Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chapter 24: Chef Sid

"She's going..." Jordan spoke under his breath as he skated behind me. She's going to what? Who's she? I turned back to glance at him in complete confusion. I took the puck on my stick trying to ignore Jordan. That boy sure had his quirks... I looked around the surface, reading where people were and where they could possibly go to. I threw the puck off my stick towards Bill as I glanced over at Jordan and he mouthed one word Harley. Harley was going? To the wedding? She said yes?! I could feel a stupid grin begin to form on my lips just as I was throw hard against the boards.

I sat there for a second, letting the world come back to me, rolling all my joints effected. Head... ok. Neck... ok. Shoulder... a bit sore... nothing that can't be played through. Wrist? I twisted my wrist to test it and hissed at the pain that shot up my arm. Not good....

"Sorry, Sidney..." Gonch's voice called down to me as he offered me help. I rose easily, still rolling my wrist, and waving his apology off. "I didn't think I hit you that hard."

"Eehh... Kid's got a hard head!" Max called from across the ice. "He'll be fine!" Everyone, including myself, chuckled at Max's comment as Coach blew the whistle to start a new drill.

The rest of practice flew by with out anymore incidents and I was finally able to call Harley in peace.

"Hey Sid." She answered brightly.

"Hey Har, I was just calling to see if you were still up for tonight." I grinned into the phone, remembering how warn out and tired she looked a couple of days ago. "You weren't feeling well last night so we don't have to do anything..." I really wanted her to stay home and rest if she wasn't feeling well. I mean you only get one body right?

"No, I want to see you. What did you want to do?" My smile grew just a little as I ran threw the evening I had planned for her... if she was up for it.

“Natalie, Mario and the kids our in Montreal for the weekend... I could make dinner?” Dinner shouldn't be too hard. I mean... A bit of pasta.. Some chicken... A jar of sauce... Done!

"Sounds perfect," she breathed into the phone making my mind go a little bit fuzzy.

"Great... Seven at my place?" She agreed quickly and I hung up the phone. Now groceries so I could make dinner.

Dinner... Chicken Parmigiana. Easy... Just Chicken, bacon, sauce, spaghetti and cheese. Simple... I stared at the ingredients in front of me, and then the cookbook sitting next to them. Maybe it's not as easy as I thought it was....

Spread sauce in dish... Done... Sauce in dish.

Cut chicken into cutlets... What the hell's a cutlet? I looked closely at the picture on the top of the page... Looks like a thin chicken... I grabbed the chicken a checked it's thinness. Good enough.

Beat an egg in one dish, pour breadcrumbs and grated Parmesan in a second for coating mixture. Well at least that parts easy.

Coat chicken in egg and then the breadcrumb and cheese mixture to coat chicken. Another easy step.

Heat oil on medium heat. Ok... oil, saucepan, medium heat.... done. Saute chicken in pan. Saute? I shrugged tossing the chicken in the pan. Can someone remind me why I said I'd cook?

I watched the chicken for a minute, checking to make sure it didn't burn as the doorbell rang. She's here! I washed my hands quickly before going to the front door and pulling it open.

There she was looking more beautiful than ever in a simple pair of light washed jeans and a tight fitting t-shirt.

"Hey.." I smiled down at her as I ushered her inside.

"Hey," she grinned.

"Dinner's just cooking.. It'll be a couple of minutes." She nodded as I lead her over to the couch, sitting down next to her so our thighs brushed. I sighed loudly, trying to build up enough courage to kiss her again. Damn it, Sid! You make $9M a year playing a competitive sport because you're confident! And you can't kiss a girl!? I shook the thought out of my head as I turned her face to mine and captured her lips in a searing kiss.

She had the best lips ever! Tasted like cherries and soft as pillows! I swear I could've lived off of her kisses. I smiled into the kiss as I dragged my hand down her neck and around to her back, pulling her tighter against me. My smile grew as her hand found my chest. But, it was short lived as she softly pushed me away from her.

"Do you smell something burning?" She question, scrunching her nose in disgust.



Tonight's recipe can be found here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chapter 23: I Want To Get To Know You

I mean I know I’ve got a reputation but I’m not all bad. Honestly. I do have feelings, I just try to shove them to the back of my mind. I’m a guy, we’re not good at this stuff. I get that girls see me as a ‘manwhore’ and in some way I guess I am, well was. I’m really trying these days, you know it’s not easy turning down all the gorgeous women throwing themselves at me but I’ve got will power, always have done. Every time Jared brought a girl home they’d be after one thing. Me. Come in playing the dutiful girlfriend but as soon as he left the room, be all over me like a rash. Never once did I make use of the opportunity. He’s my brother, it’s just not right.

I was on my way to Megan’s feeling kind of, well, giddy. What the hell was happening to me? I was turning into a girl. I had to talk to Marc Andre later and figure out whether these strange feelings were normal. I was missing a bit of his bachelor party to be here, which was entirely unlike me, I was never the one to give up a party for a girl. I mean I hardly know the girl.

I made my way up to house and lifted my hand to knock on the door. ‘’It’s open!’’ I heard as I opened the door .

‘’So how was the shopping?’’ I asked trying to take mind away from its current thought’s. I moved my arms across the top of the couch.

‘’The shopping was alright, I found a dress anyway.’’

‘’Do I get to see it?’’ I said with a little bit of hope in my voice.

‘’Obviously,’’ Yes! ‘’But not till the wedding.’’ Damn.

‘’Well that’s not fair. In that case, I’m not showing you what I’m wearing.’’ I was sure I had the victory. ‘’Black suit?’’ I grinned.Guess not. ‘’So movie?’’ I was trying to change the subject, quickly.

Once we had decided on a movie, my mind took a wonder to the beautiful girl sitting next to me. How does she ever stay single?She’s fiery and I like that. Most girls would never fight me for anything but she’s got her own mind, it’s refreshing. I moved hands onto her waist and pulled her over to me. I looked at her and traced her cheek, bringing my lips back to hers. I could feel myself getting hard but tonight definitely wasn’t about me. As our kissing intensified, she sighed and pulled me closer. I had her right where I wanted her, my confidence went through the roof. I moved my lips down over her throat and shoulder, hearing moan only drove me further. She started to move her hands towards my belt. ‘’Not so fast,’’ I said huskily. I pulled her hands away and pinned them above her head.

I could tell this was a new experience for her. Now I knew that not only was she fiery in life but also very much so in bed. Could this girl be anymore perfect?

I moved back with a grin on my face. Pulling at her leggings and throwing them over my shoulder. Next came the black underwear and then I moved my eyes towards hers, making sure she could see the hunger, the need and want. I moved a finger inside of her feeling how wet and ready she was, then another. She gasped which only made even more satisfied. I moved my thumb around the outside of her.

She moaned which don’t get me wrong only made me want to stop but I wasn’t finished yet. I pulled my fingers out and moved back from her. Looking at the questioning eyes, she went to move towards me but I grabbed her thighs, stopping her exactly where she was. I moved my mouth in between her legs.

She made a grab for a pillow that was laying on the floor and I watched her stuff the corner into her mouth, I was pleased, knowing I was having the right effect. As my tongue started to flick and dart out of her, her foot came up to my shoulder, trying to unsuccessfully push me away. I started back and shoved my fingers inside of her and moved my mouth up to her neck. ‘’Jordan . . .’’ She moaned, that was it, no more. I moved up and started fumbling with my belt.

‘’I’ve got hoes . . . hoes . . in different area codes . .’’ Shit. I grabbed and my phone and hit the side button, returning to my belt. She started to undo the buttons and I reached up and pulled of my shirt. My phone started again. ‘’Fuck,’’ .

‘’Maybe you should answer it?’’ She said grudgingly.

‘’This better be fucking good Sidney,’’ I hope he noted the fact that I used his full name. I traced a finger along her thigh, not wanting to let the mood fade. ‘’No, I’m busy , I’ll meet up with you guys later, If you show up here I’ll kill you man, I swear to-‘’

‘’Hey Jordie! You in there?’’ Max! I pulled a quilt of the couch and wrapped it around me and walked to the door. ‘’I said I would meet you guys there,’’.

‘’We’re going now man, come on Jordan,’’ He whined as he tossed a grin at Megan. ‘’I’m busy, I’ll go some other time-‘’.

‘’It’s a bachelor party! There is no other time, now Let’s Go!’’ He stared me down. ‘’Seriously dude, what the hell! I figured if anyone would be as excited as me; it’d be you!’’

‘’I’ll meet up with you guys later,’’ I feeling a little guilty now. ‘’Look Jordie, I know you’re in love but I’m sure she’ll still be here when you get back, we’ll be in the car,’’ I guess I’m going then.

I closed the door and walked back over to her. ‘’Guess you get a rain-check,’’ She laughed. I nodded reaching down and doing up my pants and fixing my shirt. ‘‘Sorry about that- them. I told them I’d meet them later on,’’.

‘’It’s fine, have fun,’’ She said and smiled genuinely. Although I felt like it really did matter to her, even just a little bit.

I bent down and kissed her, I walked toward the door but stopped. I figured I should explain about what Max said about the whole ‘love’thing. ‘’Megan, abiut what Max said . . I don’t you know . .love- I don’t really know you. . ’’I said quietly. ‘’I’d like to though if you want. .’’

‘’What do you mean?’’

