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Chapter 10: Invictus (Megan's POV)

My full attention was on the drop-dead-gorgeous boy skating around the ice. I had a smug smile on my face that matched his; every time he skated by and looked up at me.
The girl in front of me was wearing a Staal jersey and cheered madly every time he came on the ice; it was all my will power not to tell her who had given me my tickets. Don’t be such a bitch! I had to remind myself every time these thoughts popped into the forefront of my mind. It honestly wasn’t like me to be so catty about anything - least of all a boy - but there was just something about this one…
I tore my attention away from the ice as the game ended; to make sure Harley was still there. I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at the dreamy-look on her face. I looked down on the ice to see the last skater leaving; Crosby, of course…
“Hey Harley,” I said, pulling her out of her dream-world, “You calling Aubrey now?”

“What? …Oh yah!” She pulled her phone out of her bag, shaking her day-dream away, and began punching in her cousins number. “Hey, are you ready to meet up? … No but I’m sure Megan does… we’ll see you soon!” She hung up the phone and returned it to her bag, looking over at me. “They want us to meet that at the locker room I’m assuming that you-”

“Of course!” I chuckled as she shook her head, “follow me!” We headed down the hallway and through security; they knew me well enough to let me through without question.
We came around the last corner before the locker rooms to see two girls leaning against the wall, talking. As we neared one of the girls sauntered towards us, pulling Harley into a bear hug.
Harley formally introduced me to her cousin Aubrey, and her friend Taylor. Harley and Aubrey began discussing past memories and the latest instalments of their lives; leaving Taylor and I to discus the game, awkwardly. Although I normally wasn’t a huge fan of girls, they both seemed to be cool; but I had more important things on my mind than making friends. “Umm… I’m gonna run to the bathroom, I’ll be right back!” I excused myself. Taylor and Aubrey nodded, accepting my lie; Harley rolled her eyes - she knows me too well, I laughed as I took off down the hall and into the Penguins locker room; where Jordan was waiting.

“Hey! Have fun?” He asked, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans. Damn he’s hot…

“Yah, you played well.” He gave me that cocky grin and shrugged his shoulders in a ‘I’m Jordan Staal, what else did you expect?’ way, before turning around to grab his shirt. “So anyways, I know we were going to hang out at my place after the game tonight but..” He looked back up at me; I could see the disappointment flash across his face. I wasn’t flattered by any means, I knew Jordan was just hoping tonight would be the night I finally gave in and let him have the sex I was dying to give him. Normally I would never wait this long but; once again, there was just something about this one. “but…” I continued on, “Harley’s cousin is in town with a friend and I think they want to hang out so… some other time.”

He shook his head and let out a sigh. “Where are you guys going?” He asked finally.

“I don’t know yet, we haven’t gotten that far.”

“Well, why don’t we all go to Diesel together…” He asked moving closer to me, until he was whispering in my ear, “that was you can please your friends… and then me.” Breath Megan, breath…

“Hmm… that sounds doable, I’ll have to double check though… might see you there.” I backed away, trying to hide my smile at the look on his face; and reiterate my will-power - no hard feat when every part of your body is screaming at you to jump his bones immediately. Sometimes you just gotta pop the bubble, I thought as I left the room; taking great care to sway my hips a little extra on the way out.

“I’ll put your name on the list than!” He called after me as the door swung shut behind me.

“Hey Meg, we were planning to go out for a bit… you still going to come with?” Harley asked me on my approach.

“Sure! Let’s go to Diesel!” I shouted, maybe a bit more enthusiastically than I should have.

“How are we going to get in there?” Taylor asked, looking back and forth between Harley and I.

“Let me deal with that…” I smiled back at her, before leaving the rink.

Fifteen minutes later we were taking our seats in the VIP area, easy peasy, I said to myself just as Harley asked; “This was Jordan’s idea wasn’t it?” I shot her a smile and she shook her head.
Harley left to get some drinks, leaving me with Aubrey and Taylor; luckily our conversation flowed easily, they were both great girls.
“Oh damn!” I called out, as I watched the approach of some hockey boys up the lounge. Aubrey and Taylor both turned around to see what I was yelling out. “Mmm mmm, Patrick Kane, yes you can…” I finished, answering their question.

“Please tell me you’re kidding!” Taylor half shouted, “Patrick Kane, ugh!” I started to laugh at myself - what can I say, I‘m a sucker for that kid.

I shrugged my shoulders, “I’d do him in a second… look at that swagger!” We fell into fits of giggles and he walked past us towards to bar.

“Maybe he needs some change, Taylor. You should go ask…” Aubrey suggested as we watched him pick through his pockets for cash. I began to laugh again as my phone started vibrating on the table.

Taylor reached out and grabbed it, making to toss it at me. “Oh…” She said after reading the ID screen. She threw it over and I looked at it; ’1 new message; J. Staal’.

I flipped the phone open; Um, why are you with those girls?

Well, that’s not what I was expecting… I thought to myself as I looked around the bar for Jordan. I couldn’t see him anywhere, so I turned back to Taylor and Aubrey; they both looked uncomfortable.

“So… you’re who he was calling on Friday night…” Taylor stated looking between Aubrey and I.

“Sorry?” I asked, not sure of what she meant. Aubrey sighed and shook her head; causing me to think about what had just happened. Jordan didn’t like the idea of me with there girls; Taylor knew he’d phoned me around 1am on Friday night… oh snap.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of it all. “Oh man… you’re sleeping with Jordan Staal?” I asked her, unable to do anything but shake my head and laugh.

“Yah… I’m guessing you are too?” I shook my head, allowing Taylor to laugh a bit.

“We were… I don’t really know what you would call it. Heading in that direction I guess.”

“Well… I don’t think he likes the idea of us talking to each other.” Taylor nodded over to the bar, where Jordan was standing; looking terrified.

“So wait…” I had to ask. “You’re from Chicago right?” She nodded. “When did he know you were coming down?”

“I told him I’d come down like… a week ago.”

“Son of a bitch! He was gonna try to sleep with us in the same day…” Mad? No… not really, especially not at the girl on the couch next to me, after all… it‘s not like I had stopped fooling around. I glanced over to where Jordan was again.

“Are you in love with him?” Taylor asked, leaning in to hear my answer. I shook my head no, not trusting my voice enough to answer that one. “Well, nothing against you, and nothing against him… but that’s low.” I nodded back this time. I looked over at her to see a smile crossing her face. “I have a plan…” I couldn’t keep the smile off my face, as I leaned towards her too.

Jordan Staal finally pulled himself together enough to approach our table. I looked over at Taylor and she gave me a small smile. Is it weird that I’m starting to like this girl more and more? I knew I should be pissed, ripping. Whatever I said out loud, I knew that I did have feelings for Jordan; but really, what else did I expect? I’m upset he slept with this girl… the name night I slept with his brother… that made me feel…Ugh, I don’t even know! I knew there was only one thing that would truly make me feel more in control of this situation; I glanced around the bar for a good-looking guy, as I waited for Jordan.

