Friday, November 27, 2009

Chapter 48: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I'm dreamin' tonight of a place I love
Even more then I usually do
And although I know it's a long road back
I promise you--

"HEY! Loverboy!" I jumped startled and raised my glance, away from the ice at morning skate in Florida, to find Billy staring at me with a stupid grin on his face. "Get your head back on the ice. Stop thinking of your pretty little girlfriend." The rest of the guys chuckled and I could feel a slight blush grace my cheeks.

"You're just jealous that my girlfriend's prettier than you're wife!" I called as he skated off, shaking his head. The young guys around me chuckled, patting my back gently as we moved into the next drill coach set up for us.

"Crosby! What the hell!?" Coach screamed at me as I came off the ice from another bad shift.

"Sorry, Coach..." I mumbled into the bench, taking a long drink of water, before turning back to watch the guys head down towards Vokoun. I watched attentively for a few seconds before my mind wandered back to Harley. What was she doing right now? Did she have the house decorated? The tree up? I sighed softly before feeling a loud tap on my helmet.

"Go shower, Sid. You're done tonight..." Coach Granato called into my ear; sighing deeply I pulled myself up, knowing he was right. My head was thousands of miles away curled up with Harley in front of the fire, opening presents. I took a quick glance at the clock before turning down the hall. 6:20 left in the 3rd; two hours after that to get to the plane, 20 minute drive to the airport, 4 hour 30 minute flight home. Just over 7 hours until I was home. Just in time for Christmas.

I jumped into the shower quickly, wanting to get Coach Bylsma's screaming at me over with. I sat in my stall waiting as the guys filed in and headed to the showers. We won... I saw the pleased faces as they walked in. Plus, we were up by 3 goals when I left. But everyone kept giving me the same strange look, like I wasn't me anymore.

I was still me. I was still 110% hockey, but after being on the road for a week, I was missing my girl! I can't help that I can't do anything less than 100%. Bylsma was the last one through the door. I glanced up quickly and saw him nod for me to follow; which I did quickly, no need to be in more trouble than I already was. I stood stoically in the hallway as he stood off to the side waiting for someone. What the hell was going on?

My stomach dropped as soon as Mario walked through the door, with my father directly behind him.

"Sid..." Mario started holding his hands out like you would to a dog getting ready to attack. Was I that tense? "What happened out there?"

"I know what happened!" My father cut in, stepping in front of me, in attack mode. And I'm the angry animal? "You lost your focus over a cute piece of ass! What are you thinking, Sidney! You cannot let this Harley girl get in your head like this!" He was going to yell at me about Harley? He was going to yell at me about my girlfriend?!

"Harley's in my head 100% of the time, dad." I bit, finally over this bullshit. "However, this was the first game it's affected ever. And only because I'm going on 9 days of not seeing her and we're finally good again. I miss her, I want to go home and spend Christmas with her." I took a deep breath waiting for, and watching as the reaction hit; his face slowly turning pink, then red, and finally an angry burgundy.

"You're not even coming home for Christmas?" He whispered. Oh shit... This isn't good. "Your sister is waiting for you to come home with me.

"Well then you told Taylor wrong, Dad. I told you all at Thanksgiving that Harley and I were spending Christmas in Pittsburgh and that I'd see you all in February for the Olympics. Mom and Taylor were both fine with it." I sighed; wishing, for once, he'd listen to me instead of living out his dream. "Now I'm going home, as long as Mario and Coach are done with me, and I'm going to spend most of the day with my girlfriend." I glanced over at Bylsma, then Mario as both men nodded their accent to my plans.

"See you on the plane, Sid." Bylsma grinned at me, patting my shoulder as I walked past him, back into the locker room.

"Come on, Troy... Let's get you back to!" Mario chuckled, adding softly as he left with my dad. "You know I remember being like that with Nat... Couldn't play to save my life. It was honestly kind of sad." I chuckled lightly, pushing the door open.

"Joyeux Noel, Sid!" Flower shouted as I jumped out of their SUV, Vero waving from the passenger seat.

"Merry Christmas, Flower!" I called back waving as I slowly walked up the steps to home. "See you in a couple days!" I turned my attention to the door and slid it open as quietly as possible, turning the alarm off before re-arming it, so it didn't wake Harley. It took me a minute before my senses were attacked with what was going on in the house. She really went all out... My mind wandered to Christmases back home as I entered our front room to find garland and lights on every available surface...

Table centerpiece, on the mantle, over the stair railing. And the tree... The tree was a masterpiece all to itself. It looked even bigger than when I bought it, all done up with red and silver garland and ornaments. God, she was the best girlfriend ever to do all of this... I was one lucky son-of-a-bitch. Well not really son of a bitch... cuz my mom's not a bitch.... Whatever.

I slowly and quietly snuck upstairs to our room and found Harley curled up in bed in red and white pajamas. I smiled gently as I stripped down to my boxers, gently hanging my suit and placing on the to-be-dry-cleaned rack. I'd have to take them in on the 27th. Then I finally climbed into bed, kissing my girl's shoulder as I pulled her close.

"Sid...?" She groaned, half waking up. "'S that you?"

"Yah, babe..." I whispered. "It is... Go to sleep... I'm home."

"Merry Christmas, Sid..." She whispered closing her eyes, smiling subtly.

"Merry Christmas in 2 days, Har. Good night..." I whispered back, letting her steady breath draw me to sleep.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chapter 47: J-E-L-L-O

Sorry this is short... I don't really have a lot of time! Finals, exams, papers... etc... hopefully you still like it =)

''We'd ask you if had a good morning but we won't because we heard you two pretty clearly this morning,'' I groaned inwardly, feeling my face heat up as Jordan’s family exploded into laughter.
So much for a good first impression… I thought unhappily as I tried to hide behind Jordan on the couch. Now his parents probably think I’m a total slut…

Jordan - who was laughing louder than anyone - wasn’t going to allow me to hide. He wrapped his arm around me and dragged me upwards until I was sitting up straight beside him. I bit my lip and glanced around the room, the only other person who wasn’t laughing was Marc; he looked bitter.

I tried to ignore him as the gifts were unwrapped and the men of the family reverted back to their childhoods, but it was hard to overlook the daggers being aimed at my head.
I knew Marc didn’t actually have feelings for me, or anything like that; but he apparently viewed my relationship with Jordan as the ultimate brotherly betrayal. I hated coming in between family, but there was no way Marc was going to scare me off.

Once the Christmas dinner had been consumed, the Staal boys and I flopped down in front of the TV; watching old hockey games.
They fought with each other about everything. Good calls, bad calls, good hits, bad fights, nice saves, poor shots. Everyone had a problem with something, and it got to the point where I was sure a fight was going to ensue. I tried not to get involved as I picked away at the Jell-O in my lap.
It wasn’t that I didn’t like apple pie, which was evidently a huge hit; judging by the pile of empty dishes on the coffee table. I had been craving Jell-O all day. Sweet, delicious strawberry Jell-O.
Luckily enough Jarred had a sweet tooth for lunchbox snacks, so I was positive we wouldn’t run out anytime soon.

I nestled in against Jordan, taking another bite of Jell-O. “Do you realize you’ve eaten like four boxes of this stuff?” Jordan asked, pointing down at my snack.

“Are you calling me fat?” I quipped, finishing off the container. I looked up at Jordan as he rolled his eyes, turning his attention back to the TV.

“Blimp.” Jared, remarked from the other side of the couch. I started to giggle as Jordan sighed leaning away from me to whack Jared on the back of the head. This time it was my turn to roll my eyes as I silently prayed; if I ever have kids… please, please don’t let them be boys…

“Sad to be leaving?” Jordan asked as I gazed out the window of the air plane. In truth, as glad as I was to get out from under the watchful eyes of Marc, and away from the embarrassment of his entire family hearing us have sex; I was actually sad to be going.
It was nice, being part of a family like that. Even though I loved my dad and brothers dearly, we weren’t that close. We had all gone our separate ways and we didn’t talk as much as I like; Jordan’s family made me rethink that.

