Monday, December 14, 2009

Chapter 50: The Chase

Harley's POV:

I stood in my newly redecorated kitchen, completely not getting the point of what these girls were trying to explain to me.

“So you’re saying that we’re taking a ‘traditional’ girls weekend… but the boys are… coming along…?” They nodded each and every one of their eyes lighting up at my comprehension.

“And their coming with us… but staying in the house across the street from us…?” I asked still puzzled, their head bobbed with excitement. I let out a heavy sigh… “You hockey wives are truly weird people…”

“Hey! You’re one of us” Kelsey, TK’s girlfriend laughed, tossing a silver wrapped chocolate at me. I laughed popping it into my mouth, “Fine, where are we going?” I asked moving to it on the counter top.

“Well, we leave after their game tomorrow night, and since they have a lot of games off, where staying there for four days… three nights” Vero said, stirring her hot chocolate. “Where going to a little ski town in Quebec… it called Mont-Tremblant, we have two little cozy cabins ready to go!”

“Do we get to see them at all… you know maybe a little ‘hey’ here and there?” Megan asked, trying to sound nonchalant about the fact that she couldn’t spend mere minutes without Jordan.

“Occasionally… but usually it’s more fun to watch them chase after us…” Mel Armstrong said walking through the kitchen door. The girls all yelped and I could recognize that this was Mel Armstrong from the pictures… Colby’s wife.

“Hey! You must be Harley, I’m Mel… Colby’s wife, sorry to barge in; your door was unlocked, and our schedule’s all worked out and, it looks like I’m heading down with you guys. She elated as she threw around hugs to the girls around me.

“We must go shopping” Oksana smiled as she texted on her blackberry, an item everyone seemed to have now… even me.

Shopping was a good idea and we all decided we would go tomorrow before the game.

As the girls were walking out, Sid was walking in and met my smile with his own, placing a kiss on my forehead. “So, I guess after that little meeting you know all about our adventure that’s taking place tomorrow…” I smiled, it turning out more as a grimace and nodded… “I just don’t know what I’m getting myself into here…” I laughed, letting my forehead fall onto his chest.

“What’s it like?” I asked my eyes looking up form my spot on his chest. “I wouldn’t know… only couples go every year… I haven’t had a girlfriend when this was going on… now I do…” he said kissing me.

* * *

I woke up groggily finding myself now in a car instead of on the plane we had just been on. I looked up expecting to see the boys, but there were none. Strange.

“Hey… what did you guys mean by the ‘chase’?” all the girls looked around at each other and smirked. “Meaning… on these trips were not allowed any contact with the guys… but only the penguins guys… not other guys.” They all laughed
simultaneously. This could not be good.

“Oh don’t worry Harley… we don’t have sex or hook up or anything… we just flirt. It makes our men realize that we’re worth working for… that were not easy to just have around.” Mel answered.

I contemplated it in my mind, and even though this seemed like a very complicated way of getting attention… it made sense. I like every other girl or wife in this car sometimes felt under appreciated… however, I think I don’t like that as often as they do, which I am very grateful for.

We drove from the top of the mountain downwards toward the beautiful ski town of Mont-Tremblant. The view was spectacular, and a little tinge of happiness erupted inside of me at the thought that these girls considered me their friend.

That I had girlfriends… I had never had those before, not besides Megan… who now come to think of it was being very quiet, especially compared to her usual rambunctious attitude.

I turned towards her and also saw her drinking in the reason why our boys loved their homeland so much… well most of them anyways. Once we reached the bottom we drove through a narrow path and down a long road aligned with cabins, coming to a stop outside a gorgeous, cozy looking house.

If I could be any house it would be this one. It was my personality through and through. Every last thing about it made me happy, and I hadn’t even made it inside yet.

We all looked over our shoulders as the guys yelped and howled as they moved from the car to house with kegs as they bobbed to the music blasting from the car.

“These trips are like the college experiences they never had… it’s kinda cute in a fucked up way…” Kelsey said, handling her suitcase and rolling it up the snow covered pathway.

We all found our respective spots in the house, and decided that we all had to get this operation jealousy underway… if that’s what we were calling it now.

A half hour later we all emerged in the outfits we had purchased together. Each outfit telling our personalities apart from one another.

Oksana, true to her roots.

Kelsey, looking fresh out of college.

Mel, looking fabulous… like she had walked off a runway.

Megan, looking like she couldn't help but amp up her personality with her confident outfit.

Vero, looking as classy as ever….

And me. I had managed to put together an outfit with the help of Sid’s visa. He forced me, I had to finally give in after the trillions of phone calls he was sending not only my way, but every other girlfriends way while we were shopping. That was the last time I told him about my playdates.

We marched out of the house laughing and holding onto each other as we tried not to slip down the drive way. We came to a halt at the end, where we had a perfect view of our men in their bathrobes, drinking and laughing. Their laughter, however, stopped immediately at our sight.

They looked us all up and down respectively, earning a smirk from each girl, and a blush from me.

“Hey girls… I think we’ll walk into town, oui?”

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