“Hey Jordie!” I called as he finally made his way up the stairs, “Why don’t you come sit here?” I patted the seat in between Taylor and I. He timidly obliged. “So, what are your plans for the rest of the night then?” I asked, leaning into him until my lips were brushing his ear. Taylor made the same move, leaning into Jordan and whispering in the other side. Aubrey chortled on her drink, trying not to disrupt our plan with her laughter.

“Ugh…” Jordan started straight ahead of him, I could see his mind working frantically to try and find the upper hand in this situation.

“Look babe… I was just talking to your charming friend here… and we’ve decided that you’ve probably had enough fun for one weekend. It might be better if you just… take it easy tonight.” Taylor started to laugh, taking another sip of her drink before getting up and moving off towards the bar.

“See you later Jordan…” She waved as she moved away.

“Too bad your probably tired… tonight would have been fantastic…” I sighed as I got up and followed after Taylor. I grabbed another rum and coke and looked around for Harley; she was talking to Sidney Crosby. No! She’s… flirting? Oh my god.. Harley Scott is flirting… with Sidney fucking Crosby! I shook my head and ordered another drink. Glancing over at Jordan. He was watching me with an poignant look on his face; it made me want to forget about this and just take him home with me anyway, almost.

“How are you doing sexy…” My attention turned to the guy that was now approaching me. Ugh, how do these people get in VIP? I looked back over at Jordan, he looked torn between playing it cool and coming over to stop this exchange. I looked for Taylor; she was now preoccupied with Patrick Kane, Ha!

“Umm… just thinking about getting out of here…” I replied, giving him a flirty grin, “you wanna come with me?”

“Uh… what? I mean sure!” He smiled, probably not believing his luck; he didn’t even have to buy me a drink. I grabbed his hand and headed out of the club, stopping by Harley.

“I’m heading out, I’ll take a cab. You ok here?” I asked looking from her to Crosby.

“Yah…” She looked at the guy behind me and then over to where Jordan was sitting.

“Ok cool, I’ll call you tomorrow.” I said giving her a ‘I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow’ look, before I turned and walked quickly towards the door.

Once on the street I saw two ugly faces in the line to get in; Ugh, Harley’s stupid step-sisters… I felt bad leaving now, but my emotional strength was starting to crumble. ‘Buddy’ - as I decided to call him - hailed a cab and we climbed in. I gave my address to the cab driver and jumped into Buddy’s lap before I could think about what I was doing. He’s ok… I guess, I thought as I proceeded to explore his body in the back of the cab. He wasn’t that tall; shorter than Jordan for sure, but he had cute blonde hair and he wasn’t unattractive… nothing like Jordan though…

We reached my house and stumbled through the front door of the pool house. Over the course of the drive; the alcohol I’d consumed at the bar started to kick in, bad. I could hardly stand up straight by the time I reached my bedroom.
Buddy fell down beside me, groping at my breasts through my shirt, making me feel disgusting and dirty. Well that’s a new one, I chuckled, pushing myself off the bed and faltering towards the kitchen in search of alcohol.
I grabbed a full bottle of Grey Goose and headed back to the bed; smiling to see that Buddy was almost passed out.
“Here drink this…” I said, sloshing the bottle towards him. He grabbed the bottle and took a few mouthfuls before falling backwards onto the bed. He said something that came out in a jumbled mess and I watched as he began to loose conciseness.
I set the bottle down on the floor and grabbed one of the blankets off my bed, heading towards the living room; and the awaiting couch.
I could feel my cell phone digging into my hip as I laid down, and I pulled it out; examining it. I flicked through the names until I came to stop at J. Staal.

To my surprise I felt hot tears pooling over in my eyes and I allowed them to fall in the dark. I thought about dialling the number, but decided against it.
I pressed the phone to my lips hard, kissing it, as the tears continued to fall.

“It should have been you here Jordan…” I whispered out loud into the night. “Why can‘t I just be with you?”

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chapter 9: Enlisted Chaos

Harley punched out and practically ran from the body shop at full speed towards her car.
“Don’t forget about tonight!” Megan screamed from inside the shop as she ran.
“I know! Hence me racing home to get the chores done!” Harley said loudly still Usane Bolt’ing it to her car. Megan laughed and disappeared back into the shop as Harley sped off towards her house.

She pulled into the house and dashed in the direction of the kitchen where her list was usually placed. She halted to a stop holding onto the counter top trying to catch her breath. She picked up the two page chore list and scoffed at her ‘tip’ of twenty cents that fiona had obliviously left behind thinking she could benefit from it.
Harley flipped through the list quickly as she made her way up to her room in the attic. She tossed it on the bed and went to her closet to get her cleaning cloths. As she pulled on her t-shirt on her phone went off and she grabbed for it on the desk.

“Hello?” Harley said and she was met by a voice that could always cheer her up.
“Hey baby cousin, how are we doing today?” Aubrey’s angel voice rung out through the phone emitting a large smile onto Harley’s face.
“Oh, you know the usual. Just getting ready to make Fiona’s world spick and span!” Harley cheered sarcastically to Aubrey who was probably rolling her eyes at the thought.
“That’s what I thought...anyways I was just calling to check that you were still on for maybe saying ‘hi’ quickly after the game like we planned?” she asked as Harley remembered having her cousin tell her she would be in town for the Chicago, Pittsburgh game to do some reporting for the Chicago paper she works for.

“Yep! That sounds perfect...god, I can’t wait to see you..i miss you some times you know” Harley laughed through the phone letting a little sadness show through.
“I miss you too Kiddo, but you know I’m always just a phone call away, right?” Aubrey asked in her sweet motherly tone that I had grown so accustomed to growing up.
“Right!” I said giving into her sunny disposition. “But listen, I gotta go...i’ve got some stuff to take care of before the game but I’ll talk to you later...i’ll call you after game.” they finished up their phone call and said they goodbyes letting Harley dash down the stairs to get started.

After finishing each flour, and their needs...Harley was finally on her final thing on her to-do list for the day. As she wiped dow the dinning room table she heard the doorbell ring. She quickly threw the cleaning tools under the kitchen sink and went to answer the door.
“HELLO CINDERELLA!” Megan said enthusiastically to me. I gave her my usual face when she called me cinderella and she quickly apologized for it. I hated when she called me cinderella...simply because I knew no prince would come and save me.
“So where’s the step-monster and her little minions?” Megan asked starring at the now crippled list in my hands.
“oh, their out for the night...god knows where..but their out, thats all that matters” I said leading Megan to the attic. That was the one thing about megan. She never judged me for what I had.

“So that means we’re going the game without hatching some sort mastermind plan?” Megan said displaying a pouty face. She loved those stupid plans we came up with..she said they kept her young..whatever that means.
“No, we don’t need a plan” I laughed. “But I do need help with an” I said moving my hands indicating she could just go for it. After about five minutes she decided on me wearing spandex-esk black leggings, a black pens shirt with Letang on the back, a grey zippy, hoodie and a pair on my only and most favorite ankle black converse.