His brothers and him were literally spread out around the country; and they still maintained contact - even if it was a little strained.
There was no reason for me, not to be able to do the same. I was going to do that when I got home; I was going to reach out and break the ice. Begin to pull my family back together.

That was just another thing I had Jordan to thank for. Not only had he changed my views on love, but he was making me a better person; you couldn’t really ask for more than that.
It also doesn’t hurt that he’s deliciously handsome with a body to die for… I thought, a smile spreading across my face. “What are you grinnin’ about?” He asked cheekily, leaning over to kiss my neck.

“Hmm… just about how fantastic my boyfriend is.” I laughed, as he nodded.

“He is pretty great… but you know, a man is only as good as the woman behind him.” I choked. For no reason, tears began to pool in my eyes, cascading down my cheeks without abandon. “Meg… Megan… baby why are you crying?” Jordan asked, concern filling his voice as cupped my face in his hands.

“I don’t know…” I sobbed honestly, shrugging my shoulders. “I’m just… happy.”

“Happy?” He asked incredulity. “Let me get this right… you’re crying, because you’re happy?”

I nodded, leaning over so that I could rest my head on his shoulder. He sighed, kissing the top of my head as we got comfortable for the rest of the flight. “Megan…” Jordan said absently as I began to pull myself together.


“You’re not gonna cry during sex are you?” I turned my face, giggling into his shirt as his chuckles shook his body.

“Of course… sex’d be the first thing you think of.”

Friday, November 20, 2009

Chapter 46: Strong Arms

I walked into work the next day, knowing that I had to get back to the shop before Fiona had my head. The dawn had just broken over the morning’s dusty rose dust and I pulled in hearing my car shot again. Damn.

I was an extremely anxious person, it drove Sidney crazy, and it was the main force behind me forcing the mustang out of the garage before it was ready. I walked in juggling my coffee and files, directing my moves towards the locker rooms in the back.

Rhonda waved from her office with a huge smile, she was on the phone and held up a finger indicating she would be a minute.
I nodded and kept going, dropping my stuff on the benches in the back.

I don’t remember it being laundry day? I thought looking at the empty hangers, only seeing my ‘Hall Scott body shop sweater’.
I heard Rhonda hang up and called out in confusion.

“Rhonda!...” I said searching under the benches frantically, then moving and not seeing my schedule anywhere. “oh…no, no, no, no…. shit! Fiona is going to kill me!”

Rhonda smiled form her spot at the door frame I and turned exasperated. “What are you smiling about… you’re going to have to plan my funeral!” Rhonda chuckled at my complete confusion and made her way over to me.

“Someone bought the dealership and shop yesterday anonymously… the buyer appointed me co-owner… and you, the manager…” Rhonda smiled hugging me. I was speechless. This is what my dad always wanted. It was in our plan; that when I was in university he wanted to help run the shop, keep the place family-run.

“What does this mean?” I asked looking around the shop realizing all the old equipment was back in its respective spots. “I means that you make your schedule, you can work upfront at the shop or back here. And since you’re the manager… you can spend as much time as you want working on the ‘stang. “ She smiled brightly passing me my sweater… waiting for me to pull it over my head.

“We’re also changing the sign back to Scott Motors… it’s fine with the owner and its being done right now….” She said, being cut off by me jumping into her arms, sobbing uncontrollably with happiness.

“Thank you…. Thank you so much…you don’t even- I cant even-… Just thanks.” I whispered into her black hair.

“No problem baby girl… but last time I checked your supposed to be working on that cute little car of yours” she smiled genuinely pushing me lightly towards my car, throwing a towel at me.

I spent the rest of my time at work working on my car, I however made sure Rhonda knew that that even though I was now the ‘manager’ that I still wanted to keep my clients and work on cars.

I covered my baby up and got into the other car in the lot that was left with the store after Fiona left, my old Chevy truck. I have no idea why originally she took the car from me, even though she could rode around in her fancy sports cars. She was doing it to punish me. But I loved that Chevy. It was perfect. It was warn in and ran like new, it still smelt like home. My old home, not the hot pink mess Fiona had turned it into. Now it smelt like my new home… my home with Sidney.

I drove listening to the radio, singing along as I tapped at the wheel. This had been a perfect day. The moment I found out about the shop, it felt as though a two-ton whale had been lifted from my chest… I felt free. I officially had no connection to that family anymore. The only family I had to work on and worry about was the new one I belonged too.

I drove the car into the driveway, throwing it into park and I ran up the stairs, feeling that largest smile break out on my face. I pushed the door open and threw off my shoes.

“Sidney…?” I yelled. “Yah, babe…” he said back from the kitchen.

“Sidney, Sidney, Sidney, Sidney!!!” I yelled like a small child often would. He rounded the corner and I dropped my back running towards him. I bolted into his arms and he caught me, lifting me from the ground as I entangled my legs around his waist.

I took his face and kiss him with the most force and passion I could muster. “I had the best day!” I smiled wiping the grease from the car I had gotten on his check from my own off.

“Oh yah? What happened?” he said returning my childlike excitement.

“You’ll never believe it… someone bought the shop and the dealership… they made Rhonda the co-owner and me the manager! Can you believe it?! All I had to do today was work on my baby, and I can make my own schedule which means I don’t need to miss classes anymore or work at 6 in the morning!” I beamed at him. He kissed me again and tightened his grip.

“I’m so happy for you, baby… so does this mean more time with me?” he said cheekily, wiggling his eyebrows. I laughed and kissed his luscious lips. “if you play your cards right” I smirked, taking this opportunity to look at his outfit.

“Nice apron…” I giggled playing with the strap around his neck.

“Yah well I had to make my woman something to eat, we don’t want her starving do we…” I shook my head and squeaked lightly as he walked into the kitchen placing me down on the counter. “I love you” he said looking into my eyes smiling.

“Love you” I said lightly kissing his nose.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Chapter 45: A Little Romance

''Do you love me?'' I asked. Praying I had heard her rightly in her conversation with my brother. It had shocked me but it was something I could definitely get used to hearing.

I watched her eyes close with the tiredness from our long journey, I watched as she nodded her head up and down and I watched as she slipped into a black silk nightdress and slip into bed.

I undressed quickly leaving nothing but my boxers on and moved under the quilt, loving how warm it was.

''Hey Megan,'' I said quietly.

''Yeah?'' She replied softly.

''I love you too,'' I grinned and looked at her as she turned and gave me a small smile. She planted a soft kiss on my lips and laid her head down on my chest, placing a leg between mine. I felt sleep take over me with a smile etched on my face.


I felt her run her hand over my chest, tracing the lines of my abs, I heard her sigh and press her mouth to the underside of my chin.

She moved to straddle my thighs, I opened my eyes to her bent over, her hair tickling my chest as yet another part of her perfect body traced my abs, her tongue sliding down the ridges. The feeling was euphoric. I let out a gasp which stopped her in her tracks and her head shot up.

''Merry Christmas baby, I love you,'' She whispered softly as she slipped the black nightie over her head revealing her perky round breasts. I sat up and grabbed her arms with one hand.

''I want to make love to you. I need to make love to you,'' She moaned as I decided I was going to express my feelings in a way I never had before. It wasn't just sex anymore, it was love. I was going to let her know just how much I love her.

I captured her lips forcing her on to her back and on to the bed, she put her fingers into the sides of my boxers and pushed them down as far as she could and I did the rest, shaking them off the side of the bed.

I moved myself down the bed, pulling her legs forward and flicking my tongue to her clit repeatedly making her squirm and grab on to the sheets either side of her.

I darted my tongue into her folds, feeling how soaking wet she had become. Swirling round and up and down until she lifting herself off the bed and moaning my name over and over again.

''I....need....y-y-you,'' She breathed out heavily between her moans.