I shrugged. ‘’Umm, I don’t know, you wanna go out sometime, like actually out?’’ I was praying I wasn’t reading this situation horribly wrong. ‘’Well aren’t we going to the wedding together?’’ She said shakily.

I nodded. ‘’Yeah, but afterwards, dinner and a movie or something? We could talk, get to know one another?’’ I didn’t just want this to be just sex, I knew a good thing when I saw one. ‘’Sure I’d like that a lot,’’ She smiled and I returned her grin before making my way out to the car.

‘’Alright let’s go boys!’’ I shouted a little to eagerly.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Chapter 22: More Than Sex

Megan's POV

This is it!“

I grinned as I saw Harley push the dressing-room door open. “You look a-ma-zing!” I said excitedly, emphasising each syllable to prove my point. She blushed at my compliment as she twirled a bit; her hands running down the silk fabric. I could tell that she was completely in love with it as she let out a sigh; but it was short lived - as her hand found the price tag and she turned it over.

“Oh my god! No way! Megan… I can’t afford this…”

I let out a chuckle and walked towards her, gently pushing her back inside the dressing room. “Consider it an early birthday present.”

“My birthday is months away… and I can’t take this… it’s too much!” I laughed as her worried voice reasoned from behind the closed door.

“Seriously Harley; you’ve done so much for me… it’s the least I can do.” And it was true. Harley had been my rock when I first moved to Pittsburgh. She was also the only real friend I had; how do you put a price on that?

When she came back out - dress folded neatly over her arms - I grabbed her and steered her towards the cashier. “We’ll take these!” I smiled, motioning to Harley’s dress and my own; that latter of which was already folded on the counter.

“Woah, when did you find one?”

I shook my head and smiled - pulling my credit card out of my pocket - “unlike you, I don’t take 6 hours to try on a dress.” Harley huffed at me, but was unable to hide the grin that was threatening the side of her lips.

I never bought dress. I especially didn’t like wearing dress; but finding such a gorgeous one had put me in a giddy mood and I found my self bouncing in front of the door, waiting for Jordan. Geesh Megan, calm the hell down. I stopped my bounce and took a few deep breaths.
I thought that I had it under control, until I saw Jordan’s sexy figure appear around the side of Corey’s house. At the door? On the Couch? Door? Couch? Door… couch… door… shit! I took off at the last second, launching myself across the living room and landing with a thud; half off the couch.

“It’s open!” I called as Jordan let himself in, grinning at me, before closing the door behind him.

“So… how was the shopping?” He asked as he sat down next to me, stretching his arms out across the back of the couch.

I took a deep breath, taking in his scent and trying to nuzzle closer without his knowledge. “ ‘The shopping’ It was alright… I found a dress anyway.”

“Do I get to see it?”

“Obviously…” He started to grin, running his tongue across his bottom lip as he appraised me. “But not till the wedding.”

His grin disappeared, replaced by a pout. “Well that’s not fair. In that case… I’m not showing you what I’m wearing!” He reasoned, a look of victory crossing his features.

“Black suit?” I asked sarcastically, earning a blush and a grin from the blond beauty next to me. “So… movie?”

“Sounds good… Pulp Fiction?” I nodded as he grabbed the DVD off the top of the TV and slid it in. Walking back to the couch and moving me around until we were laying on the couch, intertwined.

Twenty minutes into the movie, my back was to the TV as Jordan’s hands found their way everywhere. The heat radiating off his body was driving me wild and I knew that there was no way I could resist him anymore. His tongue moved over my lips as I sighed and clutched him closer; completely conscious that he was going to get anything he wanted.
Apparently he felt it too, and was confident enough that he didn’t feel the need to rush.
We kissed until my lips were throbbing and I had to pull away, but he didn’t stop. Instead he moved his face down again running his lips over my throat and onto my shoulder. Once I had made up my mind that there was no way of stopping by body; I reached down and started to undo Jordan’s belt. “Not so fast…” He sighed roughly as he wrapped his hands around my wrists and pulled them up over my head. He drew me underneath him and pinned me down with his weight.

When it came to sex, or anything that had to do with sex; I was always the dominate one - not this time.
Having someone on top of me, determining the way that things would play out, was a sensation I had never experienced before; but one that I was definitely willing to explore.

Jordan pulled back from me, grinning as he kneeled in between my legs; gently tugging at my leggings. Being leggings, they came down quickly and easily, exposing my thighs and black boy shorts to his hungry eyes. He licked his lips as he grasped my shorts in each hand, pulling them off and tossing them down onto the floor. We stared at each other as he pushed a finger inside of me, then two.
His fingers moved in a rough, jerky movement; causing me to gasp out with surprise at the same time that his thumb began to circle around me on the outside.

I started to moan, enticing him to finish with the foreplay and move onto the sex; but he ignored me.
Grinning broadly he began to inch away from me; moving himself backwards until he was at the end of the couch. Believing that he was enticing me towards him, I began to move, but he grabbed my thighs - stopping me - as his mouth moved down to where his fingers had just been.

Gasping I grabbed for a pillow that had been knocked off the couch; hastily shoving it in front of my mouth as Jordan’s tongue started to rub and flick around me.
I brought up my foot, placing it on his shoulder and heaving him away from me as I felt myself nearing orgasm. He rebounded back, shoving his fingers inside me again, as his teeth grazed against my neck and I dug my nails into his back. “Jordan…” I sighed, earning a grunt from him as my body arched against his.
He move up until he was kneeling in between my legs. Red-faced, he brought shaky hands down to fumble at his belt; my body screaming at him to come back.
“I’ve got hoes… hoes…
In different area codes…” Jordan’s phone started to blare on the table as he started at it incredulity. He hit the side button, stopping the music before turning back to me and continuing with his belt.
Allowing me to undo the buttons he pulled reached up and pulled of his shirt; a feral growl rolled off my tongue - as his phone went off again. “Fuck…” He grumbled reaching out to turn it off again.

“Maybe you should answer it?” I suggested, trying to find anyway to get the damn phone to stop ringing. He stared down at me for a minute before picking the phone up off the table and holding it to his ear.

“This better be fucking good Sidney!” He spat as the finger tips of his free hand started tracing along my thigh. “No. I’m busy… well I’ll meet up with you later…If you show up here I’ll kill you man, I swear to-”

“Hey Jordie! You in there?” A French voice drawled from outside the door. Jordan cursed, sending his phone flying across the room, hitting the far wall. He pushed himself off the couch and pulled a quilt off the back; draping it over my waist.
I pouted as he stalked towards the door pulling it open.

“I said I would meet you guys there!”

“We’re going now man… come on Jordan!” Max Talbot whined from the doorway; peering around Jordan to grin at me.

“I’m busy, I’ll go some other time-”

“It’s a bachelor party! There is no other time… let’s go!” Jordan stared at Max, holding his position at the door. “Seriously dude, what the hell! I figured if anyone would be as excited as me; it’d be you.”

“I’ll meet up with you guys later.”

“Look Jordie, I know you’re in love, but I’m sure she’ll still be here when you get back… we’ll be in the car.” Max turned and left, leaving Jordan standing in the doorway - mouth gaping.
He finally closed the door and walked towards me slowly.

“Guess you get a rain-check.” I laughed as he stared at me. He nodded slowly, doing up his pants and reaching for his shirt.

“Sorry about that-, them. I told them I’d meet them later on.”

I smiled at him, “It’s fine. Have fun.” I tried not to let him see what I was really thinking; it wasn’t a big deal anyway. Jordan had told me all about Max; he was obviously just being a dick… Jordan doesn’t actually like me so… nothing to even be thinking about…

He bent down and kissed me one last time before walking towards the door. “Megan.” He said, stopping as his hand rested on the door knob. “About what Max said.. I don’t… you know. Love-, I don’t really know you…” He added the last part quietly, like he was saying it more to himself than me. I nodded, trying to keep the smile on my face. “I’d like to… though… if you want…”

I rolled over onto my side to get a better view of him, trying not to let myself appear too excited. “What do you mean?”

He shrugged, like nothing he said was a big deal. “Umm… I don’t know… you wanna go out sometime… like… actually out?”

“Well, aren’t we going to the wedding together?” I knew what he was trying to say, but I could hardly make myself believe it.

He nodded. “Yah, but afterwards… dinner and a movie or something? We could talk, get to know one another?” He sounded so ashamed, like it was pitiful to admit he wanted more than sex.

“Sure. I’d like that a lot.” I smiled at him as he grinned back. He nodded goodbye and closed the door behind him.
I counted to ‘5 Mississippi’; ensuring he was far enough away before I started screaming. I flipped out as I grabbed for my phone; punching in Harley’s number.
I need to tell her what had just happened; even though I wasn’t sure what that was.
As the phone rang I tried to calm myself down, but was unsuccessful at removing the smile off my face. Oh my god!! What the hell just happened?!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chapter 21: This is It

They were so beautiful.

I shook my head and got mad at myself for getting distracted by the roses.... Again.
I swiveled back from facing the bedside table to facing the desk I was currently occupying. I dipped the thin paintbrush into the gold liquid and started putting the finishing touches on the solar system.

I wiped my hands hands clean as the door to my room burst open, thing one and thing two were standing there, with mischief present on both of their faces.
“Hi Harley...” Farrah drawled.
“Hi, I just finished up the project” I said picking up the cardboard model and placing it in Sofia’s hands. They both looked at each other and exchanged a look they inherited from their stupid mother.