I quickly applied some black eyeliner and mascara and we made our way out of the house to my car. We drove freely to Mellon, music blasting as we pulled in getting many enthusiastic cheers from fans who had opted to walk to the game.
After we parked we made out way to the will call office to pick up the tickets Jordan had left for Megan, meaning---against all his might---me as well. But who was I to make Jordan’s life any more easy?

We found our seats and got settled in with a beer and hot-dog each. We talked animatedly, much to the dismay of our seat neighbors. The game went as well as any partition could have asked for. Plenty of fights, lots of hits and then over time and a shootout.

Pat Kane was up and the whole arena shook with boos and chants. He sped up the ice and scored. They could win this if we got the next goal. The crowd erupted, into a monstrous wave of excitement as they saw the possible game winner come smoothly to center ice. In my opinion he looked even more beautiful when he was playing hockey. His messy curls were now drenched in sweat and flipped out under his helmet.

His face expression was a whole lot different from when she had seen him last. Instead of being relaxed and was tense, and determined. He took off down the ice and before I could even blink my eyes the whole building was riding the excitement of winning together. Beer was flying and people were jumping up and down. All because of one shot by one person....him.

After the teams had left the ice and then people were cleared out from the seats...Megan and I sat waiting for Aubrey to pick up her phone
“Hey, are you ready to meet up?” I asked hearing noise in the background of the call.
“Yah us outside the locker room you know where that is?” she asked still clearly in the middle of the report.

“No, but I’m sure megan does...we’ll see you soon” I hung up the phone and told Megan the location. She smiled and lead us in the direction. When we got there Aubrey was waiting against the wall talking to her friend, whom I was guessing was Taylor.
I ran up to her and she engulfed me into her famous bear hugs. She was always the hugging type. We all introduced ourselves and began talking about the past seven months that we had been apart from each other.

At some point Megan excused herself to go to the bathroom. Aubrey and Taylor bought her excuse but I clearly knew better. Around twenty minutes later, Megan returned with a huge smile on her face only furthermore making my assumption correct.
“Hey Meg, we were planning on going out for a bit...want to come with?” I asked still trying to figure what Jordan could have done to have made her so happy.

“Sure! Let’s go to diesel!” she said over-enthusiastically. We all agreed and made our way out to the cars. After about fifteen minutes we were all passing through the bouncers and finding a table up in vip...Megan had connections.
“this was Jordan’s idea wasn’t it?” I whispered to her as we were sitting down at our table. She simply smile and I now knew why she had been so damn happy.

Conversation with Aubrey and Taylor was smooth and natural...I thought we would have a hard time getting to know Taylor but both Megan and I thought she was great.
I took drink orders and made my way over to the bar about fifteen minutes later. “What can I get you gorgeous” Leo asked from across the counter.

“Hey Leo, can I get margarita, a Vodka martini, a rum and coke...and just a beer for me please?” he nodded and got to work on my order.
“ fix cars and you drink’re like the perfect girl!” I heard a man say to me I turned to see who it was, and when I did a hot flush took over my face.
“Hey Sid” I said a little to shyly. He smiled and put down money on the counter. “Cover those for me please” he said to Leo who was placing the drinks down in front of me.
“You didn’t have to do that” I said as he eyed me up and down discretely. “It was the least I could do...after all you are fixing my car” he said smiling.

“Well then the least I can do is let you sit I my table” I retorted taking his bate almost shocking myself with my response....i was definitely not known for flirting...ever.
He picked up two of the drinks and put his hand on the small of my back leading me back to our VIP table. We got there and saw that Taylor and Megan were right in the middle of something with Jordan. My first inclination from looking at a scene like that would be that some sort of threesome would be going down later tonight...but the look of vengeance in Megan’s eyes told me otherwise.

“They seem pretty you by any chance want to get a table with me?” Sidney asked taking the drinks from me and putting them down on the table that Megan and Taylor were now monopolizing. I nodded and he led me over to smaller, cozier table.
We talked about random, comfortable things for about ten minutes until my attention was pulled from him onto Megan who was now leaving with a guy...who was clearly not Jordan. She met my stare and I quickly looked back at Sid, blushing profusely. He smiled at me and I returned it knowing I would here about this from Megan later.
The conversation continued off and on for the next hour, he was a very curious person and kept asking me questions about my life...and even though I wasn’t shying away from telling him...we just kept getting interrupted over things with his friends and fans.

After another attempt of me trying to tell him a bit about my story I went to drink my drink but it was empty he chuckled slightly at my annoyed face and smiled the warmest smile I had ever seen and got up to go get us more drinks and I watched as he left.. Oh, could one have such an amazing butt...i thought. He smiled to me from the counter and I smiled back feeling the heat rise in my face.

However, in the peripheral of my eye I saw something I wished I hadn’t...and really wasn’t expecting. There dancing with guys who could easily thirty years old to their seventeen was Farrah and Sofia...the step-monsters offspring.
Great. I thought as I saw them beginning to grind into their pick-ups for the night. “What’s up?” Sid asked sitting back down and passing me another beer. I quickly re-averted my view onto Sid and shrugged my Shoulders. “Oh, nothing...just thought I saw some people I knew...turns out I was wrong”

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Chapter 8: Keep Your Head in the Game

I nodded my thanks to Jordan as we pulled to a stop at the arena. I needed this skate more than anything now. I pulled my bag from the backseat and headed into the building.

After quickly changing and lacing my skates, I walked out to the ice. Ahh... This is it... The ice, the freedom of just gliding, almost like flying. My mind wandered, as I skated some laps, to that girl at the dealership.I couldn't get her out of my head. Her long brown hair that I just wanted to take out of the braids, and run my fingers through it. Her deep brown eyes. So soft and so intense all at the same time. But they held a sadness in them. I wanted to be the guy that took that sadness away.

Woah, buddy! Calm down! You don't even know this girl... For all you know the sadness is the fact that she had a fight with her boyfriend.

I sighed as I looked up and saw people filling into the arena for public skate. I quickly skated off the ice, not wanting to deal with fans right now. I got stopped here and there for autographs on t-shirts and jerseys. And I obliged with a put on smile and headed to the locker room. After a quick shower and change I checked my phone. Three pm... Just enough time to get home... Oh crap. How was I going to get home?

As I was pondering my way home my phone beeped with a message. Max, finally!

u called?

yah... cars in the shop. Can you pick me up from the igloo?

yup. ten minutes.

Sweet... Good old Talbot. Ten minutes and twenty autographs and pictures later he pulled up in his beemer.

"Dude, you're a life saver."

"I know I'm sweet, Crosby." He winked as I rolled my eyes. "That's why you love me."

