Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chapter 49: Questions?

Not the longest but quite an informative chapter haha ;)

I was pretty sure Megan had enjoyed Christmas with my family. After she had started crying I knew I had broken down her defenses, she was now attached to more than just me. An emotional tie to my family could be a good thing, couldn't it? Well unless she starts being best friends with my mom and calling her all the time, that would just be freaky.

I lay in bed watching her sleep whilst thinking about everything. God, she's so beautiful. I was content. Something I wasn't sure I'd ever felt before. I didn't have any worries, everything was in place, everything just seemed right.

I felt her shift a little and she let out a deep breath. Her eyes began to open and once they focused on me she smiled, it was a genuine one. Then a look of panic came over her face and she put a hand to her mouth, darting out of bed to the bathroom. I thought I'd never move as fast in my life when I followed her and pulled her hair up from her face and out of the way.

''Ughhhhhhh, must be the plane food. I should of never of ate that shit.'' She said once she had finished throwing up. Moving to the sink she began brushing her teeth, obviously wanting to eliminate the taste from her mouth.

''I think you should just stay in bed today, sleep it off.'' I gathered her into hug, inhaling her naturally sweet smell.

''Yeah, I think I will.'' Smiling weakly she treaded carefully back to bed and poured herself tiredly into it.


''Hey man, how was Christmas?'' Sid shouted as I walked into the locker room catching sight of his naked ass. What a lovely sight this early in the morning.

''It was good man, real good. My parents love Megan.'' I chuckled a little as I recalled everything that happened. I figured I should ask Sid about Harley and everything.

''How's Harley?''

''Yeah, she's fine. I finally managed to get her far away from that bitch she calls a step-mom.'' He said the last part a look of disgust on his face, something you don't see from Sid very often, sometimes never.

Practice went by as normal although Coach made us do a few extra drills to burn off those 'christmas calories'. Yeah right, he just wanted to see us sweat harder. Occasionally I think he gets pleasure from our pain. Next came the shoot out and I sure as hell wasn't going to be 'juice boy' that would just be too much to handle and Crosby did such a good job last time, I chuckled a little to myself.

''Alright Staalsy, get this one in and Crosby gets his favorite job again.'' Bylsma shouted from the corner of the ice with a massive grin on his face.

I crossed the ice and gathered a puck, skating quickly up to goal net and shooting as accurately as possible. The puck went flying past Flower and into the top right hand corner of the net.

''Crosby get to work!'' Bylsma laughed as Sid's face turned to horror and erupted into a bunch of his well known giggles. He truly was a 10 year old at heart, most of us were.

As we changed in the locker room I couldn't help but think about Megan. She had literally taken only two bites of her sandwich on the plane, that small amount couldn't be making her this ill. Maybe all the jell-o she'd consumed had turned her stomach? Surely that wasn't possible either. There was one other option that even as man I'd have to consider. She was pregnant? No, she can't be.




I looked at the caller id. Megan. I prayed nothing awful had happened.

''Hey babe,'' I tried to sound as upbeat as possible.

''Hi sweetie, I was just thinking you should get some new furniture, it would just make your place so perfect.'' She giggled a little and I could just see her smiling on the other end.

''Ughh, yeah can we talk when I get home?'' I didn't mind but this definitely wasn't the Megan I was accustomed too.

''Sure, but we should make a decision soon. Bye baby.'' She said as she ended the call. I was more than a little worried.

As I thought more and more about it. A conversation with Eric entered my mind, when Tanya had gotten pregnant almost immediately something kicked in, she was constantly making the house just right for when the baby came, even before she knew she was pregnant, Eric noticed the change. Every detail had to be perfect. Could this be Megan? Is she nesting?

I gathered my thoughts. Crying? Check. Sickness? Check. Mood changes? Check. And now nesting? Check. Maybe she is pregnant? Sweet Jesus, I feel kind of happy?


  1. I just have one word: Awwwwwwwww!!!

    Lovely update, and I can't wait to see if she is or if she isn't!

  2. I'm going to die laughing if he's right. I will love it if he knows before SHE does.

    sooo funny. Great update!

  3. Aww!! Can't wait to find if she is or not!!!