“We wanted to tell you how happy we were that you did this for us, so we helped you out with your laundry.” they both snickered as they handed over shreds of fabric. My draw dropped and I clenched my teeth from bolting from my stance to take them out. My only nice clothes, the clothes I had planed on wearing tonight were now resembling a hula skirt. Wonderful.

They took my silence as their cue and left me standing there. A few minutes later, having not moved an inch from my spot I heard them yell that they were leaving and slam the door. Panic hit me and I wiped my head around to look at the clock. Shit.

The clock shone 6:50 and I freaked as I ran around trying to find a replacement for the clothes that were now non existent. After running in circles for what felt like hours, I had to just pick something so I would have time to do a little something with my hair.

I slapped on a pair of tight jeans, that made me a little uncomfortable... They were always just too tight... And a dark grey fitted V- Neck. I ran into the bathroom that was in my room and pulled my long brown hair free of it’s elastic and let it fall to my lower back.

I picked up a purse and placed some cash, and my cell inside. Running to the car in the back... Where the service cars we kept.... I turned her on and rode a little too fast racing against the clock. I parked and didn’t feel I had the time to take a second to regroup, I just jumped from the car and walked into the melting pot, as I waited rather anxiously in line I wished I had gotten a little more dressed up... Man was I out of place.

I told the hostess who I was meeting and she gave me a seething look before directing me toward the quieter region of the restaurant. As I glided behind her I couldn’t help but feel my breath catch when I saw him. His lips were full but they carried a little smile on them as he saw me approaching, his perfect eyes moving over my body... And to my surprise, not making me want to dig a hole up and hide. And his body... No words.

A nice pair of dark wash jeans were paired with a perfectly tight light grey cashmere long sleeve shirt that had been pulled at the arms, and exposed his muscular forearms. He stood to greet me and embraced me in a hug. I returned it with a smile as I took in his manly smell, sitting down and opening the menu.

I was flushed I could definitely feel that. However, it wasn’t just because of him, it also had to do with the fact that I was running on low battery and needed to be recharged. Today hadn’t been the best day for my personal health, then again,Any day with the monster and her offspring couldn’t be that great of a day. I hadn’t eaten anything all day now that I thought about it, and I had become secretly ecstatic that the melting pot gave large portions... Poor Sidney, first date and he is already going to see one of my trates... My appetite.

We ate quietly, simply enjoying the night. We talked, but the best part of it all is that it had nothing to do with anything demanding or full of drama... It was just simple, perfectly simple.

“So... Did I pass?” he said shyly, smiling down at me as he walked me out to my car around the corner from the restaurant.
“I’d say a generous B+” I said grinning, then I proceeded to laugh at his expression of shock.
“B+? That was at least an A!” I laughed at his child like attitude, loving every bit of it. We reached my car and I looked up to see his hazel eyes close to my brown ones. I felt his hand brush lightly against my cheek as he pushed a stray hair behind my ear.

“Well if that was a B+...” he said his lips nearly brushing against my own.
“This should bring up my grade..” he leaned down, closing the one inch space that had been between us, covering my lips with his full ones. Soft, sweet and perfect.

He wished me goodnight and asked if he could call and I nodded, feeling like I was about to explode.


I smiled down at the hundredth text that I had gotten from Sid... And it was only twelve. Megan strolled in, with Jordan on his arm. They approached the front desk where I had my feet perched on top of.

“Hey Harley, what’s with the face?” Megan asked still clutching onto Jordan... Who looked just as smitten.
“Nothing” I quickly ejected, blushing as I heard them both laugh at my sad attempt.
“Anyways, I have to go change quickly, be right back” megan hummed as he kissed Jordan’s cheek and made her way to the lockers in the back.

I closed my phone and looked up to see a very serious Jordan staring back at me. His face softened and formed into a little smile.
“Marc is getting married... I’m bringing Megan” he started... I wasn’t really getting where he was going with this. But I knew that hockey players often need time to think. I raised my eyebrows for him to continue and he did.
“So, if she were to ask you to join her I think everyone would be happy with that...” it all clicked in my head after a moment, I suppose he was trying to tell me he had talked to sid and he had been to shy to ask me himself... This was Jordan trying to get on my good side, and sadly it was kinda working.

I nodded and he coughed, trying to cover the conversation as Megan made her way back to us. Kissing Jordan goodbye and starting up on the corvette waiting in the corner.

We finished everything up for the day, I had been on inventory of the bills and receipts.. So fun... We changed and drove to taco bell... It had been one of those days, the kind where you just need that boost at the end. We conversed lightly, but the real subject was that of the wedding, which for some reason just ket coming up.

“Yah, I’ll go” I said after Megan’s long speech about being in with the wives club and how fun it would be. She smiled in satisfaction and reached for her phone.

“So when are you free? I’m choosing a shopping day. And it is mandatory you come and get something nice for yourself for once... It wont kill you.” she smirked as I looked down at my ripped, faded jeans and I shrugged.

“I got college tuition to worry about... I guess it distracts me from normal stuff” I smiled lightly at her. She returned it taking a bite of her burrito.

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll make you normal... How about tomorrow?”


We climbed from the car and made our way through the huge mall. Store after store was filled with some of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. We stopped in three really promising stores, the lthird one being the place where Megan was the most happy about.

She had grabbed five dresses and was changing when my phone went off and I smiled at the caller ID.

“Hey Sid” I smiled, into the phone.
“Hey har, I was just calling to see if you were still up for tonight, you weren’t feelign well last night so we dont have to do anything” I smiled at his concern, and smiled even more for the fact that he was just too adorable.

“No, I want to see you. What did you want to do?” I asked, hopeful he wouldn’t want to come over... I didnt want to expose him to that... Ever.
“Natalie, Mario and the kids our in Montreal for the weekend... I could make dinner?” he asked.

“Sounds perfect, see you then” I said hanging up as Meagan smiled and passed me a gorgeous floor length light top to dark blue bottom dress.

This is it”

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chapter 20: Sacrifice For Love

I stared wordlessly at my phone. She didn't want to be with me.... I thought briefly about calling her back and trying to convince her to change her mind, but it was pointless... She's gone. I sighed as I slowly set my phone on the counter. I felt empty... Like colours would never be the same. Like life had ended but for some stupid reason I was still breathing.

She didn't want me. I couldn't function. Did I still have my arms? legs?

"Kid!?" A voice I barely heard call through to me. "Sidney... We have... Are you ok, kid?" Marc-Andre stepped in front of me forcing me to look up at him.

"She was supposed to be different..." I sighed, lowering my eyes to my phone. "I thought..." A sigh escaped my throat as I reached for my suit jacket. "It doesn't matter..." I stood slowly and headed outside to my baby.

"You sure you don't want to ride with me?" Marc asked standing next to my car. I nodded slowly.

"I want my own escape, Flower... Thanks though." I smiled sadly as I climbing into my Jag and started the engine. She purred to life beautifully... Wow, Harley did a really good job on her. I bit my lip pushing thoughts of Harley and her gorgeous body away.

I slowly walked into the locker room, my routine was shot. I was later than everyone else and they were all... laughing at me?

"How'd it go with, Harley?" Max called out to me as I sat in my stall, hanging my head. "Didn't she enjoy her surprise?" He nudged Cookie standing next to him, I looked sideways at him, half glaring, half having no idea what he's talking about. A couple of the guys chuckled as I glanced around the room, finally my eyes landed on Jordan. He was grinning easily, I wanted to pound that stupid little grin right off his pretty little face, son of a--

"Sid," Coach Dan's voice broke through my rampaging thoughts. "C'mere a second." I rose slowly out of my stall, still glaring at Jordan as I made my way out of the locker room and around the corner to his office. "What's going on tonight, Sid? I thought you were going to murder someone in there."

"Just Jordan..." I mumbled under my breath lightly. I sighed as he stared at me confused. "Sorry, Coach... I'll figure it out."

"Good to hear, Sidney... Let's just pull together for the game. You can kill Jordan after the win." He chuckled as he shooed me out of his office. He heard that? oops.

I walked back into a deadly silent locker room, Jordan sitting in his stall looking at the floor sheepishly. I gave him one last glare before gearing up quickly. I bumped him with my shoulder harshly as we left for the ice. I couldn't let him off that easily.

The game wasn't my best. The beginning was awesome, all my anger and frustration at Jordan poured into my playing, but by the third period, I was just upset and frustrated. Taking stupid penalties and giving away the puck in really stupid turn-over situations.

"Crosby!" Coach called to me as he called for a line change half-way through the third. "Dress down, Kid. You're done tonight." I nodded uncaring. She didn't want me... Why should anyone else.

I made my way down to the locker room, shedding my gear and disappearing into the showers. I sighed as the water ran down my back. I threw my suit on haphazardly and made my way over to coach's office. I wasn't going to wait in the locker room. I didn't want to deal with the press.

"What the hell was that, Sidney?" Even better....

"Hi Dad..." I muttered into the wood of Coach Dan's desk.

"Where was your head tonight?" With a pretty little blond who refused to talk to me... I shrugged.

"It was just an off day, Troy..." Mario came into the room followed closely by Coach Dan. "He'll be better by Friday's game. Right, Sid?" I nodded mutely. It was nice having someone on my side.