I slid carefully up the bed and looked deep into her big brown eyes as she spread her legs even further than she already had. I entered her slowly letting her adjust to my size. Once I was fully inside I stopped and enjoyed the hot, tight feeling that engulfed my length. ''I love you more than I can ever say,'' I whispered as she wrapped her legs around my back and held my gaze as we started to with each other, completely in rhythm.

I slid in and out of her wanting her to enjoys this and I was being a little selfish because the look on her face every time I pushed back into her was bringing me so much pleasure.

I watched her face as she came and I wasn't far behind. She screamed my name so loudly I was sure the whole house would be woken by her shouts. In fact I hoped in particular that my brother had heard. It would let him know that he was well out of the picture.

We lay tangled in each other bodies, covered in sweat. Our breaths staggered, our chests rising and falling and our hands holding each other so tightly.

''I can't imagine ever not being with you,'' I let my thoughts come out as words.

''Me neither,'' She replied looking straight at me, letting me know she means it.


We walked down the stairs hand in hand, after this morning we struggled to keep our hands each other. Which had resulted in us showering together, not that I minded that though. At least we saved water.

''So glad you finally decided to join us,'' My dad joked as we entered the living room.

''Merry Christmas guys,'' I said as we took a seat on the couch and sipped from our glasses of champagne that Eric's wife had handed us. The fire was lit and it reminded of one of those scenes from old movies, a whole family sitting around the fire with the heavily decorated tree in the background.

''We'd ask you if had a good morning but we won't because we heard you two pretty clearly this morning,'' With that the whole room erupted in laughter and Megan turned about four shades of dark red.

This was going to be the best Christmas yet.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chapter 44 - Baby Juice

Megan's POV

'Mom, this is Megan,'' Jordan’s not even finished the introductions when his mother grabs a hold of me, pulling me away from him.

''Come away from that troublesome boy and tell me about yourself.'' She laughs as she leads me towards the house. I glance over my shoulder at Jordan; praying fervently that he’s following us, but to my dismay, he wasn‘t.
I caught Marc’s eye just as I hit the first step of the porch; he was shooting a sheepish grin - one that has me blushing crimson. “Oh Jordan!” Linda scolds over her shoulder at her son, “she’s beat-red! I told you to make sure that rental truck was warmed up before you put her in it! She’s freezing!”
I gave the slender woman a weak smile, thankful for her misinterpretation.

I took the silverware out of Linda’s hand, turning around and heading for the table. I wasn’t usually one to set the kitchen table - to be honest, I didn’t even have a kitchen table at home - but I wanted to make a good first impression. What worried me even more than the tension between Jordan and Marc, was the idea that Linda and Henry might not like me; and I needed them to like me.
It was frightening, but I had to admit it to myself; I needed Jordan in my life for sure. I was already more dependent on him for my happiness, than I thought possible.
I leaned over the table with my back to the kitchen, as Linda walked by me. I could hear Jordan and Eric moving around behind me, eating the food that they weren’t suppose to be eating; and I could sense Marc, watching me.
It was fairly clear that he had no emotional attachment to me, but he was enjoying Jordan’s resentment a bit too much. “Jordan, can you grab me some more forks?” I asked over my shoulder as I slid the last one into place.

“Sure babe.” He said, and I heard a drawer open.

“I’d like to fork her… again…” Marc said quietly, just loud enough that his voice didn’t carry out to the living room; where Henry and Linda were talking softly.

I spun around, my eyes wide with shock as I looked anxiously at Jordan; the last thing I needed was an all out brawl on the kitchen table. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who picked up on the fists Jordan was now clutching at his said; “Whoa, whoa… first off…” Eric started, raising an eyebrow at Marc. “Did you seriously just say ‘fork her’? What is this? Ninth grade? … and secondly, what do you mean again?”

Marc shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant; but he was unable to hide to grin that was threatening the corners of his mouth. “Oh… I don’t know… why don’t you ask Jordan?”

“Jordan?” Eric said, his eyes darting back and forth between his younger brothers and me.
Jordan didn’t answer, his eyes were locked on Marc.

“Hold on a second… do you mean Marc and her?” Jared cocked his head in my direction, a huge smirk on his face.
With the most self-restraint I’d ever seen him use, Jordan moved past Marc, walking towards me.
He gently set the forks on the table before taking my hand in his and leading me out of the kitchen.

I followed him up the stairs and down the hallway; going past his room. “Where are we going?” I asked quietly as Jordan pushed another door open.
The room was messy and covered in pictures of bikini clad girls and Ranger’s jerseys. “Are we in Marc’s room?”

“Yah…” He breathed as he pulled me against him, his lips attacking mine. Before I could protest or make a move to stop him; he grabbed the waist of my jeans and roughly tugged them off.
He quickly undid his belt and quietly nudged me down onto the bed. Clutching my hips in his hands he pushed me to the edge of the bed and slammed his body into mine.
I let out a small yelp, squeezing my eyes shut. “You’re gonna have to be quieter than that babe…” He whispered smugly, reaching for a pillow.

I shoved the corner into my mouth; trying not to think about where it’d been as Jordan thrusted himself in to me, as fast as he could.
The bed should have been slamming into the wall; but he held me firmly in place with his upper strength - my hips completely off the bed.

The fear of getting caught, mixed with the sensations of his body moving deep inside; had me climaxing more rapidly than I ever had. I squealed into the pillow, squishing it against my face as the wave of warm liquid pooled out of me onto Marc’s floor.
Jordan let out a low grunt, slowing down his pumps as I felt his cock begin to twitch with his own orgasm.

I was panting when I pushed myself off the bed, tiptoeing for my jeans. I shoved them on quickly and turned back around just in time to get caught in Jordan’s strong arms.
He grabbed onto my ass and scooped me up, allowing my legs to wrap around his waist, as he carried me back to his room.

Who knew that stuffing and gravy could be turned into a sexual innuendo? Marc might as well have spent the night jumping up and down, yelling about our one night stand, at the rate he was going.
Luckily Linda was too sweet to even realize that Marc wasn’t referring to the potatoes when he talked about how moist and creamy they were. Eric was a life saver when it came to Henry; occupying his attention for the whole meal - saving me the embarrassment of his father’s comprehension.

“Jordan, Eric, come help me with this!” Henry yelled from the living room. I watched Jordan’s eyes lock on mine as he slowly followed Eric out of the kitchen; leaving Marc and I cleaning off the table.

“So… looks like you got what you wanted…” Marc hissed, his voice spewing venom at me as he leaned across the table.

“I have to no idea what you’re talking about.” I spat back, looking up to meet his intense stare.

“Of course you don’t… guess we see what you really are now.”

“What the fuck Marc!? What do you want from me? It was one time… it meant nothing! Are you so hard up for a lay that you can’t drop it?”

“I thought you said you didn’t sleep with Jordan. You told me you never slept with my brother… what are you doing? Trying to collect all the Staal brothers? You used me to get to him… I guess I shouldn’t have expected any less from some skank at a bar.”

I shook my head, unable to do anything but stare at him for a full minute. “When I met you at the bar that night, I was telling you the truth. I never slept with Jordan until a few months later… and if you want to know the honest -to-god truth… sleeping with you, almost ruined my chances with Jordan.” I moved away from the table, dumping the dishes into the skin. “Honestly, if a girl slept with Eric, or Jared, would it make you want them more? I don’t think so…

“Slut.” Marc spat under his breath, unable to think of another rebuttal, as Jordan walked into the kitchen. He stopped and stared at the back of his brother’s head.
Feeling the gaze Marc looked up grinned, “have fun with my sloppy seconds… brother.”

Jordan exhaled loudly, grabbing a steak knife off the table. “What are you doing?” I hissed, running over to grab his arm.

“I’m gonna cut him.” He said quickly, causing me to exhale noisily. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was joking, but only slightly.

“So… good times at the Staal’s house, eh?” I smiled as Eric leaned against the door way, looking slightly bemused, slightly entertained.

