Friday, November 20, 2009

Chapter 46: Strong Arms

I walked into work the next day, knowing that I had to get back to the shop before Fiona had my head. The dawn had just broken over the morning’s dusty rose dust and I pulled in hearing my car shot again. Damn.

I was an extremely anxious person, it drove Sidney crazy, and it was the main force behind me forcing the mustang out of the garage before it was ready. I walked in juggling my coffee and files, directing my moves towards the locker rooms in the back.

Rhonda waved from her office with a huge smile, she was on the phone and held up a finger indicating she would be a minute.
I nodded and kept going, dropping my stuff on the benches in the back.

I don’t remember it being laundry day? I thought looking at the empty hangers, only seeing my ‘Hall Scott body shop sweater’.
I heard Rhonda hang up and called out in confusion.

“Rhonda!...” I said searching under the benches frantically, then moving and not seeing my schedule anywhere. “oh…no, no, no, no…. shit! Fiona is going to kill me!”

Rhonda smiled form her spot at the door frame I and turned exasperated. “What are you smiling about… you’re going to have to plan my funeral!” Rhonda chuckled at my complete confusion and made her way over to me.

“Someone bought the dealership and shop yesterday anonymously… the buyer appointed me co-owner… and you, the manager…” Rhonda smiled hugging me. I was speechless. This is what my dad always wanted. It was in our plan; that when I was in university he wanted to help run the shop, keep the place family-run.

“What does this mean?” I asked looking around the shop realizing all the old equipment was back in its respective spots. “I means that you make your schedule, you can work upfront at the shop or back here. And since you’re the manager… you can spend as much time as you want working on the ‘stang. “ She smiled brightly passing me my sweater… waiting for me to pull it over my head.

“We’re also changing the sign back to Scott Motors… it’s fine with the owner and its being done right now….” She said, being cut off by me jumping into her arms, sobbing uncontrollably with happiness.

“Thank you…. Thank you so much…you don’t even- I cant even-… Just thanks.” I whispered into her black hair.

“No problem baby girl… but last time I checked your supposed to be working on that cute little car of yours” she smiled genuinely pushing me lightly towards my car, throwing a towel at me.

I spent the rest of my time at work working on my car, I however made sure Rhonda knew that that even though I was now the ‘manager’ that I still wanted to keep my clients and work on cars.

I covered my baby up and got into the other car in the lot that was left with the store after Fiona left, my old Chevy truck. I have no idea why originally she took the car from me, even though she could rode around in her fancy sports cars. She was doing it to punish me. But I loved that Chevy. It was perfect. It was warn in and ran like new, it still smelt like home. My old home, not the hot pink mess Fiona had turned it into. Now it smelt like my new home… my home with Sidney.

I drove listening to the radio, singing along as I tapped at the wheel. This had been a perfect day. The moment I found out about the shop, it felt as though a two-ton whale had been lifted from my chest… I felt free. I officially had no connection to that family anymore. The only family I had to work on and worry about was the new one I belonged too.

I drove the car into the driveway, throwing it into park and I ran up the stairs, feeling that largest smile break out on my face. I pushed the door open and threw off my shoes.

“Sidney…?” I yelled. “Yah, babe…” he said back from the kitchen.

“Sidney, Sidney, Sidney, Sidney!!!” I yelled like a small child often would. He rounded the corner and I dropped my back running towards him. I bolted into his arms and he caught me, lifting me from the ground as I entangled my legs around his waist.

I took his face and kiss him with the most force and passion I could muster. “I had the best day!” I smiled wiping the grease from the car I had gotten on his check from my own off.

“Oh yah? What happened?” he said returning my childlike excitement.

“You’ll never believe it… someone bought the shop and the dealership… they made Rhonda the co-owner and me the manager! Can you believe it?! All I had to do today was work on my baby, and I can make my own schedule which means I don’t need to miss classes anymore or work at 6 in the morning!” I beamed at him. He kissed me again and tightened his grip.

“I’m so happy for you, baby… so does this mean more time with me?” he said cheekily, wiggling his eyebrows. I laughed and kissed his luscious lips. “if you play your cards right” I smirked, taking this opportunity to look at his outfit.

“Nice apron…” I giggled playing with the strap around his neck.

“Yah well I had to make my woman something to eat, we don’t want her starving do we…” I shook my head and squeaked lightly as he walked into the kitchen placing me down on the counter. “I love you” he said looking into my eyes smiling.

“Love you” I said lightly kissing his nose.

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  1. AWWW!!! I'm so happy for her!!! That was the sweetest thing in the world that Sid could have done for her. Wonder if she'll ever find out it was him that bought the shop?