I was dismissed from the room quickly and left for my car. I got in and started towards home. I needed to talk to her... But how? She didn't want to talk to me...

I'd go in person tomorrow.

I work up early the next morning, my head pounding from the mental and emotional stress I put myself in. I needed to get out of this! And I knew there was only two ways.

1) Kill Jordan...

2) Get Harley to at least talk to me.

1 might be easier, but 2 would hold less guilt. I sighed deeply as I went through my morning routine. I'll just go down there... Not leave until she talks to me...

I hoped into my baby with a little more pep, stopping by a florists on the way. I know she said lilies were her favourite but nothing said I like you better than roses. I pulled up to Fiona Motors with roses in hand and headed back towards the garage.

"Ooh Sidney... You shouldn't have!" A loud, annoying, high pitched nasally sound came out from my left. I turned to see one of Mrs. Scott's daughters leaning across her bright pink car. Seriously? Who drives a pink car?

"I didn't..." I looked around confused. "Do you know where I could find Harley?" I asked her. She scoffed, loudly, and moved towards me causing me to back up slowly.

"What do you want with her, when you can have me..." She purred. Thankfully I heard a voice in the background.

"She's back here, Crosby." I turned and spotted Megan and sighed gratefully. Jogging towards her easily.

"Thanks..." I whispered as she opened the door to the office for me.

"I don't know, Rhonda..." I heard Harley's voice cry from the back of the office. "Because I'm just a worthless slave girl? Why would he want that?" Wait... was she talking about me? I started towards the voices, as Rhonda spoke up.

"Maybe because you're beautiful, and smart, and funny and down to earth. Harley.. Give yourself some more credit." I stopped in the door way where the two women were standing.

"She's right you know..." I spoke up before Harley could put herself down again. I took two long strides to her and took her small, grease stained hand in mine. "Harley, I don't know what someone told you. But you are anything but worthless. And you deserve to be treated like a princess. Please, Harley give me a chance?" She looked up at me, skeptical. "One dinner... If I make a complete mess of it and you still don't like me afterwards. I'll leave you alone." She studied me for a moment before nodding slowly.

"One dinner..." She reiterated by holding up her index finger. "Tomorrow. Meet me at Melting Pot. At 7." I grinned widely, nodding. YES! She agreed to dinner. I turned to leave before realizing I still had the roses in my arms.

"Oh!" I spun back to her. "These are for you..." I handed her the bouquet and leaned down to kiss her cheek gently. "Tomorrow... Melting Pot... 7pm..." She smiled nodding slowly, a simple blush creeping onto her cheeks, making her more attractive than ever.

The next day dragged on for forever! As I waited for the clock to strike 7. Finally at 6:00 I pulled out of my driveway and made my way to Melting Pot. I was able to get reservations, it didn't take much... Just mentioned my name. Sometimes it's nice to be known.

I was lead to our quiet table and waited patiently for Harley, who finally rounded the corner with the hostess at 7:15.

"Sorry," She gushed, looking a little flushed and frazzled. She looked cute like that, but I wanted to take all the stress away. "I thought I'd never get out of there."

"Busy?" I asked genuinely concerned.

"Something like that..." She sighed, waving her hand in front of her face like she was physically pushing the thought away. "Anyways.. It's over... For now..."

Dinner moved easily, we fell into the same easy conversation that we did at Diesel and the end of the night came quicker than I would have hoped.

"So..." I muttered, my hands in my pockets walking her out to her car. "Did I pass?" I grinned at her in the same fashion a small boy would grin at his mother when he wanted something.

"I'd say a generous B+." She grinned as my jaw dropped.

"B+? That was at least and A!" I exclaimed causing her to laugh as we reached her car. As I stepped closer to her, leaving inches between us, I bravely stuck my hand out and brushed a piece of hair out of her eyes. "Well if that was a B+..." I whispered leaning in even closer, "This should bring up my grade." I closed the gap between us with a gentle kiss, soft, short, simple. "Good night, Harley..." I whispered into her ear before heading back to my own vehicle. "Hey Harley!" I turned calling back to her. "Can I call you?"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chapter 19: The Night

Ahh, what to do on beautiful sunny day in Pittsburgh? Have a beer and watch some football? Sounds like a plan. I switched on ESPN and watched some re-runs of old Steelers games, mostly of their Super Bowl run. A beer in my hand and a bowl of chips beside me, nothing could be better – well almost nothing.

Bang Bang Bang Bang !

I was roused from whatever day dream I had been having by a heavy pounding on my front door. What the fuck?

‘’You fucking ass! ’’ Guess he must of found my gift. I smiled inwardly and watched Sid blow out all his pent up rage. ‘’Because of you I just lost the best chance I had with Harley!’’

‘’Woah, killer.’’ I joked, testing him to see how angry he really was. ‘’What are you talking about Sid?’’ I asked innocently, wondering how far I could push him. He threw something at me and on closer inspection, it was infact the underwear. ‘’Ahh. . . Layla.’’ I smiled remembering the night they’d ended up in Sid’s car.

‘’Jordan,’’ He sayed slowly. ‘’Don’t ever ask to use my car again, ok? I told you not to have sex in my back seat!’’

‘’I. . . didn’t...’’ Because technically I honestly didn’t. I could feel my smile spreading across my face.

‘’Well, I have to see if I can fix what you just broke,’’ He sighed as he turned and walked back out my door. I guess I did feel a little guilty but this little scene would crack the guys up when I tell them later. I can just picture Sid’s face when they start teasing him.

I walked out of the shower and then the thought came to mind. Your seeing Megan tonight and your probably going to have your way with her. I started to smile and then a song came on the radio and I started to do a little victory dance. Everyone says I can’t dance, damn I wish they could see me now. Ohh you have got to be kidding me, stop! It’s only a girl, and look at you. I stood in front of the mirror, dropped my smile and adopted my cool calm expression. I’m not falling for this girl . . . I think.

I pulled up to Megan’s and walked up to the door, knocked on the door and leaned casually against the door frame. She opened the door and she looked so fucking hot. ‘’Hey. . ‘’ She said turning slightly – giving me an even better view. I could feel myself getting hard at just the sight of her.

‘’Hey,’’ I replied, eventually dragging my eyes back up to her face. ‘’So what did you have in mind for tonight?’’ She moved a little to the side to let me in.

‘’Ughh, how about we stay here?’’ I was pretty sure a grin had spread across my features. I was also sure I needed to relieve some of the pressure I was feeling right now. My eyes wandered her body. God I wanted her. ‘’Sounds good to me.’’ Thank goodness.

She turned to shut the door and I went for her. My hands went to her thighs and my lips went to hers. I lifted her up, her legs wrapped around my waist and her hands ran through my hair, making me want to moan. I moved us through to her bedroom and pushed her onto the bed, loving the feeling of her body under mine, the weight of me deepening the already intense kiss. She pulled me tighter into her and by now I was almost sure she could feel how hard I was. ‘’Ohh God! That is really not what I needed to see!’’ I looked around and there was her brother standing in the doorway. Ohh Shit.

‘’Ugh! Knock much?’’ She shouted from under me and began moving out from under me.

‘’Well I didn’t think-‘’ The dude started whilst eventually opening his eyes. ‘’Shannon and I are going out, I was going to see if you wanted to come but I guess not.’’ She laughed. ‘’By the way you’re my favourite defensive – forward in the game . . Go Pens!’’ Then he left.

‘’He did not just say that,’’ Megan said with an apologetic look on her face.

‘’I’m just glad he didn’t try to kick my ass, isn’t that what brother are supposed to do?’’ I said. This most definitely wasn’t the first situation like this I had been in.

‘’Well usually, but you’re so puny he knows I could kick your ass myself.’’ I could see the little grin creeping onto her face.

‘’Ohh, you think so, eh?’’ I replied, more than a little amused.

‘’Yeah, I do, eh. . ‘’ I found her attempt at my accent far too cute for words so I flipped her onto her back just to prove my strength. The mood wasn’t entirely ruined but I was kind sure I wasn’t getting laid tonight. I started on her neck, wondering how far I could go. ‘’Hey, wanna play a game?’’ She asked, I was trying to work out what she meant then I looked in her eyes, they were the key to her.

‘’Mmm and what’s that?’’ I asked huskily. She grinned before going to a drawer and pulling out a pair of hand cuffs. She fixed my hands behind the headboard before sliding down my body. Keeping her eyes connected with mine, she undid my pants far too slowly for my liking and eventually pulled me in between those cherry red lips. This was heaven.


‘’Well I guess I should go then . . ‘’ I sighed wishing I didn’t have to go but we both had work later today as it was 4am already. I grabbed my coat off the coach and reluctantly slid it on. We stood at the door just looking at each other, I drank her in, her beauty was unmistakable. ‘’Hey listen, Marc Andre’s getting married and I’m supposed to bring someone with me, you maybe,’’ I said shakily, looking at her expression. ‘’ I don’t know, wanna, if you’re not busy?’’ She nodded her head numerous times. Yes! ‘’Cool, well I’ll talk to you tomorrow.’’ I said cooly.

‘’Night. . ‘’ She said softly before I brought my lips to hers in a tender longing kiss. I left and suddenly I wondered what had happened to me. We had spent most of the night talking and cuddling, I found myself opening up to her. Was I really falling for this girl? No, no I can’t be.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chapter 18: Absolutely NOT...