I gave him a weak smile. “Listen… I know what you must think of me and-”

He held up his hands, cutting me off with a smile. “It’s nothing personal, Marc’s not a bad guy. It’s just… the whole… sibling rivalry stuff I guess. The only difference is when it gets as heated as it does here… well…” He rolled his eyes nodded in the direction of the kitchen. “I just wanted to say… Jordan’s happy. Really happy… more so than I’ve seen him in a long time so - thank you.” He stood up straight, moving away from the doorframe, as if to leave. “I don’t really know what happened between you and Marc, but… Marc can suck it up. As far as I‘m concerned Jordy‘s in love and… just don‘t let anything Marc says get to you. They‘ll find something else to fight about eventually.”

“Eric…” I called after him as he took a step out into the hallway. He turned around, raising his eyebrows. “I’m in love with Jordan, a lot. I don’t want to cause a rift in your family but… it’s gonna take a lot more than Marc to make me leave. Jordan’s the one that I want for… well… as long as he’ll keep me I guess.”

“I’m sure I’ll be seeing lots of you then.” He grinned, nodding goodbye as he disappeared.

I turned back around, rummaging for some Pjs, when I heard the door close behind me. “Did you mean that?”

“What?” I asked, smiling up at Jordan as he walked towards me.

“I heard you talking to Eric… did you mean what you said? You love me?”

I opened my mouth to talk when the door flew open. “Tell me you didn’t! Tell me that is not baby juice all over my floor!” Marc begged, stepping into the room.

“Oh no… sorry that was me. What can I say? Peggy Mason just can’t get enough of the old Jared lovin!” Jared laughed as he walked past the door.

“Oh no way! Fuck you dude! I told you never to mention her name again!” Marc whirled around, taking off after Jared, full tilt.

I stared up at Jordan, searching for an explanation. “Marc’s old girlfriend from high school… and don’t change the subject! Do you love me?”

I bit my lip, staring up at him through heavy lids. I wanted to say something smart, witty, romantic; but I couldn’t think of anything, so I just nodded.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chapter 43: Redemption is Key

I stood there stumped. We weren't meant to be together? She didn't want to be with me?

Okay... yah I wasn't right in leaving the first time. But I left because I didn't want to do something stupid like shove my foot in my mouth. Some how that happened anyways. Lucy... Fuck I can't believe I forgot about that. What the hell was I thinking!? And now... Now I completely fucked this up.

I sighed, racking my brain to figure out what to say to her to make her stay. To make her see that I was worth it... Kind of. No I wasn't... This girl was worth thirty of me... She should run while she still could... Before I could really hurt her.

I pulled my face away from her as tears welled in my eyes. I set my jaw as so I wouldn't cry, at least not around anyone.

Listening to her soft sigh and then the footsteps that lead her away from me, I finally climbed into my jag and headed home. Trying desperately to collect my thoughts.

The house was empty when I got there... Eerily so... It didn't help that the decorating still hadn't been done. We'd been to busy fighting. No... I'd been too busy accusing her of shit to let her actually do something with the place.

I headed up the stairs to our bedroom on autopilot, dropping my bag on the floor. I sighed as I saw a white book peeking out from underneath a pile of clean laundry. I bent down to pick it up. A photo album? Why had I never seen this before?

Slowly, lovingly, I flipped through the pages, feeling I learned more about Harley the further I got.

One. She looked exactly like her mom. I could see why her dad loved her like she did.

Two. Her dad was the best dad he could be. There were so many pictures of them together, smiling like goons.

Three. Jared... Jason... whoever he was. Was a close friend.

I sighed, running my finger down picture Harley's face, side by side with Jason dressed in football pads, helmets underneath their arms.

An hour... It had been an hour and she still wasn't home. I tried calling a few times, but it just went to voice mail. I hung up every time, still trying to figure out what to say, how to say it. Lucy... She was easy to write off... I mean I just met the girl. We'd only talked for a few minutes really?

As beautiful as Lucy was... She couldn't compare. Not to Harley. Not to her alabaster skin... Or her soft chestnut hair... her petite frame with those crazy curves. The ones that drove me to absolute distraction. The ones that caused missed plays reliving that night in my mind.

You are one dumb sack of shit, Sid. I scolded myself as I felt hot new tears finally crest my eyes over onto my cheeks. I wiped at my face fiercely as I heard someone open the door. I watched Harley step into our still empty front entrance, before turning my glance back at my empty hands. I felt her brush by me as my tongue turned to sand, not letting me say anything I wanted to before she walked out for good.

I watched as the door shut behind her. My world in the bag she carried with her. I slowly moved into the kitchen and grabbing the closest phone to me. Dialing familiar numbers I waited not even two rings before the only person who could help me picked up his phone.

“Allo?” His voice flooded my ears, causing me to sigh deeply in appreciation.

“Flower, it's Sid. I fucked up man.” Listening as he groaned.

“Mon ami... This is not my area of expertise.” I sighed deeply, there goes my only hope. “Hold on... Vero wants to speak to you.”

“What did you do, Sidney?” Vero's soft voice coursed through the phone, causing me to feel like a five year old being caught stealing cookies.

“Nothing big... Accused her of having an affair and then inviting some random girl to go running with me. Typical Crosby day to day things.” I groaned my forehead resting against a wall in the kitchen.

“YOU DID WHAT?” Vero screamed at me through the phone. “De toutes les choses moronic vous pourriez faire...”

“I know, V... I know, ok. I just need to fix it. Somehow...” Please Vero have an idea of what I can use to climb out of this black hole.

“Well... ok. Only because I like Harley. And I think she is good for you.” I heard Vero sigh before speaking again. “You need a big gesture. What does she love more than anything?”

“Her Mustang...” I smiled remembering how often that car breaks down. “But she never gets a chance to work on it. She loves working on cars.”

“So... how can you give her the ability to work on cars, the cars she wants to, when she wants to?” I lifted my head off the wall. She could work on them here... but... There was no room. I could... My brain clicked to a photo in the album I found. Fiona Motors wasn't always Fiona Motors. It was at one point Scott Motors.

“I could buy her the dealership and shop!” It took a second to hear Vero protesting to that idea.

“Sid! She won't accept it from you right now. Plus you don't need your name in lights for this. Buy it anonymously. She'll appreciate that more.” I could almost see Vero nod through the phone.

“Thanks, V!” I exclaimed, “You're a life saver.” I hung up the phone and ran out the door. Now... First... Fiona Motors, Rhonda should still be there. Then... Find Harley.

Rhonda was easy to find. Still sitting in the office in the back, surrounded by papers. I knocked lightly on the door window, causing her to jump and rush over to throw open the door.

“Sidney! I haven't seen you since Jason showed up... Or Harley for that matter. Is everything ok?” She questioned narrowing her eyes at me.

“Ummm... not really. But I'm fixing it. Which is why I'm here!” I smile widely, pulling out my cheque book. “Rhonda, I need you to buy Fiona Motors for me. And I don't want Harley to know.” She opened her mouth to protest and I held up a finger to stop her as I pulled a pen out of my shirt pocket and started to write Fiona's name on the otherwise blank cheque. “Look, this shop was her dad's. Fiona's done nothing too it. You and Harley run it. You and Harley should reap the rewards. So I really want to do this for Har. Please?”

“I'll try, Romeo. No promises though. Fiona's a tough customer.” Rhonda shook her head taking the cheque.

“I don't care. Don't take no for an answer. Just call me and warn me the price before you hand over the cheque.” I grinned pulling the slight woman to me in a hug. “Thanks, Rhonda. Now I have to find her!” I called behind me as I ran out the door.

I ran up to Megan's door, figuring if Harley went anywhere... it'd be here... After several minutes of knocking the door I gave up. Megan wouldn't answer the door to me anyways... I hurt her best friend.

A light bulb clicked in my head as I moved back towards my Jag. Jordan was taking her back to Thunder Bay for Christmas. Where would Harley go?

I jumped as my phone chirped, answering just before the machine picked up.

“2.4 mill, Sir... If that's ok with you.” Rhonda's voice cut through the line before I could even say hello.