"Sure, Talbo... Whatever you want." I sat back as he started to rant about the day and the going ons of last night. How hot the chick was, where they met, why she'd never last.As he rambled my mind went back to Fiona Motors. I wonder what she was doing... How could I go back and not seem completely obvious?

I didn't even realize that we had pulled into my driveway until Max was snapping his fingers in front of my face.

"Snap out of it kid!" He grinned as I looked over at him. "What's her name?"

"That's the problem, Max. I have no idea..." He laughed as I got out of the car and ran up the steps.

"Kid! Need a ride to practice tomorrow?"

"Sure! I'll meet you at the Starbucks down the street. I'll pick up coffees." He nodded before peeling out of the driveway and down the street. I stepped into the house and instantly had Alexa and Austin wrapped around my legs. "Ugh.. Come on guys. You're way to big for this now."
"Please, Sid?" Alexa pleaded with me, staring up with her big brown eyes."Ok, but just to the stairs." I walked slowly with them on my legs to the base of the stairs.

"Sidney, you're home early." Nathalie came down dressed up for her evening. "Do you mind babysitting a little earlier than planned?"

"No problem, Nat. We'll order pizza and watch some movies. It'll be fun." The younger two cheered as I mentioned the pizza, Nathalie laughed.

"Thank you." She smiled before retreating upstairs to get Mario. They left about twenty minutes later, calling their goodbyes and love to the kids before the five of us raced downstairs, the first one down picks the first movie. Ugh... Austin won... Looks like Madagascar... Again.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chapter 6: Ready For The Weekend

Damn. I had just been warned within an inch of my life that if I ever hurt Megan then I would pay the consequences. That girl, ehh . . Hayley? No, Harley - that's it, man she was scary. I mean I knew girls could be intimidating but the fact that she was pretty sexy as wellmade it even harder not to listen to her. Anyway lets face it Megan and I are nothing big - just a little fuck about whenever it's needed. After I dropped Sid back at the arena - the car ride was pretty silent. I had the time to properly run the conversation through my mind, apparently Megan was going to be in New York this weekend - that works well with the fact that Taylor is visiting me this weekend which reminds me.

We're still on for this weekend.

I find that if you word a text like statement, your less likely to get rejected. It's worked for me many times. When I text Taylor like this she never replies, I've come to find it's a good sign. Of course when I'm dealing with a certain feisty mechanic - it's not always full proof.

Taylor. How did we meet you ask? In a club. A little bit of dirty dancing that led to more of a tango at her place. She was great but not as sensational as you know who. Christ I'm starting to sound like a girl. I figured it would just be a one night kinda thing but when you go to a strange city, it's always nice to see a familiar face.Occasionally she'd visit me in Pittsburgh - thus explains this weekend.

I checked my watch - seeing that I had a few hours to kill, I decided to catch up with my brother, Marc. I brought out my phone and scrolled to his name which lay just above hers.

''Hey bro,'' I heard as the ringing stopped, he'd obviously checked the caller id - damn there goes the prank call idea.

''Hey man, how are you? Doing this weekend?'' I did the usual - just wanting to know if he was doing any better on the dating front this month.

''I'm good. Mom and dad were in town last week, such a joy - haha. This weekend? Ehh, probably just out with the boys as always, what about you?'' He replied. I knew he was fishing for information. I'm known as the 'Mommas Boy' but honestly he runs to her with all the gossip - such a freaking woman.

''Yeah I'm fine. Just got friends coming round. Hey listen man, I gotta go. Speak soon right.'' I said as I hung up, I didn't like to give away to much around him.

I figured I would kill the two or more hours before Taylor got here by taking a nap. I now find myself taking daily naps like I did when I was 3. I gives me a little extra boost especially before games and other sorts of extra curricular activities - know what I mean.

I felt like I had only shut my eyes moments before I was being awoken by the ringing of my door bell and a knock at the door. I slipped on some sweat pants - why the hell am I bothering? I left my abs on show knowing how much she found my rock hard stomach a turn on. I bolted down the stairs and casually opened the door.

''Hey,'' She said with a little pout and fusing her eyes with mine. Ohhyes, this was going to be a a hell of a weekend.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trade Off: Megan's POV

My brother Tyler had moved to New York a year before I had left Boston for Pittsburgh. Growing up it had just been my dad, Cory, Tyler and me; Tyler was the only one who hadn’t followed in the family foot-steps. Instead of going for his Auto Technician certificate, he had opted to become one of New York Cities finest; the boys in blue.
I liked to give him a hard time about it, being my little brother and all, but the truth was I was so proud of him.
I didn’t get to see him very often, and as much as I would have loved to spend some time with Harley outside of work this week, I couldn’t pass a chance of going to visit him; even if it meant not being able to jazz Harley about the virgin thing. If my promiscuity didn’t make me feel like a slut before… wow!

“So, big sis… we hitting the clubs tonight?!” Tyler asked as he tossed my bag onto the spare bed.

“Are cops allowed to go clubbing?” I quipped, poking him in the stomach as I made my way back into the living room to watch some TV.

“Yes, and for your information… they can get their sisters’ free drinks at the VU all night!” I sighed, I didn’t really feel like going out but… free drinks! Plus, if I stayed in Harley would want to know why, and then she’d probably try and get me to talk about my ’feelings’ or something. So, maybe she was right in the fact that I had a little crush on Jordan, but that was as far as it went! There was no way I actually liked that obnoxious, self-centered, womanizer… he sure was hott though…
Ugh, stop it Meg you‘re starting to sound like a chick.
Normally this would be the time I plotted out my game plan for tonight, figuring out what time I wanted to leave the bar, and if I wanted to leave alone… instead I found myself staring at my cell phone, wondering if it would ring.

Tyler had all but abandoned me at the bar. He had always been the big 'ladies man' back home (I use that term very loosely), and apparently he had only perfected his craft since moving to New York. I watched my brother move through the crowd, laughing to myself. I flagged the bartender down for another shot of tequila, hey... if it's free, I thought grinning widely at the idea of free drinks all night.

After three beers and a number of shots I was feeling pretty good. I had several men approach me, trying their luck but, none of them interested me in the least bit.
Jordan... ugh! I can't believe I'm wasting a perfectly good Friday night wondering what he's doing. What the hell is wrong with me? He's a Pittsburgh Penguin Meg, God knows he's not thinking about you... He's probably got some Swedish twins at home with him by now... and I doubt it would be the Sedins....
I was never one for jealousy, I never cared about men enough to have any emotion beyond short-lived lust; but Jordan was different. We weren't together, not even close, and here I was getting heated over the thought of him with another woman... or knowing him, multiple women.

I swept my hair back behind me, adjusting the girls through the skin-tight black corset I was wearing as a shirt. I was beyond uncomfortable, but I knew it would be over soon... I hadn't planned on taking anyone back with me but I knew if I went home alone I'd end up thinking about him all night.

Jordan? My heart skipped a beat as I saw his cheeky grin across the bar.