Megan's POV

I was screwing around with the engine of a Prius when Harley got back. “Feel, better?” I asked, putting down the 3/16th I had been cranking on.

“Oh, yah... I also went down to the field for a bit, I think everything is going to be okay”

I gave her a sincere smile as I began to wipe off my hands, “that’s good to hear.”

A horrible pop song blared suddenly , and I turned in time to see Sofia and Farrah getting out of those dumb pink cars. Who paints a car pink? That's just inhumane...

“Harley!” they yelled as the came in; glaring at me in my greased up shirt; which I amplified, by wiping more grease on it.

“Yes...” Harley sighed.

“Were going to need you to finish our solar system models for science tonight... they're due, and you wouldn’t want us to get a bad grade...” they ordered. I took a step towards them, wondering which one to take down first; Harley put her arm out to stop me.

“That’s fine, I’ll be home at five” She said as she plastered a fake smile onto her face.

They turned to leave at the same time as a delivery man came around the corner. “I have a delivery for a ‘Harley Scott’...” He held out some white flowers in a vase; ugh... flowers, what a dumb concept… I’d much rather something useful, like a master cylinder for a ‘71 Charger… mmm…

Harley smiled and began to open the note; Farrah snatched it from her and started to read it in a horribly, mocking voice. “Please let me explain, It’s not funny, but it needs to be explained. Dinner?” Thing one and Thing two started to laugh hysterically before continuing.

“He even left his number... From Sid” My eyebrows went up; 'needs to be explained'... Jordan, knew it... I nodded to myself, truly happy for Harley. At the same time trying not to admit how upset I was.

“See the thing is Harley...” Sofia said slyly as Farrah grabbed the vase from Harley. “Sid gets to choose between us... Not some slave girl, who couldn’t look pretty even if they tried.” They turned and walked away with the flowers; tossing the note on the floor as they continued on their way, laughing.

I looked over to see a tear sliding down Harley's cheek. “Don’t listen to them for a second Harley, you're worth it.” I bent down to retrieve the note, putting it in her shaky hand.

“What?” She sighed, recognizing mischief on my face.

“Nothing, just that, I heard Marc-Andre Fleury, the Pen's goalie is engaged and getting married soon. The plan is for me to convince Jordan to bring me as his date to the wedding, then we’ll find you a new man....sound good!” I asked as she sighed again.

“Whatever.” Harley headed in to the back of the shop to change. I turned back around to the sound of the horrible music again; Sofia and Farrah were just about to leave.

"Hey wait!" I yelled, running out to them, "You guys have bird crap on your cars, and that‘s like… sooooo gross!" I quipped, doing my best impression of them.
They both jumped out of their god-awful-pink cars and sauntered to the front.

"I don't see any-" Sofia started; stopping to shriek as I blasted her with water from the high-power hose.

"Oh man..." I said trying to keep a straight face. I pretended to jig around with the handle, "darn! It won't turn off." The next burst of water nailed Farrah in the face, as she dropped the vase and jumped into her car.
They peeled out screaming, and I turned off the hose; putting it back on the hook before headed over to collect the flowers. The vase was broken, but I’m sure there’s something in the shop...

I found an empty tin can and put the flowers in it; filling it with water and hoping the left over grease wouldn't kill them. I walked into the back room and set the tin in Harley's locker; before heading home.

I walked through the door and let out a sigh, what a long, friggin day. I tossed my keys down on the little hallway table before I headed into the living room, plopping down on the couch.
I downed a bag of Doritos and watched the Steelers demolish the Patriots as I planned out my day for tomorrow.
I had the day of work and Jordan was coming over at some point. What to do? Well, obviously I knew what I wanted to do, mainly; dirty, twisted, raunchy things… but I tried to refrain from that mind set.

I wanted Jordan, and I wanted him bad but; my gut was yelling at me to keep it simple, friendly. That of course, was easier said then done. If it hadn’t been for random situations, interruptions and complications; I would have given in a million times over - but there in lied the problem.
Jordan Staal was not a boyfriend, guy. Jordan Staal was not a monogamous, guy. Jordan Staal wasn’t even a ’longer-than-one-night’, guy. If I slept with Jordan, it would be over.

I wasn’t dumb or conceited. I knew enough about guys like him to understand how they worked. I was a conquest - the one girl out of many who hadn’t let him get it yet - and with guys like him, once a conquest was over, they moved on.
The most frightening part was; I really, really didn’t want him to move on.

The blushing, the butterflies, the nausea - the giddiness I got every time he called. No, I wasn’t ready to let go of that just yet.
I wasn’t sure why, but it definitely had nothing to do with what Harley kept saying; I was in no way, shape, or form falling for Jordan Staal.
I think…

Make-up? Check. Matching bra and booty-shorts? Check. Hair? Check. I gave myself the one-over in the full length mirror as I waited nervously for Jordan. Hmm… too much? I wondered as I checked out my ensemble. My jet-black hair was loose and wavy; reaching half way down the 80’s ripped grunge shirt I was wearing, over some skinny jeans and 5 inch knee-highs, that pushed me up to 5’8”. I repositioned the shirts’ ripped-neck, until it was completely off my shoulder. That should do… I thought smugly; before a knock at the door drained the smile off my face.

I walked towards the door; trying to appear cool and collected. I took a deep breath as I pulled it open - allowing my first glimpse of Jordan, who was leaned against the doorframe, eyes wide. “Hey…” I said, turning slightly to give him an eye-full.

“Hey…” He smiled back, his eyes coming up to my face for the first time.

“So what did you have in mind for tonight?” I asked, slyly; moving away from the door so he could come in.

“Ugh… how about we stay here?” A mischievous grin spread over his face as his eyes traveled back down. Oh crap… too much skank Megan… now what?

The idea of being alone with Jordan, in my house; did not bode well with the whole ‘not screwing him’ thingy. At that moment, however, I couldn’t remember why I wasn’t suppose to… “Sounds good to me.” I grinned, giving the door a shove.

He was on me before the door clicked shut. His hands travelled around to the back of my thighs; he gave me a sharp squeeze as he started to lift me from the ground. I wrapped my legs around his waist, simultaneously twining my fingers through his hair; as he moved towards my bedroom.
He flopped onto my bed, crushing me underneath his body weight - his kiss deepening. I let out a soft sigh as any restraint I had crashed down around me. I pulled him against me tighter. “Oh God! That is really not what I needed to see!” I snapped my head away from Jordan and peered around him. Corey was standing in the doorway; hands over his eyes.

“Ugh! Knock much?” I shouted, pulling Jordan out from between my legs and onto the bed beside me.

“Well I didn’t think-” He started, opening his eyes again. “Shannon and I are going out… I was going to see if you wanted to come but… I guess not.” I let out a sigh as he started to laugh, “By the way… you’re my favourite defensive-forward in the game… go Pens!” He smirked as he closed the door behind him.

“He did not just say that…” I let out a groan, stupid brothers…

“I’m just glad he didn’t try to kick my ass… isn’t that what brothers are suppose to do?” Jordan quipped, pulling me on top of him.

“Well usually, but you’re so puny he knows I could kick your ass myself.” I stated matter-o-factly, trying to keep a straight face.

Jordan stared up at me bemused, “Oh, you think so, eh?”

“Yah, I do, eh…” I mocked his Canadian accent as he let out a growl and flipped me onto my back.

My brother’s presence hadn’t ruined the mood; but it had brought some of my will-power back. Not sleeping with Jordan... I reminded myself as he started nibbling down my neck. “Hey… wanna play a game?” I asked, as seductively as I could manage.

“Mmm and what’s that?” He asked with a husky voice. I grinned at him before I slide out from under him. I went to my ’sex’ drawer and pulled out a pair of hand-cuffs. His smile grew as I slipped his hands through the cuffs and in behind my headboard.
I undid his pants slowly as he watched me, before bent down and pulled him into my mouth.
This totally doesn’t count as sex… I thought to myself as I continued.

“Well I guess I should go then…” Jordan sighed from underneath me as we laid together on the couch. It was 4am and we both needed to be at work/rink for 7. I sighed and pushed myself up, allowing him to move. He looked at me, almost sadly before grabbing his coat off the couch and throwing it on.
We stood at the door for a long time; I didn’t want him to leave and it seemed like he wanted to go, even less. “Hey listen,” he said suddenly, “Marc-Andre’s getting married and I’m suppose to bring someone with me… you maybe… I don’t know… wanna… if you’re not busy?” I nodded like a bobble-head, causing him to grin. “Alright, cool… well… talk to you tomorrow.”

“Night…” I said softly as he brought his lips down to mine for the last time that night; tenderly...
I watched him leave around the side of Corey’s house, back to the road. I smiled to myself as I closed the door.
Did I actually talk to Jordan Staal all night? And cuddle with Jordan Staal? I shook my head as I walked into my room. I hated cuddling… what the hell is wrong with me?
I let out a sigh, maybe… no! No way. I am absolutely NOT falling for Jordan Staal, not a chance.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chapter 17: ...What Now...?

I had to leave the shop. Well, Megan told me to leave the shop. I think I was so upset, I had been making the customers uncomfortable. She told me to go get some coffee and come back in an hour.