“That's fine, Rhonda.” I replied easily, hearing Fiona gasp in the background.

“Please doing business with you Fiona. I'll make sure you're stuff is sent back to the house tomorrow.” Rhonda laughed, and I could hear the crumpling of papers under her arm. “Sign, sealed and delivered, Sidney. Now go get the girl!”

“I'd love to, Rhonda. I don't know where she is!” I sighed, sitting in my Jag not moving.

“Do you know where the Prince of Peace Parish Cemetery is?” She asked in a motherly fashion.

“Yah... I think so.” I nodded, why would she send me there?

“Her dad's grave is there. I bet you'd find her there too.” She laughed softly as I thanked her profusely and threw my car into drive heading towards the cemetery.

I walked towards the bundled lump, next to a dark headstone, folding my legs underneath me as I sat in the wet grass.

“I wish you'd at least go home. I can move back to Mario's. But you shouldn't have to be out here. Not alone.” I sighed into my hands, not looking at her, though I could feel her gaze on me.

“It's your house, Sid. I don't want to intrude.” She whispered, as I finally lifted my eyes to hers.

“It's our house. Your's in the very least. I don't really want to be there if you're not there with me.” I shrugged. “Har, look... I'm sorry about Lucy. I literally met her the day before. She said she was looking for a running partner. Nothing else. She doesn't even have my phone number.” I watched her closely as her eyes softened at me. I scooched over towards her and caught a tear as it tried to hit her cheek. “And I was wrong to not let you tell me about Jason. I just... He's a lot better looking then I am... and I got a little jealous.” I sighed trying to think of my next words. “Harley, I miss you, and you've only been gone for an hour or two. I don't want to loose you. And yah, our relationship is moving fast. But we can slow it down. Maybe you could live at the house, and I'll move back to Mario's. For a little while. Or, we could pick up where we left off. But it's your choice, Har. No one else's.” I bit my lip waiting for her answer. She sighed deeply and stared at the headstone in front of her for a long time. It felt like hours!

“I think that we have a lot of trust to rebuild. But I think we can do that together. But, Sid... No more running off okay?” She grinned slightly as I nodded.

“I promise. There aren't any other good looking army guys I need to watch out for are there?” She shook her head laughing. I stood up slowly offering her my hand. I pulled her tightly to me as she took it; before gathering up all the blankets and heading back towards our vehicles.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chapter 42: Prince-less

Harley’s POV
I stood there watching Sidney collect his things and then hug me goodbye, wanting me to have time to think. He wanted me to think about a situation he wouldn’t even let me explain. God only knows what he thought Jason was to me.

I sat against the wall of the dresser, going over everything that had just happened in my head. I was so dumb, why did I have to tear away the only thing in my life that made sense. Fiona and the monsters were right; I brought everything upon myself, my dad’s death and now this? I really don’t know how I could do any worse.

I lifted my limp body from the ground and moved to the closet, shuffling through my underwear drawer until my hands hit a hard book. I lifted the white album into my arms and moved back to my old spot by the dresser. I undid the little white satin bow that held the album closed and opened to the first page, coming face to face to my whole world; my parents.

They were looking down at me wrapped up in a tiny fuzzy pink blanket, smiling. Smiling at me because they loved me and wanted me there. I flipped to the next page and felt a hot tear hit my cheek.

In the picture, I was wearing a black dress, holding onto my dad’s arm as we both said goodbye to my mother. She had been taken from us by cancer two days before this picture had been taken. It had been the start of my world crumbling down.

The next picture was of me on my seventh birthday, three years after my mother’s death, sitting next to dramatically dressed four year olds. Farah and Sofia, both trying to block me out of my own birthday picture at the garage.

I turned the page and grimaced at the event before me. Fiona, and her stupid $200,000 dollar wedding. My dad had to take out a second mortgage to afford that day. I flopped the page over and felt my breath catch in my throat; football.

My dad had been so proud; I was the starting quarter back for my team. It was the one of the two things I knew my dad and I would always have together. Football and the garage.

The rest of the book was empty. I flipped through the empty pages having a long awaited cry. I guess bad things happened in threes… well in this case fours.

I closed the book and carefully re-wrapped the tiny bow my mother had put on the book years before. I wiped the tears and made my way downstairs, grabbing my keys on the way out.

I took the familiar drive down to the west end of Pittsburgh, watching as small white picket fenced houses passed me by. I parked in a driveway that had seemed more foreign now that it had been four years and made my way to the door. I rung once and was met by Jason’s happy face. It dropped slightly when he saw my own but I shrugged it off.

“When do you leave?” I asked whispering, looking down at my shoes.

“Late Tonight” he said bringing my now sobbing body into his. We stood there for what felt like an hour. He kissed my head and pulled me away slightly. He searched my red eyes and smiled slightly.

“Before you leave, I want you to meet some people” he smiled again, however bigger this time. I stood at the doorframe and watched him disappear, and then he re-appeared again with two beautiful babies. One baby girl, and one baby boy. Twins.

“This is Lucas” he said looking to the beautiful baby boy. “And this….” He said kissing the gorgeous baby girls head, “…is Harley…” he smiled brightly as fresh tears sprung to my eyes. “Babies’ I want you to meet your aunty Har… when I’m gone, she can come and take my spot whenever you need her too, okay?” he said looking into their big curious eyes.

“Their perfect…” I whispered as little Harley reached for my hand. Jason moved back into the house, putting the babies back where they had been sleeping and walked me out to my car.

“Harley… can I tell you something?”

“Sure” I said leaning against my car, which had its top down, like always.

“Don’t waist your time in the past… what happened to your parents was not your fault… and if there has been anything I’ve learnt since being away is that… you can dwell on what has been or could have been, but live the life you are in, in that moment… and nothing more” I looked up and him and sighed, hugging him tightly again.

“Okay…” he kissed my forehead, then my cheek and opened the door for me. I smiled lightly at him one last time before driving out of the driveway and away from my rock. My Jason.

* * *

My natural alarm clock woke me up at quarter to five for my run. Since dating Sidney I had gotten into exercising more often. I didn’t usually run though, I tried to let Sidney have that time of the day to himself.

I pulled on Shorty-shorts and a sports bra and tank top along with my iPod. I put it on shuffle and walked out of the front door.

I nearly had a heart attack once I turned around and came face to face with a stranger, hanging around the front steps, in her own jogging clothes… making me look at myself and become extremely self conscious… why couldn’t I look like that when I went running.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you, but I was looking for Sidney? He told me to meet him here yesterday… we’re running partners now!” she enthused.

“I’m Lucy by the way” she offered looking at my confused face.

“Yea… he’s not home. Sorry” I said concentrating on the stone steps below me. She nodded saying something else and running her way out of the drive way and down the stairs.

I slumped down on the stairs. I knew Sidney loved me, but how was I supposed to compete with that? Most of the time I couldn’t mentally feel like I was enough for Sidney… but now, I for sure couldn’t compete physically.

* * *

I looked at my angry eyes in the mirror. After the little ‘run-in’ this morning with perfect Lucy, I found myself getting more and more angry. He was officially the biggest hypocrite I had ever met. He got mad about Jason, which he didn’t even let me explain… but he’s was allowed to have hot, Victoria’s Secret model looking running partners? I was a push over, I would be the first to admit it… but I could only be pushed so far.

I sat through the game, feeling my body’s metal and physical state towards Sidney change in those sixty minutes. It was one thing to know Sidney off the ice, but I still loved watching him play. It was addictive.

The game’s final buzzer went off and I knew I needed to talk to Sidney. Instead of airing our dirty laundry in front of his entire team, I opted to wait by his car in the lot outside.

An hour later I saw him approach the car. He shifted his weight back and forth on his feet as we both waited for something to happen.

“So… where’s Jason” Sidney said with more bitterness than necessary. I looked up at him, my blood boiling now causing my temper to return.

“In Iraq.”