Holy shit! He never said he was coming to New York. But that was him... smiling at me from across the room. Go to him or wait here? Wait here... smile back and then wait here.
I shot him that grin that I knew he loved before abruptly turning my back on him and ordering another drink. I glanced back over my shoulder a few seconds later to see that he was no longer in his seat.

"Hey..." Someone's cold beer touched the small of my back making me jump. I turned around and smiled up at Jordan. Or not Jordan.

"Oh..." He saw the look of disappointment cross my face. He seemed very taken aback by this and cocked his head to the side.

"I saw you lookin at me..." He nodded back over to where he had been sitting.

"Yah... sorry... I thought you were someone else... you... you look like this guy I know."

"Naw trust me babe, you're thinkin of me... Marc Staal... in the flesh!" He threw his arms out to the side and did a turn as if to give me the 'full package'. I couldn't help but laugh. If I had any doubts on who this was, even after the startling physical similarities and the last name; there were no doubts now. Only someone related to Jordan could be that obnoxiously cocky.

"Better than what you were lookin for, eh?" He laughed, leaning up on the bar and smiling at me.

It was crazy how much alike they did look... a few more drinks and I probably wouldn't notice the differences; hmm, that's not a bad plan. He kept grinning at me, expecting me to say something. "I wouldn't say better, I thought you were your brother."

He laughed, grabbing a piece of my hair and twisting it around his finger softly. "Let me guess... Jordan Staal fan?" He seemed extremely bitter.

"Not a fan no... I was born and raised in Boston so I'm a true Bruins fan actually... I met Jordan a little while ago, we have some ah - common friends." He nodded, staring at my hair that he was now unwinding off his finger.

"I find it hard to believe Jordan would let a pretty girl like you get away that easily... he's pretty charming when it comes to the ladies."

"Well, I'm not the kind of girl that can be charmed that easily." He grinned in response, bringing his eyes up to meet mine. He licked his lips as he dropped his hand back to his side. He stared at me for a minute more, I could tell he had something on his mind. "We're not together... and I didn't sleep with him... if that's what your wondering."

He watched me a bit longer before nodding to himself, apparently deciding that I spoke the truth. He turned back around and I ordered him a beer; he laughed at that.
My phone started vibrating in my purse and I pulled it out, expecting Harley. 'J. Staal calling...' Ok... awkward much. I hit the ignore button and put my phone back in my purse. I was desperate to answer the call, but I couldn't really answer when I was drinking with Marc at a bar... Ok wait! How the hell did I get into this situation?
My thoughts now fully back on Jordan; I started to drink, alot. Marc kept ordering shots and pretty soon we were toasting to everything.

Way too many drinks later the barkeeps was calling last call. I looked over at Marc to say goodbye, and felt my hands tremble. He was staring at me with lust in his eyes, he wasn't even bothering to hide it; but that wasn't what caused my breath to catch. Shit he looks like Jordan.

The lights were coming on when I realized that my brother had abandoned me completely.

"Shit!" I shouted, pushing away from the bar and nearly falling off my stool.


"My brother... my brother's gone. Fuck! I don't know where he lives." Marc laughed, throwing his arm around my shoulder.

"Guess you'll just have to come home with me then..." I thought about saying no. Harley was right, I had it bad for Jordan, there was just something about him... as far as guys were concerned he was a rare find. There was no reason for me to go home with this guy when it wasn't where I wanted to be. Then I thought about Jordan, it's never gonna happen with him; stop wasting your time Megs.
Looking up into Marc's eyes made my decision for me. Hell, if you can't have the rare, you might as well take the spare. I nodded to him and slid my arm around his waist; allowing him to lead me out into the cool New York night.

I had snuck out of Marc’s apartment early the next morning, after unwinding myself from his arms and pulling my clothes back on. With a clear head I had called Tyler, who was finally sober enough to give me his address.
As soon as I was outside I had hopped in a cab and headed towards my brothers apartment.
Before I was there my phone went off.

Good night? Jordan… well… this was awkward.

Could have been better, you?

Same… bet you wish you’d woken up next to a certain NHL super-star eh?

I let out a groan. He seriously hadn’t just said that… lol, bet you wished you’d woken up next to a sexy mechanic.

Or two. He replied, always the perv, I thought; but I still found myself smiling. I had nothing left to say, but I didn’t want to conversation to end. Jordan appeased me.

When are you back in Pittsburgh?
He asked

Sunday. How did you know I was gone? I thought over in my mind the past few days, I didn’t remember telling him about coming to visit Tyler.

Harley. Was all he replied.

Oh cool, yah… Sunday.

I have a game against Chicago then. You wanna come watch?

I texted back without thinking: Sure! If you’re offering 2 tickets lol.

No prob. I’ll leave you tickets at the gate. See you then.


The driver let me out in front of Tyler’s building. I tipped him a couple dollars and let him keep the 20 cents change, before heading inside; making a mental note to call Harley and invite her to the game. Let’s face it, the girl and I need to talk. This was an excuse to find out about her run in with Jordan, hook her up with Sidney, watch hockey, check out Patrick Kane (damn!) AND discuss more about the whole ‘V’ word thing… ick.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chapter 5: Just One Good Day....?

"it's making noises, i think its the shocks?" he told me as i listened intently. i wish i could see his face better, but he had pulled his cap down low over his face. his beauty almost made up for the fact that he knew absolutely nothing about cars, and they’re functions. "can you pop the hood for me?" i asked, he nodded, and did as he was told.

I took a good look through it. checking all the different parts even though i had a pretty good idea of what the problem was already. the noises were a result of a cracked radiator. which had been my initial inclination. "your lucky..." i said coming up from under the hood. "the shocks are fine, but the radiator...not so much. hence the noises."

i looked up at him and could tell his pride was a little hurt, and i couldn't help but feel bad for the beautiful guy. "shocks and radiators make the same noise when there is something wrong with them, so you had the right guess"...what can i say, it was obviously a lie, but it clearly made him feel a little better, i hoped anyway. but it must have helped a little by the look of his confident nod of approval.

"if you got a second, i can figure out the damage, and I'm going to need to keep her about four days, come with me" He nodded silently as i walked him to the little desk inside the door of the garage. "license number?" i asked pulling a pen from my pocket. "uhh...FN94488" i scribbled it down quickly, "and your first name and number, please".

"I'm sidney and my cell number is 551-6997" i wrote down the digits in my quick, messy hand writing, wishing the digits could be mine to use. "okay, thats going to be 850, and you can pay when you pick her up" i said as a black escalade cruised in close to us, and honked.

I had the unfortunate pleasure of being able to be close enough to the car to recognize the driver inside; Jordan. “Here” i said a little too harshly to Sidney, passing him a three page booklet to fill out about the car and insurance. I walked briskly over to the car to be met with a smirk.