I guess since she had been through this before, she knew what she was talkign about because she was right. After getting coffee and just cooling down from the whole scene before I felt a ton better.

I drove through the town, taking my time to observe my surroundings. I found myself at the old pitching field. I stared out at the warn grass and smiled at all the memories I had experienced here.

You never prepared me for this kind of hurt, dad.... What do I do now?

Sighing up at the skies I pulled my car into reverse and drove down to the shop. Pulled around back, to the employee parking and re-tied my body suit sleeves as I approached the front.

“Feel, better?” Megan asked me as a leaned against the car she was playing around with.
“Oh, yah... I also went down to the field for a bit, I think everything is going to be okay” Megan wiped her hands off and smiled.
“that’s good to hear”

We were interrupted by the obnoxious sound of Britney Spear’s ‘if you seek amy’ blaring from two, barbie pink convertibles pulling up. Sofia and Farrah rose from the seats, pulling off their Prada sunglasses.

“Harley!” they screeched as they entered the garage and nearly spat at the sight of me and Megan wearing such ‘dirty’ clothes.
“Yes...” I asked sighing.

“Were going to need you to finish our solar system models for science tonight...their due, and you wouldn’t want us to get a bad grade...” they commanded. Megan went into her ‘I will tackle you senseless’ stance and I put an arm on hers.
“That’s fine, I’ll be home at five” I said forcing a smile.

They nodded about to leave but were stopped at the sight of a delivery man.
“I have a delivery for a ‘Harley Scott’...” I smiled at the man and he walked them over. He left quickly. I looked down at the beautiful bouquet of white lilies. My favorite flowers.

I reached for the note attached but as I went to flip it open, it was snatched from my hand. Farrah smile wickedly and cleared her throat to begin.
“Please let me explain, It’s not funny, but it needs to be explained. Dinner?” she said in a mimicking romantic voice. They laughed and then Farrah continued.

“He even left his number... From Sid” Harley heart was crushed when she heard they were from Sid... Maybe they weren’t his, I probably jumped to the conclusion... It’s that stupid guard I always have up....damn.

“See the thing is Harley...” Sofia started as Farrah grabbed the vase from me.
“Sid gets to choose between us... Not some slave girl, who couldn’t look pretty even if they tried.” they both erupted in laughed and flung the note to the floor as they waked away with the flowers.

A single tear fell from Harley’s eye. They were right, she wasn’t meant to be with someone like Sidney. She didn’t fit the mold.
“Don’t listen to them for a second Harley, your worth it.” Megan said pickign up the note and placing it in my hand.

I looked up at her and she had that little glint in her eye. “What?” I asked annoyed at her attitude towards this.
“Nothing, just that, I heard Marc-Andre Fleury, the pens goalie is engaged and getting married soon. The plan is for me to convince Jordan to bring me as his date to the wedding, then we’ll find you a new man....sound good!” she enthused pulling down the top of a car.

“Whatever.” I mumbled going to the back of the shop to change so I could get home and start to work on the girl’s science project.

I waved to Megan as I left and zoomed home. I walked up to the attic and got started on the solar system.

After about an hour of putting together this stupid little solar system I had done so much thinking about the whole Sidney thing that I decided I should at least call.

I pulled the note from the flowers from my pocket and picked up my phone to call him. I punched in the digits and let the phone ring. On the second ring he picked up.

“Hello?” he asked. His voice was beautiful.
“Hi, this is Harley...”
“Oh! H-hey..” he said clearing his throat.
“What’s up?” I took a deep breath and continued knowing I could break down at any moment.

“It was so nice of you to send me flowers.”
“It was no problem, I hope you liked them” he said his voice filled with excitement.
“lilies are my favorite..” I said getting distracted by his voice again.
Fuck, stay on topic Harley.

“that---” he began, btu I cut him off.
“Sidney, listen. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and everything. Btu I would like you to stop trying to contact me. I’m not the type of girl you should be with.”
“But that’s----”
“No!” I said firmly

“I’m not that girl Sid. Have a great life, you’re going to make a girl very happy one day. Bye” I heard him say something vaguely as I hung up and dropped into my bed. I pulled out my picture frame of em and my dad from under the bed and hugged it to my chest, as I let tears fall freely down my face.

‘Now what dad?... Now what?’

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chapter 16: Son of a...

My leg bounced nervously, sitting in the passenger seat of Marc's Range Rover as we pulled up to Fiona Motors.

"Excited much, Sid?" Marc chuckled as he glanced at my leg.

"Well, yah... I get to see my car..." I grinned over at him.

"And?" Vero asked from the back seat, leaning over the seat at me.

"And, Harley's here." My grin grew as he stopped a little ways up the driveway. "See ya later guys. Wish me luck."

"Good luck, Sid." Vero smiled as I jumped out of the SUV.

"Congrats, V." I laughed as I headed towards the shop.

"Oh! Mr. Crosby!" A voice called back to me. "Mr. Crosby!!" I turned to find an overly plastic woman trying to run towards me in four-inch heels. "Mr. Crosby," She huffed stopping right in front of me. "I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Fiona Scott." She tried to smile at me as she extended her hand in a week attempt to shake mine. Ugh. I hated week hand shakes.

"Mrs. Scott. It's a pleasure meeting you." I smiled genuinely.

"Yes." She looked behind me as I heard a high pitched squealing sound. "Oh Mr. Crosby, please let me introduce my beautiful daughters Farrah and Sofia." I turned to find two girls about seventeen giggling hysterically at me.

"Nice to meet you, ladies." I nodded at them. "Please, call me Sidney."

"Of course, Sidney." They giggled.

"Excuse me, ladies." I nodded. "I need to get my baby back." I threw them my million watt smile as I continued towards the shop. My smile dropped as Harley dashed out of the shop.

"Uhh... Bad timing?" I looked over at Megan confused.

"She'll be back soon." She half snapped at me. Wow... What crawled up her ass? My smile returned as I saw Harley came back into the room.

"Hi Sidney..." She cooly spat at me. My smile dropped. Did I have some strange communicable disease that I didn't know about? She handed me my keys and I sighed gently. Maybe I'd have to be the one to break the ice.

"It's all there," I grinned as she stared at the cheque I had just handed to her. Her eyes rose to mine in an icy glare. What did I do? How did I mess this up in less then 24 hours???

"Drive safe," she spat at me before turning on her heels and almost running back to the safety of the office. I turned to look at Megan, lost and confused. She wasn't looking to happy either. WHAT THE HELL??? Fine, I knew when I wasn't wanted. I pulled the car door open, and that's when I saw it. Hot pink... Lacy...


I looked up sheepishly to Megan, I'm sure she thought I was responsible for this. But I wasn't. Damnit! I needed to figure this out and then come back and explain. I slid into my car and sped off, trying to figure out this mystery.

Only two people could be responsible for this. The only two people other than me who drove my car. Lauren, and if it was her, I was going to kill that little punk she was seeing. More likely, Jordan.

"Oh, Sid my car's in the shop. Just one night."

I was going to kill him! He used my baby like a bed! And left being those???

Seething I drove straight to his place. I pounded on the door until he finally answered.

"You fucking ass!" I seethed as he opened the door. "Because of you I just lost the best chance I had with Harley!"

"Woah, killer." He joked as I pushed my way past him into the house, the underware trapped in my clenched fist. "What are you talking about Sid?" I threw them at him and he grinned as he slowly picked them up. "Ahh... Layla." He grinned, obviously letting his mind wonder.

"Jordan," I pulled his attention back to me. "Don't ever ask to use the car again, ok? I told you not to have sex in my back seat!"

"I didn't..." His grin grew. Oh god... I didn't want to know.

"Well, I have to see if I can fix what you just broke." I sighed and headed back out of his door. Now what?

Flowers! Women love flowers.

I drove to the nearest flower shop and purchased the biggest bouquet of the prettiest flowers I could find. Not roses, I thought roses would be too much. Next batch, if these didn't work. I took the tiny card and wrote a quick note.

Please let me explain. It's not funny, but it needs to be explained.

There that should do it. She'll know who they're from, right? I sighed as I added a quick -Sid at the bottom of the note and slid it into the tiny envelope. The girl behind the counter grinned at me as I paid for the bouquet and gave her the address to deliver it.

"Fight with your girlfriend?" She giggled as I pulled my hat lower.

"Something like that..." I sighed, leaving the store. All I wanted to do now was go home and crawl into bed. Maybe disappear.

This better work.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Chapter 15: The Morning After

I awoke from a glorious sleep and found a small brunette girl curled round me. Please, please be Megan. She shifted and look over at me.Definitely not Megan.

''Hey,'' I began, knowing I wanted her out of my house as soon a possible.

''Hi, last night was fun, huh?'' She started talking rapidly. Ohh shit, whats her name? I could vaguely remember last night. The event with Taylor and Megan was crystal clear, the image of Megan leaving with that guy was even more stamped into my brain but after that - nothing. Ohh well, it's not the first time.

''Mhmm, yeah. He listen I have practice in like a half hour so could you like, ehh get going?'' I tried to make it sound as nice as possible but I honestly didn't care what it sounded like. So maybe I didn't have practice either but one little white lie couldn't hurt.

''Sure, I was just glad for one night,'' She smiled and gathered up her stuff. Shaking her ass as she walked through my bedroom door. What a little whore.


