the crook of her neck, taking in her smell and placing soft kisses on the skin there. I felt a small droplet of water on my forehead and pulled back looking at the tears running down her sweet face. ''Megan are you okay?'' Then she covered her with her hands.

''Get out,'' I though I heard her say through her wall of slim fingers.

''What?'' I said as I grabbed her wrist, trying to pry them from her face. ''Did I do something, if you don't want to have sex-'' I came out all wrong, this was the one time I wanted to break my cardinal rule and say 'make love' and I fucked up.

''I said get out!'' She shoved me backwards. It broke my heart to see her upset - another new feeling. ''Megan come on talk to me. . .''. Next came the pillow, I caught it. I wasn't budging except to slip on my shirt.

''What are you waiting for? I said go!'' Still I stayed firm. ''Get the fuck out, I hate you!'' It came at me from nowhere and hit me like a bullet to the heart.

I ran to my car and starred at the steering wheel and then I felt something hot on my cheek, I put my hand to my face, a tear. This can't be happening, not to me. I don't cry - ever.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Megan's POV

I should have said no. We had the wedding to go to tomorrow and that was enough, that was more than enough… I sighed to myself as I watched him bent over in front of the TV stand where the DVD’s were. I knew why he had come over here - why does Jordan Staal go anywhere that doesn’t have to do with hockey? The thing I couldn’t’ figure out was; why did I drop my plans with Corey and Tyler to sit at home and watch a movie with him?

It was a complete surprise that Tyler had decided to come down to Pittsburgh for the weekend; and here I was doing nothing - well, staring at Jordan’s ass but… alright so, that is awesome but… still, I should be out with my brothers.
Harley had laughed when I told her my change of plans. “You’re in love with him Megan, when are you going to see that?”; was what she had said to me earlier, but that was nonsense - Jordan Staal isn’t capable of love, and I’m not dumb enough to try.

“Alright… Green Street Hooligans it is!” I laughed as Jordan stood up and headed back to me, a look of triumph on his face as he jumped onto the couch, crushing me underneath him.

“You’re such a dork…” I laughed as he shifted me easily around him, pulling me closer until my back was sternly fixed against his chest.
In normal standing we didn’t make it through the full movie; the only difference was that this time it was me edging it on.

Before Elijah Wood’s character got to meet sexy Charlie Hunnam; Jordan was carrying me to my bed - bridal style.
Our lips were locked as I wrapped my arms around his neck; hanging on like he was a life saver.

He laid me down on my bed and began to crawl on top of me, but I stopped him, kicking my leg out until I was the one on top. I ripped my shirt up over my head and he mirrored me; exposing his beautiful chest as he tossed his shirt aside. I dropped my lips down onto his; kissing him so hard it hurt.
Without looking down I unhooked his belt and slid it away from him, expertly undoing his top button moving down to his zipper.

His hands grabbed onto my hips and slid upwards; sending shivers over my body as he traced my curves. I sighed in complete bliss as he fought me for control - flipping me roughly over to my back and moving his lips down onto my cleavage.
My whole body shook with anticipation as I waited for him to take him; I had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone I loved.

Oh shit. My entire body shut down as my arms locked over my chest. What the hell did I just think? No… no… there’s no way. I exhaled loudly as I tilted my head up and watched Jordan’s tongue trace a line towards my bellybutton. No that can’t be. But it was. I knew it, maybe I had always known it… or maybe Harley had just pushed the thought into my mind. I wanted to pretend that I was just confused, so horned up that I was thinking crazy thoughts; but for the first time everything made sense.
I loved Jordan Staal, and I wanted every part of him. Not just this… Of course I wanted his touch; but it was more than that. I wanted to hold him, spend time with him, know everything about him.
I wanted to love him, and this wasn’t the way. He’ll never love you… he just wants sex… you’re such an idiot Megan…

Jordan let out a soft moan as he pulled himself back up, nuzzling his face into the soft skin of my neck as his kisses continued.
I felt the first of hot tears flow down my face as I tried to gasp for air. Jordan pushed himself away from me a bit; tilting his head slightly as he stared at me. “Megan… what? Are you ok?” I started to shake my head slightly, covering my face with my hands. What the fuck is wrong with me.

“Get out…” I mumbled through my hands, not wanting to look at him anymore.

“What?” He grabbed onto my wrists and tried to pry them off my face. “Did I do something, if you don’t want to have sex-”

Sex! Of course it was about sex… that’s all I was… sex. “I said get out!” I shoved him backwards as I scrambled into a sitting position, pulling the blankets up around me. I hated crying; despised it - but I couldn’t stop myself as the tears fell freely down my face. “Megan come on, talk to me…” I let out a muffled scream as I biffed a pillow at him.
Not only was I crying in front of him; something that I never did - but I was crying about him. For some reason this made my anger boil up to a dangerous level.
He caught the pillow easily; batting it away with his hand as his continued to stare at me.
After a minute he walked over and pulled his shirt on over his head, exhaling loudly as he stood; unmoving.

“What are you waiting for? I said go!” I was screaming, and I didn’t care; he still didn’t move, so I added a lie. “Get the fuck out Jordan… I hate you!”

He spun around and headed to the front door, slamming it behind him. I gasped as renewed tears began to fall over my face; I grabbed my phone. Fuck him, fuck him for being so fucking perfect! I dialed Harley’s number in, not even realizing how late it was.

“Megan? What’s up? I thought that Jordan-” I let out a sob at the sound of Harley’s cheery voice. “Meagan? Oh my God, are you crying?! What happened… what did he do?” She covered the phone for a minute and I could hear her mumbling to a man.

“I- … oh God Harley, I just kicked him out… I don’t… fuck…” I sighed and fell backwards, sobbing hard.
Harley didn’t talk, she just sat on the phone with me; letting me cry.

I wasn’t sure how long I bawled for, but eventually I was able to think straight and I sat up; not bothering to cover my lace bra as I began to talk quietly into the phone. “Harley you were right… I love him. I love him and I don’t know what to do… it hurts so bad…”

“Megan! Why are you crying then? Did you tell him?”

“No… I told him I hated him…”

Silence. “Why would you do that… I don’t…?” She sighed, trying to find the right words.

“Megan, it’s Jordan Staal. He doesn’t do relationships, he does one night stands… this wasn’t suppose to be like this… he wasn’t suppose to - God how did I let this happen?!”

Harley started to laugh lightly as she listened to my bitch fit. “Megan, you can’t help who you love… you can’t stop yourself. I think you need to tell him…”

I sighed and shook my head. “I can’t tell him Harley… if I tell him that I love him then I’ll have to tell him about-” I groaned softly as I thought about how angry Jordan would be if he knew about Marc. “I’d have to tell him that I slept with his brother…”

“What the fuck did you just say?” I froze, my breath catching in my throat as I turned around to the door.

Sidney was standing in the hallway, staring at me - complete disgust in his face. “You had sex with Jordan’s brother?” He spat at me. I didn’t know what else to do, I nodded. “Wow… here I thought you were different but… you’re just another puck slut… you stay away from him.”

“Megan, what’s going on? Who just called you a slut?!” I could hear Harley freaking out through the phone but I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Please don’t tell him…” I whispered softly; his face hardened and he looked over his shoulder at the closed door.

“I won’t tell him… as long as you stay away from him.” I nodded slowly as Sidney turned around, slamming the door shut behind him; leaving me alone with my ultimatum.