“Stay.Away.From.Her” I said putting emphasis on each word. His smirk curved even more in the corner, now in a mocking form towards me. “Hi Harley, why so mean, baby? Wake up without me” he said settling into his leather front seat. I usually was a well tempered person...but in this case i was barely hanging on. “Oh, you wish Staal...don’t try and think for a minute i don’t know what you’re doing. she’s busy with her life right now, okay?...maybe you should try and fix up yours when you have the chance out of your ‘Busy’ schedule.” i said almost spitting the words, making Jordan for some reason wanting to return my words with a cocky grin.

“Whatever do you mean, babe?” he said really starting to get on my last nerve. truth be told i really didn’t have the time for this and i knew the only way of getting out of this was taking the more direct, abrupt route.

"listen jordan, and listen good. I, in no way have any idea know what megan sees in you, and I'm not in any position to judge the situation even though i can see through you, and know just the womanizer that you are. she is my best friend so i'll stop at that. but just know that her feelings matter. no matter how strong she may come off." i wiped my hands on the rag and walked away from his extremely shocked face, completely satisfied with what i had just said.

I made it back to the little desk on time for Sidney to hand me over the completed papers. “So, I’ll call incase of anything, or if i need to keep her longer” i said flipping through the papers quickly just to check for the right signatures. “Thanks so much for this, I really -----”

“SID, HURRY THE HELL UP, BRO!” Jordan yelled from the car, still modeling a hurt, and confused expression, interrupting Sidney and I's Conversation.

Sidney looked from me to over his shoulder at the car "I'm comin' man!" he called over to Jordan. I Made up his receipt and tore it from the pad. "make sure to have this when you come back" i said, almost sad he was leaving. "okay, thanks" he said taking the paper from me and nodding as he turned to leave. letting me get the perfect view of his amazing butt.

i hadn’t realized i'd been starring or smiling until i heard the car door shut, and then sped off. after it had been about a minute, i came back down to earth and grabbed his car keys from the counter. i walked lazily to the car and opened the door, sliding in.

the seat was still slightly warm, making me think of his lovely rear again. i shook my head of the thoughts with a smile, and rode the jag into the garage slowly, careful not too over heat it.

as i got out and turned around, i was immediately met by a smirking face i knew all too well. "what?" i asked as innocently as possible.
"oh, you what what! and you judge me about going after a hockey player!!!" Megan practically yelled from her spot in front of me, leaving me completely confused.
"what are you talking about?" with my question, i was met with an amused face. "that guy you were just drooling over? yeah, that was 'hockey phenom' Sidney Crosby!" she said with drama in her voice. damn it, i knew he looked familiar.

i turned bright red as my flush crossed over my face. the only thing i could say was a measly 'oh'. megan laughed at my lack of defense to the subject, mocking my shock and embarrassment. "see! now you know what i deal with...EVERYDAY! "she said exasperatedly. i let out a long breath. "well it doesn't matter anyways. look at me!" i said gesturing to myself.

"no guy has ever gone for why should Sidney be any different?" Meagan looked over me, then confusion washed over her face. "you mean to say you''re" she whispered the has part, almost as if it was a sin.

my blush depend even more at her accusation, "yeah..." i said focussing on my shoes now. why was everyday so crappy? All i want is just one day! thats all i want.

Just one good day.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chapter 4: Winner of the Rat Race

I opened my eyes slowly. Looking around the room, I revelled in the silence. I moved to look at the alarm clock sitting next to the bed. Ten minutes before the alarm was meant to go off. YES! Beat it again!

I rolled out of bed and meandered into my bathroom. Turning the water on high in the shower, I stepped in and let the pressure from the warm jets work out some of the tightness in my back. Mentally I went over my day as the muscles loosened.

-Take the car in. It's clunking and I really didn't want to run home from Mellon later.

-Go for a run. 5 miles or so. Nice and short.

-Maybe skate a few laps. Work on my wristshot. I wonder if Staalsy or Talbo would want to work on some forechecking with me.

I stepped out of the shower, dried off and dressed quickly. Grabbing my wallet, cell and keys off my dress, I ran down the stair and into the kitchen. Nathalie was up and breakfast was on the table, surrounded by the kids. I ruffled Austin's hair as I snatched a piece of toast and a plain pancake before running towards the door.

"Thanks, Nat!" I called back towards the kitchen.

"Don't forget you're babysitting tonight, Sidney!" She shouted out to me. Dammit! I had forgotten. Ok, maybe no forechecking when I get to Mellon.

"No problem. I'll be back by 5." I ran down the steps finishing the last bite of pancake before sliding into my silver Jaguar XJ. My baby. I slid the key into the ignition and coaxed her as she struggled to turn over. "Come on, baby. I'm taking you in... Some genuine TLC. Just start."She finally started, clunking loudly as I pulled out of the driveway. Shit! I have no one to drive me back into the city! I grabbed my blackberry from the passenger seat and dialed Talbo's number.

"Hey it's Max. I--" I hung up, hearing it was his voice mail. Flower was next.

"Sid, what's up?" Flower asked. I could hear voices in the background.

"I need you to come and get me from that garage that Jordan recommended a while back. Remember the one I took the car into last year? She's acting up again."

"Sorry, man. I can't. V's folks are in town. I'm taking her dad golfing." There was a distinct nervousness in Flower's voice. Holy shit! He was asking Mr. Larosse for his blessing. I forgot!

"Hey no problem. Good luck, Flower.""Thanks, I'm going to need it." We signed off with a laugh, I knew he'd be fine. I could think of one other person.

"C'mon Jordan, pick up!" I urged willing him to be awake.

"S'happenin dude." Staalsy's voice flooded my ear.

"Staalsy, man! Can you meet me at that garage we always use? My car's being a bit dodgy so I'm on my way over to get it checked out. Meet me there." I said. I know Jordan and questions would get me no where fast. I barely heard his positive response before I hit the end button. Jordan was one of the few guys that knew how much I hated being on the phone.

My car clunked into the parking lot of Fiona Motors and I pulled to a stop near the garage doors. I pulled my cap lower over my eyes praying no one would recognize me until I could get out of here. My eye brow raised as a young girl started towards me. She even had pig tails in her hair... cute.I met her deep brown eyes just as she started to speak.

"Nice ride." She appreciated cars... Sweet. "What seems to be wrong with it?" It took me a second to find my voice again.

"Uhh... Well, I'm not a hundred percent sure.. She's not turning over well and there's a clunking noise every so often. I'm thinking shocks... Maybe?" What the hell was I saying? I don't know anything about cars! Shut up, Sidney!

"Well, lets take a look." She smiled. "Can you pop the hood for me?" I nodded mutely and did as I was asked. Standing out of her way and yet over her shoulder at the same time, I watched her peer into the hood of my car. I couldn't help myself, I took a moment to study her. She wasn't tall... Maybe 5'4? The coverals tied at her waist hid her hips, but you could tell she had some. Nice, not often you get a good looking mechanic. "Sir.. Hey you!" She called as I pulled myself out of my reverie. "I think I know what the problem is."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chapter 3: A Little Fun

''Hey superstar, it's time to get up,'' I flipped up my phone and clicked the off button - smiling as I remembered the day when I had some random chick record my greeting for me. 8:00am. Follow the daily routine and you'll be right on time. Swiftly moving to the bathroom to take a cold shower - morning glory, must of been a very good dream.