I said flatly. Sidney’s head whipped up, as realization came over his features. He was opening his mouth to say something, probably to apologize but I cut him off.

“Listen Sidney, I understand that seeing this whole thing with Jason must have been hard… but that doesn’t excuse the fact that you didn’t once give me the chance to explain myself” I said, not moving from my position next to his car.

“I know… I just didn’t realize that-“

“I know you didn’t realize… just like I didn’t realize our relationship lacked complete trust until I had to see it this morning on my stairs, wearing hot running clothes claiming to be named ‘Lucy’.” I said looking at his how slumped head.

“I’m sorry I forgot to tell you about that-“ he said, looking up at me. He still wasn’t realizing that he had done exactly what I had supposedly done to him. We stood there for a moment, racking things around in our brains.

“Listen Sidney, I love you, you know that… but I clearly aren’t enough for you… and I’m sorry but this is as good as it gets. I think that this has given us the chance to realize that maybe we’re not supposed to be together. Maybe we rushed into things… I don’t know but all I know is that this isn’t healthy for either of us, and we shouldn’t be forcing something that isn’t meant to be”

I shrugged my shoulders in defeat. I had nothing left to say. I wasn’t enough and never would be. I couldn’t put Sidney through with me any longer.

Since I wasn’t getting a response from Sidney, I took it as my Queue to leave. I looked at him once last time, seeing him looking away, with what I figured to me little tears filling his eyes.

* * *

I drove around aimlessly for an hour, trying to make sure I was giving Sidney enough time to get home and leave for diesel. I parked my car, and unlocked the front door quietly, coming instantly with face to face with Sidney; shoulders slumped, on the stairs.

He looked up at me; his eyes puffy and red, and I bit my lip to keep from falling into his warm embrace. I tiptoed up the stairs and grabbed a small bag and stuffed my few belongings into it.

I picked up my now suspiciously opened photo album and tucked it under my arm as I made my way downstairs. I looked at a numb Sidney and couldn’t stand to be here with him anymore… I was going to fall apart.

I threw my stuff in the car and picked up my cell phone as I drove aimlessly out of the small suburb. I dialed Megan’s number four times, hanging up every time it hit the message machine.

I placed my phone back on top of my photo album and realized there was only one more place I could go.

My feet sunk into the slightly wet grass as I made my way across the tomb-covered cemetery. I found his grave and lightly
brushed my hand across his name. I unfolded the blanket I took from the bed at home and settled down on top of it, covering myself with another blanket, drinking in the star covered midnight sky.

“Dad?... I don’t think there’s a prince out there for me like you said there would be…”

Chapter 41: Bumps on the Road

I parked the jag just down the street and started towards the entrance of Fiona Motors. Harley's day was almost over, and since it was an off day for us, mine never really began. My smile grew as I spotted her wiping her hands after climbing out from underneath a Lincoln Navigator.

"Hey Har... You almost done grease bunny?" I chuckled planting a kiss on her temple. She nodded, but I could tell her attention was on someone other than me. I watched as her face light up and followed her gaze to a tall guy dress in loose fitting jeans and a tight t-shirt showing off a well defined chest and arms. Harley squealed slightly before breaking away from me and running towards him. I stood slowly feeling a grimace fold across my face as I watched this bozo's face light up as he enveloped my girlfriend in his arms. My eyes narrowed at the two as she turned back and glanced at me. I barely heard Jordan beside me as he began to push me out the door.

"You gonna be ok to drive, man?" I nodded as my blood began to boil in my veins. I needed to get this aggression out before it killed me. I slid into my jag and blasted off as quickly as I could, I needed to get as far away from here as I could.

Having no clue how I got home, I pulled into the garage and stormed upstairs. Throwing on a pair of track pants, a workout shirt and jacket, a ball cap pulled low and my runners; before running back downstairs and straight out the door.

My feet pound against the concrete and my breath puffs in front of me as I throw all of my aggression and confusion into my actions. Who the hell was this guy? How the hell did he know Harley? Was he an ex boyfriend? A brother? She didn't tell me she had any siblings....

What the hell was going on?! She never came running to me like that. I had to fight tooth and nail to make her see that she was worth something... anything... And this guy just magically appears and she comes running?

I stopped at a park bench, stretching out my now burning legs before sitting on it and watching kids play in the park. What did he have that I didn't?

"Hey!" A young voice pulled me out of my thoughts as I directed my attention to the small boy beside me. "You're Sidney Crosby!" Forcing a smile on my face I nodded. This was the last thing I needed right now.

"Conner, leave him alone!" Another voice joined us making me move my attention to a set of crystal clear, blue eyes. "Sorry about that." She laughed softly. "My brother thinks everyone is Sidney Crosby."

"I do not Lucy!" Conner exclaimed pointing at me. "That actually is Sidney Crosby." I sighed knowing there was no way for me to get out of this now. "Just cuz you hate hockey doesn't mean it's not him!"

"He's right..." I calmly stated. "At least about who I am. I'm Sid." Offering my hand as I smiled softly at Lucy, taking in her full appearance. She was cute. Golden blond hair, athletic... but with curves in the right places, and then those eyes... They were like staring into the ocean.

She gasped audibly before shaking my hand.

"You really are him?" She whispered causing me to nod as I chuckled. "What are you doing down here?"

"I uh... Just moved to the neighbourhood actually." I shrugged, pulling myself up off the bench, still finding myself eye to eye with Lucy. She was taller then Harley, that's for sure. "I was just out for a run. Decided to stop for a break." I lied, she didn't need the reason for my run.

"You run?" She asked excitedly, I grinned as her eyes danced.

"Every day... Why?"

"My running partner moved out of town last week, and I hate running alone." She shrugged nonchalantly.

"Well, why don't you meet me tomorrow morning at my place? We'll try each other out as partners." I suggested. She nodded emphatically causing me to chuckle as I wrote down the address on the piece of paper she pulled out of her purse. I turned back towards the house before calling over my shoulder. "See you tomorrow, Lucy. See you soon, Conner." I chuckled as the boy began to exclaim excitedly about how I knew his name.

Harley's Mustang was sitting in the driveway as I jogged up the steps and into the house.

"Sid?" She called from the kitchen as I high tailed it to the master bathroom. I still wasn't ready to face her. I started the shower, letting it heat up as I went into our bedroom to shed the sweaty running gear. "Are you ignoring me because Jason showed up today?" I spun around to find Harley standing in the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest. I shrugged easily, like I didn't care, trying desperately not to show the tension and anger bubbling under my skin.

"Oh was that who that was?" I asked lightly, moving into the bathroom, and shower as she followed me closely, sitting on the counter.

"You can't just ignore me, Sidney." She called over the sound of the water, causing me to scoff at her statement.

"I'm not ignoring you, Harley. I'm taking a shower. That's what I do when I get home from a run. Nothing's changed."

"Can we at least talk about this?" I sighed at the tone of her voice. What did she want me to say?

"About what, Har?" I asked softly, turning off the water and wrapping a towel around my waist, before stepping out from behind the glass. "About how you ran to him? About how you still haven't told me who this Jason guy is? Let alone why he's here." I sighed softly, shaking my head. "I don't know if I want to know, Harley. I'm not going to compete with that. Not with the smile he put on your face." I moved so I was standing between her two beautiful legs. "I so rarely get to see that smile... I don't want to take it away..." My eyes saddened at the frown set on her beautiful lips as I moved a piece of hair behind her ear. "Why would I?"

"Sid... Jason's just-" She started before I placed my finger across her lips.

"I told you, Har. I don't want to know. I don't care." lie. "Just pick... And pick the guy who's gonna make you happy, Harley Scott." I sighed before kissing her quickly, lightly. "I'm gonna stay at Mario's for a couple days. Let you think about it."

"Sid, I-" I pulled away from her, shaking my head before moving back into our bedroom, changing quickly into a pair of jeans and a hoodie. I stood in front of the closet before pulling out a small overnight bag. A couple of t-shirts, some jeans, boxers, socks. And my suit. That'll do.