Okay, okay. Do I call? No, too girlish. If I don't call then she'll assume I'm not interesting which of course I definitely still am. It was early afternoon and I was sitting at my kitchen table, debating my options.Fuck it, let's do this.

''Hey. . . .Megan,'' Ohh, she actually picked up. Shit, Shit, Shit! I really want to hang up right now. Come on Jordy, pull yourself together, man.

''Ohh, hey Jordan what's up?'' She replied.

''Nothing, you?'' Okay, so now you sound retarded because you spoke so slowly.

''Umm, just hoping in the shower.'' Water. Naked. Megan. Too good to be true.

''Ohh cool well, I guess I'll talk to you later then-''

''Wait! You don't happen to know any of numbers for the Blackhawks... do you?'' Stay calm Jordy.

''Why?'' Cool, Calm and Very Smooth.

''Well see..'' She started off. ''The guy I brought back to my place last night, it's Kris Versteeg and, he's out cold so ... I need someone to come get him,'' Ohh my God.

''Wear him out last night?'' I could feel my anger boiling over and I just spat my words out at her. I was jealous beyond belief.

''Whats your problem? I didn't do anything wrong Jordan!'' Now it was her turn to get mad.''And for your information, no! I didn't sleep with him last night; not that it would be any of your business if I did!'' Jumping to conclusions again Jordy. Tut, tut.

''Oh. Well. I-.Shit, I'll be right there.'' I knew exactly who to call. Duncan Keith. Him and Versteeg's little bromance always amused me. I'm cracking up just thinking about some of the shit they get up too.


I had Duncan follow me as I drove straight over to the only house I knew Megan stayed at. I had dropped her off here sometime after a game or whatever. I saw her coming a mile off. Her black hair shimmering in the sun. She wasn't wearing very much either. Just how I liked her.

''Thanks alot for doing this. . . '' She started off saying as she walked towards us.

''No problem, this is Duncan Keith, by the way.'' I saw her glance at Duncan standing beside me. ''They have this bromance thing going on. . . don't ask,'' She began to laugh, I started to smile, I liked the way she smiled when she laughed.

Keith managed to grab Versteeg and haul him out into the back of an SUV he had loaned. I thank him and sayed I would repay him with a beer sometime. Duncan was a nice guy, a bit of a light weight but a nice guy all the same. I sat down on the couch and watched Megan clean up after Kris.

''So you didn't. . .'' How was I going to ask this?


''I didn't actually. . what?'' She repeated again.

''Sleep with him.'' I eventually manage to get the words to pass my lips. It felt... well . . strange.

She sat down next to me. My temperature immediately rose. ''Yeah well, I'm just full of surprises like that.'' I laughed and place my arm strategically on the couch. We just sat, relaxed but my brain couldn't focus. All I could think about was what could be under those clothes. I had to find out.

''Megan. . '' I said as softly as possible. She turned around and I placed my lips on hers. I could feel the heat between both our bodies, we had chemistry. She grab my hair. In one foul swoop I pulled her on top of me. God, this was great. I wanted to feel more, the kiss intesified, getting deeper.

''Shit!'' She screamed. Not again. I internally groaned.

''What?'' I couldn't help but let my frustration out.

''Monday, it's Monday! I'm supposed to be at work. . .dammit!'' She started undressing and putting on her work clothes. I couldn't tear my eyes away. Damn, she was sexy in her mechanic outfit. ''Sorry, Jordan...'' She looked at me and I'm pretty sure I saw what looked like lust in her eyes. ''God, I'm so sorry.'' She left the house running by the pool, I followed knowing I had to say something to get her to come see me. ''Call me later?'' She said hurriedly.

''Wanna hang out Tuesday?'' I swear it was the first thing that came to mind. She nodded and I felt a smile spread across my face.

Hmm, I wonder if Crosby's found my little present yet?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chapter 14: Bromance Booty Call

“My little sister; the puck bunny, who knew?” I let out a groan at the sound of Corey’s voice as I rolled over, almost falling off the couch.

“What the…” I trailed off, sitting up and glancing around my surroundings. Realizing that I was sleeping in my ‘club clothing’, stretched out on my own couch; I allowed my mind to wander over last night. The first thing that came back to my mind was Jordan, and how great he looked; the second thing was Taylor, and how awful that situation had been.
I dropped my head into my hands and groaned again. Corey laughed, assuming I was suffering from a hang-over; as opposed to a broken-heart.
Woah, wait… broken-heart? I snapped my head back up, trying to shake the thought. That’s a bit dramatic… let’s say, hurt pride…

He had definitely hurt my pride, that wasn’t even a question. It’s not like I didn’t think Jordan Staal was out having sex with a new woman every night; it was meeting Taylor and having my expectations totally changed that hurt.
I had always been selfish enough to believe that I was different; that all the other girls Jordan pursued were blond, tan, bimbos that were interchangeable - then I met Taylor. What could I say, really? She was nice, funny; definitely not a faceless bimbo. Somehow that made it worse; I was nothing special, not to him anyway.
It didn’t matter now anyway, I had left him at the bar and would probably never hear from him again…
Why did Corey just call me a puck bunny then…?

“I never slept with Jordan…” I started looking up at him, how does he know about Jordan Staal?

“Umm, Jordan? Jordan who?” Corey cocked his head to the side and watched me, thoroughly perplexed.

“You just called me a puck bunny… aren’t you talking about Jordan Staal?”

“Woah, you’re sleeping with Jordan Staal too?” He took a step back, looking mildly impressed.

“First off, no. Second off, who were you talking about?” He shook his head at me and sighed before turning to point into my bedroom. I shrugged my shoulders still not fully understanding.

“God Megan!” Corey sighed, exasperated now. “I’m 99% sure that’s Kris Versteeg in your bed.”

“Who- oh… oh no! Like… Versteeg the Hawk?!” I jumped up, ignoring the throbbing in my head and headed into my bedroom; Corey hot on my heels.

I stood at the end of my bed, staring down at the giant hockey-player that was stretched out across it. Well, shit. Who’s living the dream now? I thought as I shook my head. “Well… how are we gonna get him out of here?” I asked, hands on my hips.

“I’m sorry… ‘we’? Oh no, no… this is all you.” Corey gave me a pat on the back then headed towards the door, laughing to himself on the way out. I stood there a while longer, unsure of what to do.

“Hey… hey!” I nudged his leg with my big toe, gently shaking him. “Hey… Versteeg… come on buddy! Time to get up!” I nudged him harder, earning nothing more than a grunt and a weak attempted-swat. “Ugh! Ok… I quit!” I turned around and headed out of my room towards the shower, taking great care to lock the door behind me.

I was pulling off my shirt when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I tugged it out of my pocket and flipped it open, not bothering to check the ID.

“Hey… Megan…” Oh. My. God.

Okay, okay; whatever you do… act like you don’t care about Taylor… “Oh, hey Jordan… what’s up?”

“Nothing. You?” He said slowly, like he wasn’t actually sure why he had called.

“Umm, just hoping in the shower…”

“Oh cool well, I guess I’ll talk to you later then-”

“Wait! You don’t happen to know any of the numbers for the Blackhawks… do you?”

“Why?” The coolness of his remark caught me off guard.

“Well see…” I let out a sigh, it’s not like he didn’t see me leave with the guy anyway. “The guy I brought back to my place last night… it’s Kris Versteeg and, he’s out cold so… I need someone to come get him.”

“Wear him out last night?” I heard Jordan spat.

“What is your problem? I didn’t do anything wrong, Jordan.” I spat, feeling my anger boiling up inside me. “And for your information, no! I didn’t sleep with him last night; not that it would be any of your business if I did!” I finished in a huff, suddenly feeling foolish for yelling while half-naked - alone -in my bathroom.

“Oh. Well. I-. Shit, I’ll be right there.” He hung up the phone before I could say anything else. What the hell just happened?

I glanced over and caught sight of my reflection in the mirror, holy crap batman! I ripped off my jeans and jumped in the shower; not bothering to check the temperature of the water - it was ice cold.

I pulled myself together in record time; throwing on an old pair of black tights and an extra long The Clash shirt before heading to the door.
I pulled open the door just in time to see Jordan walking around the side of Corey and Shannon’s house; not alone.

“Thanks a lot for doing this…” I started as Jordan walked past me into the house.

“No problem, this is Duncan Keith, by the way.” He smiled back at me, catching my questioning glance. “They have this bromance thing going on… don’t ask…”

I laughed as Keith shrugged, following Jordan into my bedroom. Duncan grabbed Versteeg and dragged him out of the room; luckily, for everyone involved, he was still dressed.

I went into my room and started stripping the bed, while I waited for Jordan to come back in.
I folded the sheets under my arms and carried them to the hamper. I dropped them in and grabbed some fresh sheets from the hall; sloppily throwing them on my bed before heading into the living-room.
Jordan was sitting on the couch, examining the pillow and blanket I’d used the night before. “So you actually didn‘t…”

“What?" I asked, unsure of his comment. "I actually didn’t… what?”

“Sleep with him.” He grunted, looking up at me; an unfamiliar emotion crossing his face.

I flopped down on the couch next to him, “yah well, I’m just full of surprises like that.” He chuckled quietly and dropped his arm on the back of the couch, around my shoulders. We sat in a comfortable silence. I tried to remind myself that I was angry at him, pissed at him; but every time I peeked over and saw that jaw-bone, those blue eyes or that ‘fuck me now’ body - I had a hard time remembering why.