''Shit!'' I exclaimed as I burnt myself while frying bacon, sometimes I wish I had someone here to do this for me. I finished up eating what I had managed to salvage from the burnt mess I had created and looked at my cell phone. I had someone in mind but I knew she wouldn't be the first person to break the silence - so to speak. Megan. What can I say? She fascinates me, the only girl who doesn't fawn all over me when I enter a room and come to think of it - the only girl I've ever had to make the first move with. I always text or call her - never the other way round. I could use a little fun.

We getting together tonight.

I'm confident I already know her answer. I really could use someone to loosen me up a bit - I've been so tense lately.

Can't, busy.

You have got to be kidding me. Stay calm, it's not the first time she's knocked you back and it won't be the last. Besides your Jordan Staal, superstar hockey player and all round sex god. I pressed the down arrow on my contacts list. Stopping at Taylor. Ahh, damn! If only she was in Pitt, she was no substitute but I could use a little bit of sweetness right now. She's coming into town on Friday especially for me, I'm sure I can wait that long. I think. For now I scrolled back up my contacts list stopping on a random name. Sara, she'll do for tonight unless Megan changes her mind which is a possibility knowing how her mood changes like the wind.

I sat starring at my phone and as if by magic it started ringing - I've always wanted to use that phrase but the one time I did the guys told me it was poofy. Well at least nobody can hear me. I checked out the caller id: Sid. Guess, I should answer it.

''S'happenin dude,'' Wondering what he wanted this early on an off day.

''Staalsy man, can you meet me at that garage we always use? My car's been a bit dodgy so I'm on my way over to get it checked out, get me there.'' He responded.

''Sure,'' I flipped my phone shut knowing that Sid liked to keep his calls short and sweet - most of the time that was how I like my women.

I got in the black escalade I had bought just a few weeks earlier. I had been driving a white Range Rover for the past 2 years and somehow it just felt like Iwas driving a massive box on wheels so I decided it was time for a change. I pulled in at the garage and parked besides Sid's jaguar. God, I hate those cars. I walked over to where Sid was standing with a girl who judging by the overalls she was wearing was a mechanic. I didn't know much about Megan but I did know that she worked here. I wonder if I see her, maybe I can get her to come see me tonight. I smiled at the girl but she gave me a look of disgust in return. I guess someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chapter 2: Make-up is Never a Waste of Time (Megan's POV)

“Hello, hello! Rise and Shine on this beautiful Pittsburgh morning…” I rolled over and slammed the alarm clock off with my hand, unable to keep the smile off my face. Pittsburgh! My Pittsburgh… I would never get sick of hearing that.

“Megs… you’re gonna be late!” My brother Corey yelled as he slammed his hand on my door. I sighed and rolled out of bed, pulling the sheets around me as I made my way towards the sound of his knocking.

“First off, that’s no way to talk to a lady and secondly… I take less time to get ready than you.” I quipped as I threw open the door to reveal my brother standing on the steps to the pool house, dressed in his coveralls.

“I’m already ready… and if you’re a lady, I’m the Queen of France… now hurry up!”

“Fine, give me 5 minutes… your highness.” I did my best mock bow, making sure the blankets stayed put around my 5’4” frame, before slamming the door and heading to the bathroom. As much as I loved my brother and appreciated everything he did for me, he could be a little… uppity at times.

I pulled on a pair of grey skinny jeans, a black Sex Pistols concert-tee and topped it all off with some, oh-so-sexy coveralls of my own. I threw on my work boots and laced them up, before twisting my waist length, jet black hair into a messy bun at the back of my head. Make-up… naw… waste of time, I shrugged before closing the door to my humble abode. I walked past the pool to the garage where I knew my brother would be waiting for me.

Corey was seated, looking foolish I might add, in the Escalade that his wife of 2 years - Shannon - had bought him for his birthday. I jogged over to it, hopping into the passenger seat, praying that today wouldn’t be the day I got grease all over the seat. Ah wonderful grease, and all the other great things that go along with being a Mechanic-in-training.

Corey and I drove in silence towards Fiona’s Motors, the garage that Corey and I worked at. As awful and naggy as Fiona, the owner, was; getting to intern under my brother, with my best friend Harley, made it the best job I could ever ask for.
The vibrations from my cell phone made me jump. “Who’s texting you this early?’ Corey asked, pulling into the parking lot at work.

“Umm… dunno.” But I have an idea. I thought to myself, smiling as I freed my cell phone from my pocket. ‘1 New Message: J. Staal‘ my phone flashed at me. Thought so… my smile grew as I flipped my phone open.

We getting together tonight.

Not a question, an expectation, a command. I frowned, cocky bugger aren’t ya? I despise being bossed around, normally I would tell someone off for it but that being said, I honestly thought about saying yes. He was completely beautiful, and funny when he wasn’t being so full-of-it. I wasn't even sure what he wanted with me half the time. I was initially turned off by the fact that he was a famous hockey player (as much as I love hockey) and as out of character as it was for me; I still hadn't slept with him. I sighed as I pondered my response. In the short time we’d been ‘seeing’ each other I’d come to care for him more than I’d ever had for any man, and more than I’d ever admit; but monogamous relationships aren’t my thing, and even less his. I sighed when I knew what a hard time Harley was going to give me for this…

Can’t, busy. I punched the message out then sent it. How do you like me now Jordan Staal? I laughed at the thought. Right, cause Jordan Staal the hockey player will have no sex if I don’t hook up with him… who am I kidding?

I jumped out of the Escalade and headed into the shop; Harley was already there, talking to Rhonda; the stores manager.
“It’s what he would want, let please leave it at that?” I could hear Harley’s voice cracking and knew she must be referring to her late father. After a few moments of silence I could hear the distinct sound of a sick car, and Rhonda’s sigh of defeat.

“Fine, but there’s a Jaguar waiting outside, and I know they’re one of your specialties… so go ahead.” I headed deeper into the garage, dumping my stuff in the staff room before checking my work list for the day. Ugh! I hate Wednesdays… at least I’m getting away for the weekend!
That thought made me smile. I was going to visit my brother Tyler in New York; something I never got to do enough.
I headed back out into the main garage to see if I could give Harley a hand. I was almost into the front parking lot, when a familiar face stopped me dead in my tracks.

“What seems to be wrong?” Harley was asking the man behind the wheel. He had a cap pulled down over his face but it would take a lot more than a hat for me to not recognize Sidney Crosby. The best part is, she has no idea who that is… I sighed as I turned around and headed into the office. Might as well start on some work for the day.
I grabbed a set of keys from the slot behind the desk and headed behind the shop. The ‘07 Caravan needed some new parts that had just arrived; I decided to start with that.
I jumped in the front seat and pulled around to see Harley still talking to Sidney. She waved at me as I drove the van in through the garage doors.