"We have a game Wednesday night. I'll have a ticket waiting for you. We can talk after that if you want." I suggested, not looking her in the eyes, as I swung the bag over my shoulder. I pulled her into a tight hug from where she stood by the bathroom. "I still love you, Har. No matter what you decide I'll still love you." I whispered into her hair, before kissing the top of her head, feeling the sobs that were building in her. I had to get out of here before I couldn't leave at all. "See ya, babe." I whispered one last time before pulling away from her and out of the house.

I stepped back into Mario and Nathalie's house, trying desperately not to get caught as I moved back up to my wing of the house.

"SID!" Austin cried launching himself at me before I even made it to the staircase. "You're HOME!" I sighed deeply as he latched onto my ankles.

"Yah, buddy... I'm home." I tried to smile as Nathalie came into the room at her son's out burst.

"You're back?" She questioned softly.

"Just for a couple of days." I shrugged before reaching down and untangling Austin's arms. "I hope..." I sighed heading up the stairs. Space... That's what I needed. Down time and space. I sighed as someone knocked on my door, before Mario walked through.

"Thought you moved out?" He grinned sitting on the edge of the bed. "What happened Sid?"

"What didn't happen?" I spat, ripping apart some random piece of paper in my hands. "I just... She needed some time to think. I'm giving it to her." I sighed, finally turning to my employer. "I'll figure it out. I just needed some time." He nodded before standing and heading to the door again.

"Think before you let her go, Sidney. She makes you happy." I nodded, staring at my hands as I heard the door click shut behind him. Now I wait.... 2 days wasn't too long... Was it?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Chapter 40: Arriving

'Flight 234DY to Thunder Bay, Ontario is now boarding at Gate 9.'

I watched her sleeping soundly with her head laid on my lap her eyes closed - oblivious to the world around her. Her chest rising and falling softly as I'm sure she's dreaming of happy things, a smile occasionally flickering onto her pale face.

''Time to wake up,'' I whisper in her ear as I hear out flight being called over the load speaker. I don't particularly want to wake yet, she looks so peaceful.

''Mmm,'' She groans or perhaps moans as she carefully opens her bright eyes, a big grin appearing on her small features.

''Our flights boarding. Time to go babe.'' I continue, explaining why I had to bring her from her safe dreamworld.

''Yeah, Yeah, I'm ready.'' She says as she jumps up and grabs her overly large handbag that I'm sure contains everything but the kitchen sink. Even though we had checked in two large suitcases for the few days we were going to be in Thunder Bay. Women.

We line up with the other 100 people on our flight, as we wait to have our passports checked she lightly rests her head against my shoulder. I look at her and she turns her head enough to give me a small smile.


We take our seats on the plane next to one of those snooty businessmen with his laptop out in front of him, I squeeze myself into the ludicrously small seat, these are obviously not made for people my height. I take the middle one and smile at the man but her barely acknowledges our presence until Megan slides a hand up my leg and he catches us, gives us a stern look of disgust then turns back to whatever he was doing.

''Wanna go somewhere?'' She whispers into my ear but brain doesn't automatically register what she means until she undoes my seatbelt for me and takes my hand, giving me a sultry look. Now I know what she means.

''I've always wanted to do this.'' She says quietly as we both step into the small compartment and she locks the door behind her.

As I open my mouth to agree she silences me with a searing hot kiss. her tongue forcing it's way onto my mouth, fighting me for my natural dominance. This was going to be a quick one but with so much adrenaline running through me my senses are dangerously heightened. She reaches for the buckle of my jeans and slips her hands into my boxers, inadvertently sliding both them and my pants to the floor.

''I'm so wet for you right now,'' She breathes into my ear, letting her tongue dance tantalizingly around my ear lobe.

I pull her leggings down roughly sure that my nails have scratched her thighs on the way down. Slipping my fingers into her purple lace panties, I feel just exactly how wet she really is. She must have been walking around like this. She pushes her underwear the rest of the way down her legs and grabs my painfully hard erection towards her, guiding me inside me her.

''Go fast and hard. Don't hold back.'' She manages out between hard breaths.

I move my hand of her mouth as I start to move inside of her. I know just how she wants it and I know I'm the only one who can give it to her.


''How is this going to work, you know with your brother?'' She starts as we drive out of the airport and onto the roads that lead to my parents farm. We're sod farmers you see, one of the most well known in Ontario.

''If he says something I'll speak to him about it. Don't worry babe.'' I reply trying to convince not only her but myself too. My brothers and I fight over the simplest of shit but when I called Marc he didn't seem too happy. We all have serious issues with jealousy but I had promised myself. I wouldn't over-react.

''Here we are,'' I say as I pull up in front of the house at the top of our circular driveway. The front door opens and my family pours out of our farmhouse.

''Jordan, sweetie.'' My mom shouts as she runs out towards the rental truck and pulls me into a hug that's strangely tight for a woman nearly half my size.

''Hey bro,'' I hear from behind me as I turn and see my brother standing behind. He pulls me into our man hug. ''Man, she's even hotter than I remember,'' He continues and I feel the rage bubbling up inside of me. Calm down, it's Christmas, family time.

''Come inside,'' Mom gestures as I push Megan in front of me. ''Mom, this is Megan,'' She grins widely and pulls Megan away from me.

''Come away from that troublesome boy and tell me about yourself.'' She laughs as I pull a hurt face.

I move back to my truck and catch Marc looking at Megan from behind. This isn't going to be a fun weekend.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chapter 39: A Home For The Holidays

I walked arm and arm with Jordan, allowing him to lead me into the garage; unable to contain the grin on my face as I made eye contact with Harley. Jordan followed me into the backroom; watching as I took off my jacket and grabbed for my overalls. “Not gonna lie Meg… those are pretty hot.” He chuckled, wrapping his arms around my waist after I had pulled them on.

“Mmm… nothing hotter than a girl covered in grease.” I agreed, placing my hands on the back of his neck and pulling him down for a kiss.
Eventually, I reluctantly unwound myself from around him, giving him one last grin as we made our way back out into the shop.

“Who’s that guy?” Jordan asked, as I reached for the daily task sheet.

“Umm…” I said, glancing up from the list to see where he was pointing.

And that’d be Jason… “Oh shit!” I yelped as I caught site of Sidney. I grabbed onto Jordan’s hand and yanking him towards the exit.

“What?” He asked, confused, his eyes darting back and forth between me and the man that was now wrapped around Harley. “Who’s he?”

“He‘s no one… now grab your buddy and just let me talk this over with Harley…”


“Jordan please, please, please, please!” I chanted, bouncing like a child as I pleaded with him to take off. “This is not gonna be pretty if he stays.” I added, pointing at his captain.
Sidney’s hands were clenched into fists at his side and his jaw was set in an angry line.

“Oh… alright… I’ll still see you tonight though? Eight?” I nodded, urging him towards Sidney with a push.

Of all the days… I sighed, shaking my head. Tonight was suppose to be my first official date with Jordan, as a couple. I knew I should probably just let Harley sort this out herself, but I still owed her one for helping me out with Jordan; that and sometimes she could be horribly na├»ve and innocent. The worse part was the accusation on Sidney’s face… remembering it now made me wanna flip. Made me wanna throw a bitch-fit; the kind you see in the movies. Stupid, stupid boys.

“Why Mr. Staal… if I didn’t know any better, I would assume you were trying to get me drunk.” I grinned mischievously across the table as Jordan dumped the remaining contents of the wine bottle into my glass.
It sloshed, red liquid jumping out of the crystal goblet and onto the white table cloth. “That was your fault.” I added, nodding towards the river of crimson that was spreading out around me.
He shrugged in response, flicking a piece of bread at me as soon as I looked away. “God, sometimes I feel so bad for you mother…” I muttered, trying to untangle to crumb from my hair.

“What?” He snorted, tearing off another piece of bread and aiming it at me. “I was a fantastic kid!”