“Megan…” He said softly, I could feel his warm breath, tracing across my neck. I turned towards him as his lips found mine.
The kiss intensified; my hands grabbing the back of his head as he pulled me on top of him. I ran my fingers up through his hair; not giving a shit about anything but the body underneath mine.
Not the fact that he was a hockey-player, not the fact that he would never be satisfied with just me, not the fact that I had to work. Work… Work! SHIT!

“Shit!” I screamed pushing myself off Jordan and running towards my room.

“What?!” He shot back, obviously confused by my actions.

“Monday, it’s Monday! I’m suppose to be at work…dammit!” I glanced around my room, unable to fine my uniform. I gave up, grabbing a pair of jeans off my floor and shimming out of my tights; forgetting about my audience.
I hurriedly threw on a pair of work boots and dashed for the door. “Sorry, Jordan…” I took on last look at his ripped torso through his tight blue shirt, “God… I’m so sorry…” I shook the image of his body out of my head as I ran past the pool. “Call me later ok?”

“Wanna hang out Tuesday?” He called after me.

I nodded exuberantly as I rounded the corner and ripped the tarp off my baby; my ’64 GTO. I hated, hated taking it out on the city roads but; Corey had abandoned me so I had no choice.

I was relieved when I got in and Fiona wasn’t there, the last thing I needed was to get fired.
Shortly after I started working on a sick Ferrari; Harley pulled into the shop. She climbed out of her ‘stang and started laughing at me - apparently lovin my outfit.
She headed into the back to change; shortly after reappearing, smiling slightly.

“What’s up Mrs. Crosby?” I laughed at her as she headed towards the hubbies car.

“Not too much, Long day though...and I have to get home and do the twins homework tonight”

“Dude, that totally sucks.. I’m sorry..” I sighed, shaking my head at the amount of crap that she always had to deal with.

“Yeah, Whatever...story of my life” She shifted through the back of Crosby’s car as I thought over my morning in my head; wondering what she was going to say about it. I was about to retell my tale when she popped back out, holding a skimpy pair of pink panties in her hands. She glanced over at me, looking terrified and disappointed.

“It comes with the territory, Harley...” I smiled at her weakly; even though there wasn’t anything going on between them, seeing her this upset made me wanna punch someone out. She started to pale and I dashed around the car towards her. “Harley?...Harley?”

“He was...was...he was different...” She whispered softly.

I pulled her close and started rubbing her back. “Harley... I know you’re upset…but he’s not a monk... you’d of had to expect at least something like this... I know I do with Jordan.” Not that that helps you a whole lot…

“I know...It’s not so much the fact that he has dated other girls...it’s just..” She trailed off, looking around for an answer.

“What?...what is it, Harley? You know you can tell me anything”

“It’s just...seeing this underwear...sort of made me realize he wasn’t a virgin... And I know it’s stupid for me to even think he wasn’t and I knew that...but the thing is.. I’m a virgin and this freaks me out...how am I supposed to tell him?”

“Woah...calm down, how do you know he wants to have sex with you?” If superstar even thought about trying to get with Harley that fast, he was gonna have to answer to me…

“I don’t... But if he ever did I would have to tell him...and I’m sure it’s the biggest turn off...” I sighed, trying to find something to say; coming up empty handed. “plus this whole underwear in the back seat thing is really bugging me... It’s like he treats girls like trash and just dumps them after... I’m not going to be apart of that”

“As much as I love that you’re letting your feelings out, you should probably get a grip...Sid’s walking towards us right now” I said, catching a glimpse of him behind Harley.

“Oh, god... I’ll be in the back... I’ll be out in a minute” She threw the thong back down in the seat and dashed off.

“Ugh, bad timing?” He asked walking towards me.

“She’ll be right back…” I let out another sigh and headed back to the Ferrari, I knew it was wrong of me to start disliking Sidney because of his random sex with women but; it was hard not to. Harley was the last person on earth that deserved to be hurt, and that’s what he’d done; no matter how unintentional it was.
I watched him as he sauntered around the car, looking extremely… nervous? I shrugged my shoulders and bent back down under the hood.

It was actually surprising that Sidney was like that. I obviously hadn’t spent a lot of time with him but, Jordan always said he just wasn’t that type of guy.
Hell, I wouldn’t even be surprised if that thong was back there because of some girl Jordan tapped back there… that seems more reasonable that this kid getting a piece... I looked up in time to see Harley emerging from the back; this could get heated...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chapter 13: Hot Pink

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I rushed through my classes more than excitedly than usual. It wasn’t because I was excited that I would be working tonight...but more that at work tonight, I would be seeing Sid. He was due to pick up his car, and that gave us both the excuse to see each other.

Biology was the only class that I didn’t want to rush through. There I felt like I was in control. I felt that way only because it was one of the key components to what I might want to pursue later on in life. That is if I didn’t want to keep working at the garage...which wasn’t a very good possibility, I loved that place so much regardless of Fiona’s crazy orders.

Biology wrapped up with us taking down the reading, and leaving me headed in a bee-line for my baby blue car. I slid in and cruised my way down the city of pittsburgh to get back to my work.

I pulled in and Megan popped her head out from the hood of another fancy car. I laughed when I saw her attire, half wishing I had the guts to not wear the uniform we were forced to sport.

I parked and quickly went to the back to pulled on the body suit, which I always made sure I tied the sleeves around my waist, and clunked on my dirty work boots. Letting my brown hair fall loosely to the bottom of my back.

“What’s up Mrs. Crosby?” Megan smirked as she leaned against the car as I made my way to Sid’s car to pull off the tarp. I blushed and scoff as she poked fun at my obvious crush on the superstar.

“Not too much, Long day though...and I have to get home and do the twins homework tonight” I sighed as I started my general car check up that I did before every pick up.
“Dude, that totally sucks.. I’m sorry..” Megan said, giving me a sympathetic look. I was pretty sure I was the only one who got those looks.

“Yeah, Whatever...story of my life” I laughed off as I began my overall check in the back seat. I finished up with the seats and took my look under the seats and almost fainted at the sight I saw. I picked the lacy thing up between my fingers.

I held it up and Megan let out a an exasperated sigh.
“It comes with the territory, Harley...” she said giving me a half hearted smile. I couldn’t think straight. I honestly thought I was going to pass out right then and there. Megan obviously saw my palled face and rushed her way around the car to be near me.

“Harley?...Harley?” she said more concerned now that I wasn’t answering.
“He was...was...he was different...” I barely whispered out. Completely devastated by what I had just seen.

Megan embraced me and rubbed my back up and down. I was completely frozen in shock.
“Harley... I know you’re upset..but he’s not a monk...you’d of had to expect at least something like this...i know I do with Jordan.” she said trying to reason with me about the situation before us.
“I know...It’s not so much the fact that he has dated other girls...it’s just..” I trailed not being able to finish.

“What?...what is it, Harley? You know you can tell me anything” Megan soothed as calmly as possible.
“It’s just...seeing this under ware...sort of made me realize he wasn’t a virgin... And I know it’s stupid for me to even think he wasn’t and I knew that...but the thing is.. I’m a virgin and this freaks me out...how am I supposed to tell him?” I rushed loosing my breath.

“Woah...calm down, how do you know he wants to have sex with you?” she said staring at me straight in the eyes, both hands on my shoulders.
“I don’t... But if he ever did I would have to tell him...and I’m sure it’s the biggest turn off...” megan sighed and tried to understand where I was coming, even though I knew it was hard for her. She didn’t really understand the fact that I wasn’t okay with the idea of another girl with Sidney...like Jordan always did.

“plus this whole underwear in the back seat thing is really bugging me... It’s like he treats girls like trash and just dumps them after... I’m not going to be apart of that” Megan nodded at my frustration, along with the hundreds of other emotions that were running through me right now.

“As much as I love that you’re letting your feelings out, you should probably get a grip...Sid’s walking towards us right now” she said nodding her head in his direction.
“Oh, god... I’ll be in the back... I’ll be out in a minute” I said dropping the hot pink thong in the middle of the backseat and closing the door, moving quickly to the employee bathroom to wash my face from the tears I had let spill over.

I few minutes later I walked out to see Sid waiting next to his car.
“Hi, Sidney...” I said coldly. His smile faded upon seeing my frigid face, but I didn’t back down.
“Here” I said over the silence, passing him the keys to the car. Noticing my mood he too the clue to hurry things up. He passed me over a check, with a light smile.
“It’s all there...” he said trying again at the whole conversation thing...but I wasn’t buying it.

I could feel Megan’s Smirk as she watched from the car see was toying around with.
“Drive Safe.” I spat unemotionally and turned on my heal and left, feelign his hazel eyes following me to the front desk. I guess he got the clue because he then got into his car, started her up and slowly puled her out of the garage. Giving Megan a slight smile on his way out.

I watched him from my spot from under my lashes. I then saw quickly that his eyes met mine through his rear-view mirror. His eyes shifted slightly and met what I had tossed earlier in the backseat.

Immediately you could see everything clicking in his head. He put his head down, obviously ashamed I had to see how he spent his time, and picked up speed to get out of there as quickly as possible.

Leaving me furious... But somehow still so crushed out on him. Damn Hockey Players...