I was just jacking the rear-end up when I heard a familiar voice. I whipped the dirt that was coating my hands onto the pants of my coveralls and snuck over to the opened garage door.
There was a black Escalade now parked beside the Jag. He was smiling that heart-stopping smile and I couldn’t help but feel giddy, although I didn‘t think too much of it; Jordan Staal had a way of doing that to any girl.
His appearance seemed to have clued Harley into who she was dealing with; she was gazing at Jordan with unfavourable eyes. She was scared that he was going to hurt me. I had tried to ensure her it was just fun but, Harley has always been the type of girl to stick up for the people she feels needs her protection; apparently that included me.
I sighed and returned to the safe darkness of the garage. On top of the fact that I knew I'd never be able to turn him down in person, I also remembered that I didn't even have minimal make-up on.
I let out a sigh as I went back to work; making a mental note... from now on, make-up is never a waste of time.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Chapter 1: In More Places Than One

old bills and tax receipts for car parts surrounded Harley Scott. her loose pig tail braids were just pocking out of her dad's old 'Hal Scott's Body Shop' fading sweater.

she slumped over her work and stopped when she came across a bill for a 1960 mustang car part. she sighed, lookign around the completly different car repair shop that was now foreign to her.

when her father was runnign the place, it was rustic and very much a 'handy man's' place of work. but now, since the invasion of the electric everything, it was often impossible for Harley to see her father's memory in any part of this Body Shop.

Fiona, harley's step-mother had decided things needed to be changed...since they belonged to her. Her definition of change, was to completly make over the body shop and ad the addition of a car dealership up front. making it the main focus of Hal Scott's body shop...ot rather now called ' Fiona's Motors'.

Harley starred at the thin receipt and felt the guilt pushing against her heat.

- flashback-
"i'll be there soon monster. sorry i'm late, i'll rush over" hal spoke quickly through the phone.
"you're still at football practice, right?" he asked as i heard him leaving the shop and getting into his 1960 baby blue mustang.
"yes, dad. please hurry" i spoke through the phone quickly then hanging up.
i had been waiting more than twenty minutes on the curb with my equipment when instead of a blue 'stang, but a navy blue police cruiser pulled up infront of me.

"Harley Scott?i'm chief policeman srg. Harris. please come with me." i did as i was told and got my twelve year old self into the cruiser, with slight hesitance.

we drove in the direction of my house, and when we finally arrived, i was stuck in a blur of people telling and asking me things. the only thing i could manage to grasp was that there had been a red light, and my father had driven through it.

it was because of one red light, and because of whole world came crumbling down.

- end flashback-

"HARLEY!!!" screeched through the repair shop and i jumped, turning to see the worst thing to ever happen to me, and my life.
"Hi, fiona" i said sighin, "what can i do for you?"

"I can tell you what you can do" she snapped through her lipo-infused lips. "you can just do what i ask!is it so hard? i asked you for my laundry, for my kitchen to be spotless and for my car to be waxed!" her obnoxious daughters looked down on me with glares.
"and we need our biology homework, now!"

"fiona, i did clean the cloths and the kitchen before i left this morning. and your car is waiting right there. and here---" i said reaching into my backpack "here are your biology papers"

they all scowled down at me, heat rising into their perfectly narrow eyes. "fine, nest time i shoudlnt have to ask" she fiona said fliping her hair, with her daughters following suit. "now, take off that discusting sweater, and wear the uniform that you're supposed to be wearing. just because you live in my attic doesnt mean you get special treatment!" she bellowed through the shop.

i nodded as i watched her leave. her stupid daughters following her every step. "oh and dont forget to clean the pool tonight!"she called over to me. i sighed reaching for the bills to put them back in their box.

i pulled off my sweater, and tossed it in the back fo my dad's old mustang, that was sitting, waiting for em to repair it. i wnet to the employee hooks and grabbed the stupid body suit fiona made everyone wear and pulled it on over my grye short-shorts. i tied the navy blue sleeves around my waist, letting my white v-neck show.

my manly work boots made thumping noises as i made my way over to the baby blue 'stang my dad and i named 'prince'. i went to work on the cracked radiator and was just simply enjoying the peace i got from working on this car. it was a big project, since the car accident had competly disstroyed it. but over the past eight was really coming along.

i never had time to work on it. not with fiona's slave work for me and working full mornign and night sheifts and havign a full university class schedule at PITT. so when i did get the chance, i tried to enjoy every single second.
"Hey baby girl" i heard rhonda say sweetly from the side of the car. i took myself out from underneath the hood of the car to greet the manager slash my guardian angle. "hey rhonda, whats up?"

"i could ask you the same thing, their homework harley?seriously?" rhonda said placing her hands on her hips.
"please, dont start this, not today, okay?" i pleaded crossing my arms over my chest.
"alright, alright" she said raising her hands up in defense.
"but sooner or later harley, you're going to need to stop feeling guilty for your dad's death. a thing that you couldnt control."

i let out a large sigh, feelign it through my entire body. "its what he would want, lets please leave it at that?" my eyes begged rhonda and she dropped the subject reluctantly.
"fine, but theres a jaguar outside waiting, and i know there one of you're go ahead"

"thanks, rhinda" isaid closing the hood of thecar and whipping the grease on my white shirt. "see yah!" i called over my shoulder. "love you!" she called after me, obviously frustrated with my head-head. "yeah, yeah" i said leaving the body shop entrance.

i walked out to an extremly shiny silver jaguar. as the owner saw me approching he got out of the car. i wasnt the type of girl to notice men, but in this case it was rather impossible not too. he had a strong build, and his face was perfectly chisled. he had bee-stung lips, and as i got closer i could see his amazing hazel eyes. a feature i always found to be interesting on someone. his curly brown hair was tucked under a reebok hat, and his hands were shoved into his pockets.

i shook myself out of my day dream knowing full well there was no use to even thinkign about even going there. "Nice ride" i said squinting as the sun reflected off the car. "what seems to be wrong?".

- mariabprice-

In more places than one... (#1)

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Harley, who lived in the City of Steele.
She was a beautiful girl, full of love and kindness;
but she was tormented by an evil step-mother and a burden of guilt,
that was not her's to bear.
She wished that someone would sweep her off her feet,
and save her from her pain.

Her best friend was her opposite;
a self-destructive creature that believed love was nothing more than a myth,
and wanted nothing to do with fairy tales.

The City of Steele was also home to a handsome prince who was forced to
live the life he loved in the lime-light; beneath the scrutiny of the whole world.
He had all but given up on the idea of finding someone who would truly understand him,
outside of his world of ice.

His friend; a foolish man, changing and fickle as the wind, was as self-destructive as any.
Although he was wise in the ways of the world, he was uneducated in the ways of love.

Elsewhere, in the Windy City...