“I bet… I can’t believe she had more than one… most people learn their lesson the first time they birth a devil-child…”

“And here I thought you’d want to thank her… you know, for giving you such a fine specimen of man, such as myself.”

It was my turn to snort as I leaned back in my chair. “Jordan, babe, the only things I would ever say thank you for… are the parts of you that wouldn‘t be considered ‘dinner talk‘.”

“I don’t know… things get pretty x-rated at my house once the eggnog comes out… guess you’ll just have to wait and see.” He said looking up at me; flashing the little lopsided grin that I loved so much.

I raised my eyebrows slightly as I set my glass back on the table. “And what is that suppose to mean?” I asked slowly, not looking up at him.

He coughed and began fidgeting with the jacket of his suit before saying anything. “Oh… well, just… I was gonna ask if you wanted to come home with me… for Christmas…”” he shrugged, giving me a weak smile.

“Like, your parent’s house?” He nodded, waiting. “Like, where your brothers are gonna be?” Something that mirrored anger flashed across his eyes as he continued to nod. “Jordan… I don’t know… I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth a few times, thoughtfully. “Alright well… if you don’t want to… you don‘t have to come unless you say so.”

I puckered my lips, studying him. He wasn’t the type of person to give up that easily; his lack of argument worried me.

“Megan…” Jordan moaned, his tongue tracing my earlobe before he pulled it into his mouth.
His teeth grazed against me as his hand grabbed onto one of my nipples, twisting it slightly between his thumb and forefinger.

I arched, pushing my body against his, while I grabbed onto his back; my nails breaking thorough the perspiring skin.
He grunted and knocked my hands away, sliding himself away from me until I felt his tongue drag around my bellybutton. Heading lower, and lower…

A mingle of feral growl and his name, escaped my lips as he drew my clit into his mouth; his fingers shoving their way into my folds roughly.
My breathing increased to keep the tempo as his fingers worked their way around inside me, searching and finding…
I released a scream, one that came from the very core of my being, as my thighs began to throb and quiver with pleasure and need. “Jordan… fuck… stop.” I groaned, pulling at his hair, trying to bring him back up to me.

I wanted to scream that I need him, but the word ’need’ wasn’t strong enough. There were no words to describe the way I was feeling right now, the depth that my desire ran.
I was positive that my entire body would implode upon itself if I didn’t have him immediately; the way teeth, fingers, and tongue danced around my body caused each breath to come in a gasp. Sharp and painful.
“Jordan…” I whined, more persistently, trying to push myself downward.

“Do you want it?” He snapped suddenly, pouncing back on top of me and forcing me down. “Do you want me?” I nodded like a bobble head, unable to push any coherent words through my hoarse throat.
I could feel his hard-on resting lightly, just outside my opening as I struggled against his hold. “Do you know what I want?” He grinned, leaning his face towards mine and allowing his lips to brush against my neck.

I licked my lips, too delirious with want to really care what he was saying; if it didn’t resemble ’I’m gonna fuck you now’, that is.

“I want you to come home with me for Christmas.”

“What?!” I spat, my eyes growing wide as I stared at the cheeky grin that spreading over his face. “You’re talking about Christmas?” I growled; that caught my attention. A normal amount of anger was starting to mix with an unstable amount of passion - not a good thing.

“If you want me… you have to promise to come home with me. That’s all… just say it… say it and I’ll give you ever thing you want… everything you’ve ever wanted.” He added, swaying his body slightly; proving his point as his dick began to put pressure on my clit.

Fuck him, I said to myself; looking away and closing my eyes. Ugh!

“Come on Megs… I can feel how wet you are.” He breathed, causing me to sigh. “Don’t you want to feel how hard you make me?”

“Fine!” I spat, feeling his hold loosen on me. “I’ll go home with you.”

I wanted to say something else; something along the lines of him being a dickhead, but I couldn’t.
Every nerve ending in my body exploded at once as he impaled himself into my slit; sliding my body back and forth on top of his painfully hard erection.

“We fly out on the 23rd.” Jordan mumbled, his face pressed into my neck as we snuggled under the blanket on his bed. “Isn’t compromise fun?” He added, pulling me tighter against his chest.

“Shut up, Jordan.” I said, trying to sound harsh; but positive he could hear the grin in my voice as I sighed contently.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chapter 38: A Chore

I woke up early, feeling Sidney’s hot breath against my shoulder. I smiled at the memories form last night. Every girl is supposed to picture their first time, and how perfect it should be. But to me last night was as perfect as it was going to get.

I got out of bed, noticing the clock that said it was 5:45 am. I was usually an early riser, having to cook breakfast for everyone back home then go to work before school.

I walked over to the closet and noticed that the new clothes Sidney had forced me into buying were neatly put away. I grabbed the baby blue velour sweat suit we had bought at a store called juicy couture and then went to the underwear drawer and smiled at the only things I had truly enjoyed buying, because I knew they would benefit Sid every time he saw them on me.

Victoria’s secret was powerful in that way.

I changed quickly and made my way downstairs, I pulled on a pair of rolled down UGG boots and was delighted to see that my own car keys were hanging on the key holder.

I drove over to the grocery store and got a bunch on groceries. Enough to fill the pantry and the fridge even though it was choking my bankcard.

When I got home I was lucky enough to see that Sidney was still sleeping, and went back up to change into one of his big T-shirts. Once I was ready I went downstairs to the amazing kitchen and set up the new coffee maker I had just bought and put away all of the groceries.

I was flipping pancakes, scrambling eggs and frying bacon when I felt Sidney wrap his warm arms around my hips, kissing my neck. “Mmmmm… smells good baby” he purred in my ear, causing chills to roll up and down my spine.

I turned to face him, and placed a soft kiss on him pillowy lips. Igniting a smile to brake through the kiss and play out on his lips. I stopped the kiss and reached around to grab him a mug of coffee.

“Where did all this come from?” he asked going to sit at the island facing me as I plated food for the both of us. “I’m an early riser” I shrugged. “How much did you spend?” he asked a bit more serious this time. “Don’t worry, I spent my own money…” I said hoping he wouldn’t get mad.

He sighed and shook his head. “No… I don’t want you spending your money on this stuff, that’s my job… please?” he asked pouting his lips. I nodded ‘fine’ and he went back to drinking his coffee before digging into the plate in front of him.

“So I have school in an hour, then work after that but I’ll be home to make you dinner” I smiled, pushing the food around my plate distracted by his face of almost anger.

“You don’t have to cook dinner… I’m not like them… I don’t want you to feel like you have to be my maid.” He said, seething of just the thought of them. I chuckled, and caused a shocked face to pick up on his face.

“This is much different… I want you do this for you, I cant promise I will be able to every day, but I want to. I enjoy doing this, I really do… they just made it feel like such a chore, you wont do that, I know that for sure.”

He nodded and kissed me again before I got up to go get ready for school. I changed quickly, applying a little bit of makeup and dashed down the stairs, collecting my books that were laying around the dinning room table and placing them in the bag Sidney had gotten me.

“Bye Babe!” I yelled from the doorway and heard him yell goodbye back from the TV room. One of the only rooms that were semi-set up before we moved in. Sidney needed to watch game tapes… there was no question about that.

* * *

I got through my classes and finally was almost done with work. Megan came in for her shift with Jordan on her arm, smiling more brightly than I had ever seen. Inside I was happy that I had contributed to that smile, but it was her who decided to put her fears behind her and go for what she wanted.

That was the Megan I knew.

As I was finishing up I saw Sidney walk through the garage door and come up to me.

“Hey, Har… you almost done grease bunny?” he laughed kissing my temple. I nodded, but my view was directed elsewhere when I saw a tall, broad figure walk through the door.

His face cleared through the sunlight, and I got a perfect view. Jason.

I ran full force toward him and he picked me up quickly spinning me around with a hug. I was taken out of my moment by a glare of confusion from Sidney.

Jason kissed my cheek, and hugged me more tightly.

“God, I’ve missed you” He whispered to me.